Rating of the best polyurethane foams


Many repairs are difficult to imagine without the use of mounting foam. This versatile product is deservedly one of the most popular and sought-after building materials. You can’t do without it when installing window and door blocks, sealing seams, auxiliary fastening of water pipes and many other operations.

Parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing:

  • Free outlet of the product. This indicator indicates how many liters of foam will be obtained from one cylinder.
  • Adhesion. This is the ability of the composition to adhere to various materials. The higher this figure, the tighter the polymerized material fits and the better the insulating properties will be.
  • primary extension. The parameter shows how much the volume of the composition increases after leaving the cylinder. For high-quality foam, it should not exceed 25-30%.
  • secondary expansion. An equally important indicator indicating an increase in the volume of the material after polymerization. The final result directly depends on the secondary expansion.

Top best mounting foams

Makroflex Foamcement all season

Makroflex Foam-cement all-weather

One bottle of this substance can replace about 25 kilograms of dry glue or cement. The product is intended for indoor and outdoor use. The composition is resistant to moisture and mold, and it is perfect for working at high levels of humidity and low temperatures. Operating temperature range: from -5⁰С to +35⁰С.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the main scope of application is the construction of partitions from building blocks, for example, aerated concrete or foam concrete. However, the tool is also suitable for the installation of window sills, panels, installation of stair steps.

Foam-cement allows you to significantly save time and do all the work without unnecessary dirt. The formula has excellent adhesion to most building materials and mineral substrates. Due to this, after polymerization, a particularly strong seam is created. A plus is the maximum thermal insulation. And due to the fast curing process, you can start the next step in two hours.

KUDO GUN PUR FOAM 45+ professional fire resistant all season

KUDO GUN PUR FOAM 45+ professional fire resistant all season

She deservedly appeared in our rating due to her excellent performance. The material has a finely dispersed, homogeneous structure, a uniform output, a high degree of adhesion. Due to its low secondary expansion, it does not cause deformation of structures and is suitable for demanding work, such as sealing narrow and thin joints.

The main difference between this foam and the above options is its fire resistance. The composition has a fire resistance class B1 (non-combustible), which allows it to be used for the installation of translucent structures. But it is also great for other construction and finishing works (fixing wall panels, installing window and door openings, sound and heat insulation of seams, etc.).

The main drawback of the product is the low foam output. Approximately 45 liters of material can be obtained from a 1000 ml cylinder, which results in a large consumption.

Makroflex ShakeTec STD All Season

Makroflex ShakeTec STD All Season

This is one of the best options among non-professional series materials. The formula has good working properties. It is characterized by a finely porous structure, after polymerization it has a high density and mechanical strength. The composition is resistant to moisture and mold. The ShakeTec technology ensures the most uniform texture, because inside the container there is a metal ball that improves the homogeneity of the product.

You can work with foam at temperatures from -10⁰С to +30⁰С. It is convenient that there is an indicator on the cylinder, by which it is easy to understand whether the material is ready for use. If the indicator is blue, then the cylinder must be heated.

This polyurethane foam is used for installing window and door blocks, building panels, sealing seams and joints, and connecting roofing materials. It is also ideal for insulating work, as it has a high level of sound absorption.

Polyurethane foam Tytan 65 professional winter

Polyurethane foam Tytan 65 professional winter

Its main purpose is the installation of window and door blocks. This is an excellent option for those cases when it is necessary to carry out work at low ambient temperatures. The temperature range of application of this foam is very wide: from -20⁰С to +30⁰С. Even in cold weather, the composition has a high degree of adhesion to building materials. But this is far from the only advantage of the material.

It is worth noting the excellent insulating properties of the foam, its resistance to moisture and mold, and the proven absence of harmful volatile substances after complete polymerization. The composition is characterized by a rather weak secondary expansion, due to which it does not lead to deformation of structures. The free exit of foam deserves special attention, it is up to 65 liters from a nominal volume of a cylinder of 750 ml.

The product is chosen by many specialists in the field of construction and repair, they note its excellent performance and affordable price. The only significant disadvantage is the fear of ultraviolet radiation.

Kraftool KraftFlex Premium Pro Universal 41173_Z01 all season

Kraftool KraftFlex Premium Pro Universal 41173_Z01 all season

The main difference of this option is fast polymerization in comparison with analogues. At air temperatures above 0⁰С, the full curing time will be 12 hours. However, foam can be used in the temperature range from -10⁰С to +30⁰С. After hardening, the material is characterized by good density and strength. The foam output is approximately 42 liters from a volume of 750 ml.

The high quality polyurethane compound guarantees excellent grip, durability and aging resistance. The material retains its properties at low (up to -40⁰С) and very high (up to +100⁰С) temperatures. But when exposed to ultraviolet rays, it is destroyed.

The release format is the most convenient for both operation and storage. The cylinder comes with an adapter tube, so a construction gun is not needed. And the SVS super valve system allows you to store the cylinder both vertically and horizontally.

BISON Pro 41145_z01 all season

ZUBR Pro 41145_z01 all season

The product is available in a 750 ml pistol bottle. Increased foam output allows you to get up to 45 liters of product. A plus is the special “SVS” device, thanks to which the cylinder can be stored in any position, not just vertically.

The all-weather formula allows you to work with the material in various climatic conditions in the range from -10⁰С to +30⁰С. After polymerization, the material is non-toxic and non-flammable. Full curing time is approximately 20 hours, and the surface hardens after 10 minutes.

Buyers praise the product for its excellent value for money, note the uniform texture and good density of the material, as well as excellent adhesion to most popular building materials.

STAYER PRO 65 41135 all season

STAYER PRO 65 41135 all season

The product has good performance characteristics and at the same time has an acceptable cost. The composition after solidification is non-toxic, so it is perfect for interior work. The formula belongs to all-weather and has a large allowable temperature range of application: from — 10⁰С to + 35⁰С.

Foam has a fairly wide range of applications. It is suitable for isolating technical communications and wiring, installing doorways, installing windows and sealing them, filling gaps, crevices and other voids. The manufacturer recommends it for heat and sound insulation, but users note that it is better to choose another option for these purposes. The composition is characterized by low secondary expansion, therefore it does not deform structures and is well suited for critical work.

Sila Home Max Foam all season

Sila Home Max Foam all season

The one-component composition is suitable for the installation of technical communications, fixing insulation and soundproofing materials, wall panels, filling gaps, seams and various voids. The product has a homogeneous structure and a high degree of adhesion. For the best possible result, before starting work, it is recommended to clean the surfaces from dirt, dust, ice and other contaminants. The full cure time is 24 hours, however the surface dries in a short time (less than 13 minutes). This simplifies and speeds up the process of performing many installation work.

The cylinder is equipped with an adapter tube, so a mounting gun is not required. A distinctive feature of the product is an increased foam output, which allows you to get up to 45 liters from a volume of 750 ml.

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