Rating of the best tires for SUVs

[ad_1] Tires for SUVs have a number of fundamental differences from analogues designed for passenger cars. In addition to overall dimensions, such as diameter and width, they are subject to a deeper and larger tread

Rating of the best tires for the Chevrolet Niva

[ad_1] Chevrolet Niva (Chevrolet Niva) is a compact SUV that is popular with Russian motorists. This vehicle is perfect for driving on asphalt and off-road. And in order for the car to fully reveal its

Review of the best R19 summer tires

[ad_1] R19 tires are designed for premium SUVs and passenger cars. They usually have an advanced tread pattern that provides optimal contact with the road surface and ensures maximum driving comfort and safety. Like tires

Top best tires for Renault Duster

[ad_1] Renault Duster is optimal for use in the city due to the rather compact body dimensions of 4315x1822x1625 mm. On the track, he demonstrates excellent speed thanks to engines of 109-143 hp. The crossover

Review of the best winter tires

[ad_1] Buying winter tires can quickly turn into a tedious scrolling through specifications and comparing prices, because there are so many to choose from in the Russian market! The review presents the best winter tires

Ranking of the best Velcro tires

[ad_1] Many car owners who spend most of the winter driving around the city or cleared highways opt for non-studded tires. It provides high driving safety and the necessary level of comfort in such conditions.

15 Best Summer Tires — 2020 Ranking

[ad_1] Already with the advent of spring, winter studded tires become unusable. But how do you choose the perfect summer tires for your car? You can study their technical characteristics for a long time, analyze

TOP-10: Rating of winter tires 2020

[ad_1] The winter period is just around the corner and it’s time to think about buying new winter tires if the old one has already fallen into disrepair. With the help of active Internet users,

The best winter non-studded tires

[ad_1] With each new season, more and more non-studded tires appear on the car market, and it can be difficult for an inexperienced driver to choose the right friction winter tires. Despite the fact that