Top 10 Foam Guns

[ad_1] In modern construction, polyurethane foam has become a very popular material. With its help, fill voids, install windows and doors, create insulation. Due to the adhesion and rapid solidification, it is possible to speed

Rating of diesel heat guns of indirect heating

[ad_1] Usually diesel heat guns are purchased when electric or gas heat guns are not suitable for some reason. The maximum power of the guns reaches 200 kW, which is a great indicator. They can

Rating of the best spray guns

[ad_1] In a pneumatic electric spray gun, paint is supplied by air flow, and spraying occurs under pressure. This allows you to get an even layer of paint of small thickness. Electric pneumatic spray guns

Rating of the best heat guns

[ad_1] If you need to quickly heat an industrial or domestic premises, the easiest way is to use a heat gun — a heater that transfers heat not due to convection, but by accelerating the

Overview of the best spray guns

[ad_1] There are few people left today who use brushes or rollers for major car repairs or home decorating. These tools do not allow you to get a perfectly smooth and uniform layer of paint