Review of the best varieties of Austin roses


Roses are the queen of flowers and come in a variety of colors and sizes. They look amazing and smell delicious. People at the sight of beautiful plants experience various positive emotions from joy to admiration. Having grown them yourself, you can get real pleasure from a beautifully decorated garden or vegetable garden. English roses of the famous breeder David Austin will not leave anyone indifferent. Their elegance and aroma will amaze everyone.

Plants were bred in the UK, where a relatively temperate climate prevails. In Russian beds, they take root quite quickly and bloom profusely. In addition, their winter hardiness allows them to grow in a changeable climate, for example, in the expanses of the Moscow region. Austin’s assortment is dominated by varieties of the following colors: peach, yellow, white and soft pink. All of them are unpretentious and viable.

Top Best Austin Roses

Lady of Shalott

Lady of Shalott Austin rose

The variety got its name because of the double rich yellow flowers. Petals can be painted in pinkish specks, roses are large, up to 16 cm in diameter. Up to 10 flower buds are located on the shoots. In hot weather, the flowers quickly fall off and burn out. The stems are almost thornless. In the south of Russia, «Golden Celebration» is grown as a climbing rose.


Molineux austin rose

Plants of this variety are recommended to be planted in groups. The bush grows up to half a meter in height, under good conditions it can reach a mark of 2 meters. The flowers are bright yellow, densely double, rosette, their aroma has a musky tinge. Stems are thornless. Flowering time — all season. In the Moscow region and Siberia, the bush requires shelter for the winter.

Princess Alexandra of Kent

Princess Alexandra of Kent austin rose

The bulky flowers of Princess Alexandra of Kent have a warm pink hue. They smell strongly, luring neighbors and guests to admire their beauty and enjoy the aroma. A medium-sized bush looks elegant and colorful. Plant care is not the most difficult. Growing rules do not include anything supernatural.

Princess Alexandra of Kent reaches quite a considerable size — up to one meter in height. At the end of flowering, the petals become lighter and acquire the most delicate shades, not like the rest. Large opened buds include about 100 petals. They smell indescribably “delicious”, notes of tea and lemon bring freshness to the aroma. Buyers characterize the variety on the positive side, not noticing shortcomings and obvious disadvantages. Therefore, they actively recommend Princess Alexandra of Kent for landing.

The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim austin rose

The Pilgrim was bred in 1991 by crossing Graham Tomas and Yellow Button. At breeding exhibitions, the plant has received numerous awards. The unusual color of the petals amazes rose lovers, they are yellow in the middle, and white closer to the edge. The fragrance incorporates shades of tea rose combined with myrrh. Gardeners are satisfied with the effect of cultivation. Flowers decorate the flower bed and delight the eye of the household.

The Pilgrim has increased stamina. It blooms until frost, and then blooms again. No wonder it is used as a decorative garden decoration. The plant will favorably stand out among others. Delicate buds even look «appetizing», so they enjoy their views and get great pleasure from contemplating such beauty. Due to good winter hardiness, the variety can be grown in the Moscow region. The only thing is that it is recommended to cover it during the rainy season, as the flowers crumble from constant moisture.

William Morris

William Morris austin rose

Rose of a classical form with aroma of ancient grades. Breeders achieved the best result, creating it back in 1987. The name is dedicated to the popular artist William Morris. The bush proved to be resistant to many diseases. He looks powerful and beautiful, is vigorous. The shoots are distinguished by their length and arched shape. Leaves of small sizes with a matte tint prettyly complement the image of the plant and give it a special charm due to its density.

Due to the symmetrical shape of the flower itself, the buds look strict, with clear boundaries. There are about 40 petals in a flower. The pearly pink color fades over time. Shades of tea in the aroma give tenderness, it can be felt «a mile away». High frost resistance is one of the best advantages of William Morris. The disadvantages include poor immunity to rust. The rest of the rose is characterized positively.

Wollerton Old Hall

Wollerton Old Hall austin rose

An erect plant has a dense bush that reaches one and a half meters in height. Its leaves are medium green with a matte finish. The buds are cup-shaped, distinguished by a unique pale yellow color, reminiscent of the color of an apricot. The rose is famous for its «delicious» aroma and almost constant flowering. Wollerton Old Hall has many positive characteristics. She is valued for her unpretentiousness in care and beauty. Each rose looks voluminous and has 30-40 petals.

The smell contains notes of myrtle, which attracts all passersby, as it is one of the most fragrant English roses. The look of the flowers is radiant, buyers note the incredible brightness. You need to take care of Wollerton Old Hall by performing standard procedures: pruning, feeding and processing the bush. Then the variety will bloom until November, depending on climatic conditions. Just keep in mind that the buds can bend to the ground during the rainy season.

Golden Celebration

Golden Celebration austin rose

One of David Austin’s most popular English roses. In European countries, millions of breeders and lovers of this plant are familiar with it. Thanks to its excellent decorative qualities, combined with acceptable technical properties, Golden Celebration is liked by almost all gardeners. It was obtained by crossing Charles Austin and Abraham Darby. The variety embodied the best characteristics of the «parents», so it is also adored in various regions of Russia. He has a large number of awards and diplomas to his credit.

Golden Celebration bushes are powerful and spreading. Their height is 130 — 150 centimeters. She has few spikes, and for most this fact acts as a significant plus. The leaves perfectly complement the holistic image of the plant — they have a rich green color and shine with gloss. The buds themselves are very bright with a yellow tint. Flowering looks especially beautiful in summer, in the month of June. The English rose is quite resistant to various diseases, only black spot can hit the Golden Celebration.

Abraham Darby

Abraham Darby austin rose

1985 is the birthday of the English variety David Austin. By crossing Aloha and Yellow Cushion plants, the renowned breeder has created a delightful variety of flower that combines an ancient form and excellent fragrance. The bush looks neat and is vigorous. Its height is about 150 centimeters, and with proper care it can grow up to 3 meters. 70 petals make the flower voluminous and give it an unusually elegant look. The color of the buds is delicate, it is dominated by pink and orange shades. In one brush, you can count up to 3 roses.

During the flowering period, the aroma is truly captivating, it contains hints of rose oils and fruits. Resistance to various diseases in the variety is average. But it will adequately withstand frosts down to -26 degrees. In a temperate climate, the plant will show its best qualities and delight all gardeners with the result of their efforts. They speak positively about Abraham Darby and distinguish among the advantages a pleasant aroma, as well as active flowering. The disadvantages include the rapid loss of petals in hot weather.

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