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The Polish company Adamex has long established itself as a high-quality and reliable manufacturer of children’s goods. This is an actively developing company, increasing year after year its turnover of goods on the Russian market.

In production, Adamex prefers comfortable two-in-one or three-in-one modular strollers. But in their assortment you can also find successful classic models or transformers.

When choosing a stroller, you should immediately take into account all the nuances that may arise during its use. First of all, you should think about the convenience of the child, because if the baby is uncomfortable, he will not be able to tell about it. Do not forget about the mother, whom the stroller should also not cause any discomfort.

Top best strollers Adamex

Barletta (3 in 1)

Barletta (3 in 1) stroller Adamex

The most spacious Barletta (3 in 1), made of natural breathable materials, provides comfortable transportation of the baby at any time of the year. The upper layers of the hood are removed, leaving a ventilated fabric. Curtains protect from dust and prying eyes, a mosquito net is added to the kit. In winter, the visor saves from snow, the wide lapel closes the rider completely. Included is a warm muff for the hands of parents. Modern cushioning makes movement soft. Large inflatable wheels easily overcome any obstacles. This Adamex stroller, despite its impressive dimensions, is very maneuverable and easy to use. Parents in one click can control the handle in height and direction. When folded, the model takes up very little space.

The reviews write about a comfortable hood that protects against blowing. A visor is sewn to the cape, which is fixed in several positions. Parents call the use of transport easy and understandable. Many note a capacious basket hidden from outsiders. However, they write about not the most thoughtful walking block. It has several positions, but it is difficult to seat a child. The mosquito net is very small, many do not use it. Otherwise, there are no complaints about the product.


Gloria Stroller Adamex

The stroller easily overcomes impassability, sleet, steps and curbs. Smooth running is maintained on winding, uneven roads. The reliable brake provides a quick stop. The handle is adjustable in height with one touch. The walking block has several positions and unfolds 170 degrees. If necessary, you can buy Adamex car blocks. Safety belts are responsible for safety. The hood has a ventilation compartment. There is enough space in the cradle for a grown baby, it serves for many years.

In the reviews, the product is called convenient and easy to use. Parents write that they roll the stroller with one hand. Locking the front wheels allows you to ride on snow and sand. This model has a reinforced aluminum frame that can withstand a serious collision. Several options for raising the back allow you to comfortably both plant and lay the child. The cradle rises in a screw way, which eliminates sharp jerks. But there is also a drawback: dimensions. The Adamex stroller weighs more than 15 kg, many people lower the frame first, then the carrycot. Plastic brakes are the weakest point of transport.

Vicco (2 In 1)

Vicco (2 In 1) Stroller Adamex

This model also has gel wheels, which are less prone to damage than any other. Dual shock absorbers dampen shocks while walking. A large double canopy will keep your child safe from any nasty weather conditions, while additional ventilation will keep you comfortable on hot days.

The main disadvantage of this stroller is its weight — 13 kg, and its width — 62 cm. This is worth considering if you live in a high-rise building with a small elevator.

Some mothers complain that after about six months of use, there are problems with the front wheels, they begin to roll over, stand up across. Almost all reviews note the large size of the basket at the bottom, in which you can put not only purchases, but also things necessary for a walk.


Galaxy Stroller Adamex

It quickly transforms into a stroller, changing the position of the back from lying to sitting. Five-point harnesses are responsible for safety. For the comfort of the little ones, Adamex added a mattress. Foam rubber wheels are not very passable, but they cope with small obstacles. The undoubted advantage is the flip handle, the child can ride facing the parents. The hood completely covers the passenger, protecting from rain and wind. In hot weather, the insulated part is removed.

The reviews mention the adjustable backrest, which allows you to comfortably place a grown baby. However, it is difficult to establish the correct position, because you need to pull it with effort with both hands. Buyers love the warm, windproof materials and the extra leg cover. The product is called ideal for the Russian winter. Waterproof fabric keeps snow out, while a rain cover, mosquito net and cover protect against other weather elements. The hood has a window for watching the rider. The large basket holds a lot of food. Parents write that the stroller is suitable for a baby up to a year. She lacks the depreciation of the ranking leaders.

Luciano (2 in 1)

Luciano (2 in 1) Stroller Adamex

Adamex installed a dual damping system that not only dampens vibrations but also provides agility. Floating wheels are responsible for smoothness. The walking block allows you to organize an exciting trip for the baby. The handle is adjustable in height. There is a large bag underneath. This model is great for use in bad weather. In winter, the child is protected by a cape; in summer, the ventilation system maintains a comfortable temperature. Comes with a mattress for the little ones. The seat can be turned to face the parents.

The reviews write about the smooth running of the stroller. They praise the handle, upholstered in eco-leather, a protective cover that closes with a zipper, and a spring suspension. The manufacturer has added basic accessories, no additional purchase is required. Visual contact with the baby provides a transparent window. The quality of materials and thoughtful design make the model one of the best. However, when driving on uneven surfaces, it rattles. Over time, scuffs and chips appear on the frame, which makes the stroller shuffled. The walking block does not have a rain cover. The hood opens with a sharp movement, the child is frightened.

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