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[ad_1] Headphones are one of the most popular devices on the market. Manufacturers offer dozens of models for any preference. If we talk about models for computers and games, then it is better to focus

Overview of the largest computer monitors

[ad_1] Today, you will not surprise anyone with a small and flat screen model — the audience requires an increase in resolution and quality of image processing in real time. A completely different type of

12 best computer monitors

[ad_1] When buying a personal computer for personal use, few people choose a monitor in the first place. The main budget is often aimed at assembling or choosing a ready-made system unit, and the monitor

Computer for study, what should it be?

[ad_1] Do you remember when you got your first personal computer? For some, this was the first purchase from their own salary, and for some, it was a gift from their parents for good academic

The most powerful graphics cards 2019

[ad_1] For any gamer, the video card is of fundamental importance. We have gone quite far from that simple time when the system requirements of games were limited to megabytes, and the characters in the