Rating of the best infrared heaters


Infrared heaters are one of the most popular ways of additional heating in an apartment or house. They are very economical, do not burn oxygen, are completely silent, occupy a minimum of space and provide high efficiency even in open spaces.

The operation of the devices is based on electromagnetic radiation, their main purpose is to quickly heat up and further heat rooms for various purposes. The main advantage of infrared heaters is uniform heating and long-term heat retention. This is achieved thanks to the heating technology — during the operation of the device, objects that fall into the zone of its action are heated, from which heat is transferred to the air, as a result of which the ambient temperature rises.

The best heaters for the home

Maximus AR 2002

Maximus AR 2002

Maximus AR 2002 is an excellent quartz infrared heater that will create a special, cozy atmosphere in the house. It is completely safe and does not emit unpleasant odors, it can be used to heat a child’s room or bedroom. In addition, it is reliably protected from moisture, so it is suitable even for the bathroom. The model has two types of mounting and can be placed both on the floor and on the wall. The heater is made in a small, durable housing and does not take up much space. Fast heating is the main advantage of quartz heaters.

Despite its modest size, the model has a high power and in just a minute heats the room to the desired temperature. The built-in thermostat constantly monitors the ambient temperature and automatically switches off the device in case of overheating. The Maximus AR 2002 heater is equipped with three levels of heating power, which can be adjusted using a mechanical knob. Perhaps this is one of the best infrared heaters for the home.

Polaris PHSH 0708D

Polaris PHSH 0708D

A very interesting and comfortable model, designed specifically to create comfortable conditions in the cold season and off-season. Halogen heater Polaris PHSH 0708D has a relatively small power — 800 W, but this is more than enough to heat a small room (up to 12 square meters). The device works from the mains, has two heating modes — the user, according to his needs, can choose the degree of heating, including turning on the economy mode, which consumes a minimum of electricity.

The functionality of the device is expanded by electronic control, which is carried out using the remote control. The heater is made in a stylish case with an electronic display, on which you can also set a timer for the device’s operating time by programming it to turn on and off automatically. This model has a large number of positive reviews, pleasing with ease of use and silent operation.

Timberk TCH Q2 800

Timberk TCH Q2 800

A small and very practical Timberk TCH Q2 800 heater is specially designed for an apartment. It will save during the off-season and heat a room up to 12 squares. The model has a compact size and low weight, it can be placed on the floor or a table, locally heating a small area.

The 800 W heater is able to work uninterruptedly for 8 hours, consuming a minimum of energy. There are mechanical buttons on the body of the device to turn on the device and select the power level — two modes are provided for this (400 and 800 W). The model cannot boast of huge functionality and has a number of drawbacks (lack of protection against moisture and low-power heating), but it has a quite adequate price tag and is available to any user.

The best heaters for summer cottages and garages

Master TS-3A

Master TS-3 A infrared heater

The most powerful and efficient infrared heater from the major Italian brand Master Climate Solutions. Its functionality is designed for use in unheated large areas, so it is perfect for a garage, country house or cottage. The device has a strong, strong design, it is not afraid of moisture and dust. The manufacturer claims the maximum efficiency (100%), which at a power of 2400 W gives an incredible effect — the device heats up the air in a matter of minutes and gives a stable heat flow.

The device is able to maintain constant heating for 11 hours, while it works almost silently and does not exude a burning smell. The functionality is simple — there is a power regulator (600, 1600 and 2400 W) on the body of the infrared heater, with its help you can independently set the heating level. Despite the high cost, the Master TS-3 A infrared heater is very popular and is increasingly mentioned in user reviews.

Vitesse VS-870

Vitesse VS-870 infrared heater

Vitesse VS-870 is an incredibly functional and practical heater for summer cottages or country houses. This is one of the best models with excellent technical data. The device has a large number of positive reviews and is most often mentioned in various ratings and reviews. And this is not surprising, for a fairly low cost, the buyer receives a powerful infrared heater with a built-in thermostat, an air ionizer and several heating modes. In addition, the device is equipped with a stable stand, with which you can set the optimal rotation of the body.

Vitesse VS-870 also has a built-in timer for 7 hours, thanks to which you can control the time the device is turned on and off. For ease of use, the heater is equipped with a remote control with which you can adjust the heating power.

Polaris PKSH 0508H

Polaris PKSH 0508H infrared heater

Polaris PKSH 0508H is one of the best infrared carbon heaters in the budget segment. Despite the low power (800 W), the device copes well with space heating from 10 to 20 square meters. It is inexpensive and mobile, it is easy to move it for local heating of a garage or country house.

We can talk about the advantages of carbon heaters for a long time, the main ones are low power consumption, safety, fast heating and high efficiency. The functionality is modest, but the manufacturer has provided a timer and protection against overheating, which is found mainly in more expensive models. In general, a very good model, accessible to everyone.

The best infrared gas heaters

NeoClima UK-09

NeoClima UK-09

According to user reviews, NeoClima UK-09 gas infrared heater is the best among heaters of this class. It runs on liquefied gas and is suitable for local heating of a summer house or a private house. The model has a stylish design and will look decent in any interior. The main advantages of the NeoClima infrared heater are high power (4200 W) and incredible efficiency — gas consumption is about 315 g / hour, one cylinder is enough to heat a room up to 60 square meters.

The device has a small, but very strong, metal case that does not heat up during operation. There is also a rollover protection function that works when the heater is in a horizontal position, turning it off. In general, an excellent device that completely beats off its considerable cost.

Timberk TGH 4200 M1

Timberk TGH 4200 M1

Powerful and incredibly economical gas heater for an apartment or cottage. Despite the rather large weight and dimensions, the device is characterized by good mobility — thanks to the built-in wheels, it can be easily moved around the room. Users in their reviews noted the rich equipment of the Timberk infrared gas heater, which includes a hose and a reducer, for more comfortable work, eliminating additional expenses. As for the functionality, everything is also at the highest level here — a built-in piezoelectric ignition, several heating levels, a protection function against overheating of the device and against accidental tipping over, as well as an oxygen content controller in the room, which prevents overdrying of the air.

The infrared heater runs on propane and consumes only 300 g/h. The principle of operation is based on the heating of a ceramic plate, which radiates heat and evenly distributes it throughout the room. This is one of the best gas infrared heaters, with wide functionality and low fuel consumption.

Ballu BIGH-55

Ballu BIGH-55

Ballu BIGH-55 is the optimal solution for rooms with a large area, the device is most often used for heating production and work rooms. The heater is powered by a gas cylinder that heats the ceramic plate, converting heat into infrared radiation, thereby generating a large flow of warm air. Due to the high power (4200 W), the device instantly heats up and heats a room up to 60 square meters in a matter of minutes. The heater consumes not so much — 300 grams of fuel is enough for an hour of continuous operation of the device.

The gas heater is made in a classic black and gray case, which looks very presentable and stylish. For ease of use, the device is equipped with wheels, due to them and the small dimensions of the heater, it is easy to move. This model has a thermostat, which is located on the top of the device, with its help you can independently set the desired temperature, the heater will maintain it all the time. The disadvantages include the lack of auto-ignition and protection against overheating, but this does not detract from its main advantages.

The best infrared quartz heaters



Budget and very powerful quartz heater with wide functionality. The device will please with a classic appearance and a set of climatic parameters to create the most comfortable conditions in the cold season.

The floor model DELTA D-018 has 4 heating modes that operate at several power levels — 1000 and 2000 W, the necessary parameters are set manually using a mechanical knob on the device case. The heater has four heating elements in the form of quartz lamps, which are complemented by a built-in fan and air humidifier. A thermostat is also located on the outer surface of the device, which regulates the heating temperature and maintains it at an optimal level.

NeoClima NQH-04

NeoClima NQH-04

The new infrared quartz heater from NeoClima is in the top of sales and is most often mentioned in user reviews. This is a floor model with several heating modes — it is incredibly economical and very practical. The device has high power, it quickly warms up the room and retains heat inside it for a long time. This is achieved due to the features of the heater — first, the nearest objects that are under the influence of infrared rays are heated, after which they begin to give off heat to the air.

The type of operation of the heating element is quartz, the undoubted advantages of which are efficient heating and minimal oxygen combustion. Such a heater will not dry the air and cause any discomfort. The device has two modes of operation, which are switched using a special lever on the front panel of the heater. In case of accidental overturning of the device, protection is activated and the device is turned off. The model is inexpensive and very popular, it is undoubtedly one of the best quartz heaters in this class.

Bilux U2500

Bilux U2500 infrared heater

Quartz heaters occupy a special niche according to users, they are known for their safety and practicality. Such a device does not exude an unpleasant smell and absolutely does not dry the air. BiLux U2500 is one of the most worthy models among infrared quartz heaters, which has practically no drawbacks. A device with a power of 2500 W is able to quickly heat a room up to 30 square meters.

Places for using the heater are limited only by the imagination of the buyer — it is perfect for both home and summer cottage, garage or office space. The heater BiLux U2500 has a small size and does not take up much space, it is easy to use and does not require additional investments in the form of buying fuel, as is the case with gas heaters. The device is protected from moisture and overheating, it will become a reliable companion for many years.

The best infrared carbon heaters

Timberk TIR HP1 1800

Timberk TIR HP1 1800

Timberk TIR HP1 1800 is a convenient and not very expensive wall-mounted model with low power consumption. The main features of carbon infrared heaters include fast heating of the room and safety of use.

The device has a small size, does not take up much space, is easily attached to the wall and does not create loud sounds during operation. The power of 1800 W is more than enough to heat a small room (up to 18 squares). Due to the wall mount, the heater quickly heats up the room and maintains it during the entire time of operation. Of the main features — tilt angle adjustment, high protection class (IP65), which increases the moisture resistance of the heater, extending its service life.

Frico IHC18

Frico IHC18

Convenient and stylish carbon fiber heater from Frico is a great solution for a country house or cottage. The device is easily installed on the ceiling or wall. The optimal recommended mounting height is 2.5-3 meters from the floor. This model has earned a lot of rave reviews, for the most part due to its absolutely silent operation and its incredible functionality. The carbon heater has a built-in timer, several heating modes, as well as a function of even heat distribution.

Carbon infrared heater Frico IHC18 is chosen for fast heating of the room and safety in operation (protection class IPX4). In addition, the device has an original case that attracts the eye and looks great in any interior.

Makar TOR-1

Makar TOR-1 infrared heater

The Makar TOR-1 carbon heater has a lot of advantages and fully recoups its cost. The device is designed for local heating of a room with an area of ​​​​no more than 20 square meters, it is perfect for a small country house, garage or office. The carbon heater heats the room almost instantly, saving up to 45% energy. Due to the design features and type of heating elements, the device quickly enters the operating mode and gives a powerful heat flow, this is its main difference from any other infrared heaters.

In addition, it is in this model that the heat output is several times higher than that of analogues. The Makar TOR-1 heater has a special structure of the heating element, which has a long service life and rarely fails. It is reliably protected from moisture penetration, does not dry the air and has no smell.

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