Top 8 Best Graphics Cards for Gaming

[ad_1] Video cards for games are special graphics accelerators designed to work with 3D graphics, in fact, in computer games. It is the video card that is responsible for the quality of graphics and the

Top best gaming processors

[ad_1] In the modern world it is difficult to find a person who would not use a computer in his life. After all, this thing can greatly facilitate work and diversify leisure. One of the

Review of the best gaming mice

[ad_1] A computer mouse is a peripheral device for navigating the PC operating system. With its help, you can control the so-called «arrow», follow links, start / stop videos and play. In a laptop, this

Rating of the best gaming keyboards

[ad_1] The gaming world has entered a new era of VR technologies that does not recognize the keyboards and monitors that we are used to seeing ordinary gamers behind. But while the sphere of virtual

15 best gaming laptops

[ad_1] The range of gaming laptops is wide, if you are not well versed in hardware, you can accidentally purchase a model that is not very high quality. And for a lot of money, since

Everything for gaming stream

[ad_1] How to stream? A popular question from gamers and just players who have something to say during the game, or want to share their successes. Actually, it’s not as difficult as it seems. All

How to build a gaming PC for VR

[ad_1] Virtual reality is increasingly rapidly entering our lives. For several years now, VR gaming clubs have been opening, and players and fans of virtual reality are striving to get decent helmets and upgrade their

10 gaming accessories for PC and consoles

[ad_1] A huge selection of technologies and devices today allows you not only to have fun playing the game, but to get a unique gaming experience. Regardless of the platform, game genre or series, you

Gaming laptop 2018

[ad_1] The best device for gaming is the subject of a lengthy debate. Some prefer consoles, others exclusively desktop computers, and still others are sure that the best device for gaming is a laptop. Of