TOP best smart scales

[ad_1] Unlike its predecessors, the new generation of scales not only shows weight, BMI, body fat percentage and other parameters, but also synchronizes with a smartphone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This feature allows you to

Review of the best smart watches with a SIM card

[ad_1] Many modern smart watches allow you to stay in touch and make phone calls. However, most often they use the smartphone in your pocket for this purpose. If it is not nearby, then certain

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[ad_1] Smart electronically controlled fans become assistants in the summer heat. With such a gadget, you can create a comfortable temperature in the room when everything around is melting. A feature of this category of

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[ad_1] Smart light bulbs have appeared on the market quite recently and it is important to understand how much they differ from ordinary LED lamps. To begin with, it is worth noting that such light

Joint review of KingWear smart watches

[ad_1] Obviously, when choosing any technology, buyers are guided by its functionality and the price of a separate device. Therefore, almost always a model with high performance and low price is the most popular. In

Smart watches up to 5,000 rubles

[ad_1] A smart watch is a fashionable and convenient device that allows a modern person to leave the house and not take a smartphone with them. Yes, yes, even five years ago it would have

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Stratos smart watch review

[ad_1] The warm season is coming, soon it will be possible to change into T-shirts and shorts. With the increase in time spent outdoors and the change in clothing style, such an accessory as a

Smart watches — comparison of the best

[ad_1] Many will agree that smartwatches have not yet reached their full potential, but no one can argue with the fact that they attract a lot of attention. Most manufacturers strive to combine the functions