Everything for gaming stream

[ad_1] How to stream? A popular question from gamers and just players who have something to say during the game, or want to share their successes. Actually, it’s not as difficult as it seems. All

The Best and Most Anticipated VR Games of 2020

[ad_1] When the usual video game experience is no longer enough, it’s time to switch to virtual reality. The effect of complete immersion in a fictional world can hardly be compared with anything. Moreover, is

Video Conferencing Headsets

[ad_1] All those who work remotely now know firsthand how important quality communication plays, and if half the responsibility falls on the network and the camera of the device, then the rest depends entirely on

Macbook Air 2020

[ad_1] The newest addition to Apple’s product line has passed, remarkably unnoticed. Due to the cancellation of the traditional event that the company organizes annually, the release was much quieter than usual. Nevertheless, the laptop

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

[ad_1] The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an example of how details can transform an ordinary watch into one of the best and most comfortable devices. The first series of watches appeared in early 2019,

How to choose a microphone for PC

[ad_1] If you record podcasts, videos or streams, play games with friends using voice communication, then a microphone is a mandatory part of the process. Notebook users probably think about this issue much less often,

Foldable steadicam for smartphones DJI Osmo Mobile 3

[ad_1] DJI Osmo Mobile 3 with optional tripod. Source: bhphotovideo.com Key Features Folding design. Hyperlapse and timelapse. Active tracking (tracking). Lock button control (trigger). Bluetooth connection. 15 hours of operation on a single battery charge.