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Air fresheners neutralize unpleasant odors and fill the apartment with a pleasant aroma. In just 5-7 minutes, it will fill your home with a pleasant aroma of citrus, flowers or vanilla. Some products additionally disinfect the air. In addition to household, there are special-purpose air fresheners. They are designed for sanitary, technical, utility rooms. We have prepared a rating of the best air fresheners that can be installed in the toilet, bedroom or office.

The best air fresheners under 2,500 rubles

Air Wick Freshmatic Life Scents

Air Wick Freshmatic Life Scents air freshener

A device from a reliable company, very easy to use. Thanks to him, the freshener is used sparingly, one 250 ml pack when sprayed every 32 minutes is enough for about 70 days. Reviews indicate almost silent operation, ease of installation and functionality of the device. You will always know in advance about the end of the spray in it due to the presence of a light indicator on the body. The product is made of white plastic in an oval shape, thanks to which it fits comfortably in the hand.


  • quiet work
  • small dimensions,
  • simple operation,
  • freshens the air for a long time
  • you don’t have to press anything.


  • weak for large rooms,
  • not suitable for rack mounting,
  • installation is not always easy.

Glade Automation

Glade Automation air freshener

Glade Automatic is the best representative of universal fresheners that can be used in both small and spacious rooms. It holds up to 269 ml of spray, which is enough for more than 2000 sprays for an area of ​​up to 28 m³. It can be mounted on the wall or left on the rack. Positive reviews indicate good availability of aromatic liquid bottles. Users have the opportunity to change the intensity of spraying. An equally important advantage is the presence of an additional button on the case, which allows you to instantly fill the room with a fresh aroma.


  • light weight,
  • compactness,
  • easily attached to the wall
  • low price,
  • popular,
  • accessible.


  • loud spray,
  • the fragrance of the spray from the brand is not very persistent,
  • There is no bottle included.


Discover air freshener

The Discover Automatic Air Freshener can be used up to 120 sq. m. Being designed for 3,200 sprays, the cylinder inserted inside serves up to 3 months without replacement. You will need 2 batteries to operate the device. Unfortunately they are not included. This option is practical, as it is suitable not only for the home, but also for restaurants, halls of public institutions, etc. Easy operation is ensured by the built-in light sensor and the ability to select the spray interval between 5, 7, 15 and 30 minutes.


  • sealed case,
  • high moisture resistance,
  • nice design,
  • comfortable shape.


  • requires expensive D-size batteries,
  • high noise level
  • Chinese assembly.

Ksitex PD-6D

Ksitex PD-6D air freshener

Ksitex PD-6D is one of the lightest, as it weighs only 380 g. Unlike other models in the rating, this one can operate in 4 modes: with an interval of 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes. As the reviews show, the place of the device must be at a height of at least 2 m. This is the main drawback of the device, which is complemented by the need to open the dispenser to replace the cylinder with a special key, which is often lost. The device is ideal for the home and does not require almost any attention for 3-6 months, because it is for such a time that one cylinder is enough. According to this indicator, this air freshener is indisputably the leader, withstanding up to 3000 sprays.


  • economical spending,
  • works in 4 time ranges,
  • batteries should be changed no more than once every 4-6 months,
  • simple reset of the device operation counter.


  • special requirements for the installation site,
  • the hit counter sometimes goes astray,
  • when installing batteries, the push mechanism often needs to be pushed up.

The best air fresheners under 5,000 rubles.

Beurer LA20

Beurer LA20 air freshener

The Beurer LA20 ultrasonic air freshener is designed for rooms up to 10 m22. The main advantage of the device is a spectacular LED backlight that changes color. Unlike other devices, this air freshener does not run on an aerosol can, but on water-soluble aromatic oils. That is why the reservoir of the device must always be filled with water, otherwise the lamp will automatically turn off. The kit includes: device, charger, connection cable and measuring cup.

Another advantage of the Beurer LA20 freshener is universal nutrition. It does not run on batteries, but via a USB interface or network adapter. Ultrasonic technology provides the smallest atomization of aromatic oils, the volume of the tank is 80 ml. The duration of continuous operation of the freshener reaches 8 hours. It is almost silent, so it can be installed even in bedrooms. Among the advantages: ease of cleaning, energy saving function, effective backlighting. Official warranty — 12 months.

Connex AFD-488A

Connex AFD-488A air freshener

Automatic air freshener Connex AFD-488A will fill your home with a pleasant aroma in a matter of minutes. The case made of impact-resistant plastic increases the period of operation of the device and ensures its resistance to mechanical damage: shocks, drops, etc. The laconic design in white color allows you to install it in any room, regardless of the interior.

Installation of the Connex AFD-488A freshener does not require special skills. Before use, you must set the operating mode. You yourself choose the period and interval of spraying: from 5 minutes to 4 hours. Additionally, their beginning and end, as well as the number of settings: from 1 to 3. A convenient liquid crystal display allows you to control all the set parameters and quickly change them. The air freshener is powered by only two R20 batteries, ideal for large rooms and effectively eliminates unpleasant odors.

Larom Spring Air

Larom Spring Air air freshener

The main feature of the Larom Spring Air freshener is its compactness. This appliance is intended for installation in small rooms, the area of ​​which does not exceed 30 m2. The electronic control unit allows you to adjust the intervals between sprays, their intensity and duration. With the remote control, you can turn the device on and off even when you are in another room.

Larom Spring Air is the only automatic air freshener that ozonizes the air. You choose the regulation mode yourself: hourly, daily or weekly. Among the main advantages of the freshener: high efficiency, accuracy of parameter control, versatility. You can hang the device on the wall in the bathroom, place it on a table in the bedroom, or place it on a shelving unit in the living room. The best solution for small spaces. The air freshener is powered by two D batteries, but they are not included.

NRG Smart Air

NRG Smart Air air freshener

The NRG Smart Air freshener easily removes unpleasant odors not only in living rooms, but also in smoking areas. This is a standard spray device powered by two D batteries. The air freshener only works with NRG replacement aerosol cans. Their main advantage is an impressive selection of fragrances: lavender, lemon, jasmine, vanilla, etc.

The user independently determines the intensity and duration of spraying: from 5 to 35 minutes. The NRG Smart Air Freshener is low maintenance, easy to install and set up. The universal white shade of the body allows it to be used in any interiors. Cons: there are no fasteners in the kit, the air freshener only works from aerosol cans of the same type.

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