Overview of the best plastic cellars for summer cottages from the manufacturer


A plastic cellar for summer cottages is a sealed rectangular or round container that provides a comfortable microclimate for storing food at any time of the year. The structure is equipped with a ladder, electricity, extractor hood, shelves, drawers. The owner himself chooses the shape and size of the storage based on the needs and area of ​​​​the site.

Thanks to its hermetic design, this cellar allows you to maintain a stable temperature within +3 to +8 °C, just like a regular home refrigerator. This temperature is excellent for long-term storage of fresh vegetables, fruits, rolls or preserves.

In order not to make mistakes when choosing, we recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • The presence of certificates of environmental cleanliness and quality of the material of manufacture, allowing the storage of food products.
  • A mandatory guarantee for the installation of the structure, carried out by specialists, taking into account the assessment of the site, determining the level of groundwater, choosing the optimal location and preparing a reliable foundation.
  • Equipment with a ventilation system and the need for its modification during intensive use and heavy workload.
  • The size depending on the required volume, so as not to overpay.
  • Additional equipment with independent lighting, comfortable stairs, humidity and temperature sensors, the ability to adjust the number of shelves and their height.
  • The choice of plastic thickness, taking into account the nature of the soil at the installation site.

Rating of the best plastic cellars for summer cottages


The GRINLOS plastic cellar is a monolithic structure made of a durable material of a new generation of polypropylene and equipped with stiffeners. This type of plastic does not give in to corrosion and rotting, completely ensures the tightness of the structure, even in the case of deepening into the ground with a high water level. The design is delivered completely ready, no additional work is required on site. Unlike analogues of other companies, they are not only as functional as possible, but safe and easy to use.

The cellar is equipped with a waterproof ceiling light, a switch, a junction box and a sensor that measures the level of moisture and temperature. The number of shelf racks is selected taking into account the specific design. In addition to the standard equipment of the cellar, it is possible to install any elements. Each cellar model is delivered to the buyer with a number of documents. In addition to the technical passport, the documentation includes certificates of conformity and the EAC declaration.

The GRINLOS cellar has natural ventilation, consisting of exhaust and supply air ducts. This design does not allow moisture and various dangerous gases to linger in the room. As a result, fruits and vegetables are provided with the required breathing and reliable protection against decay.


  • compact dimensions;
  • high quality material;
  • the possibility of placement in difficult areas;
  • the design belongs to the category of sealed;
  • insulated hatch;
  • optimal capacity;
  • the possibility of ordering auxiliary functionality;
  • long service life of at least 50 years.



The plastic cellar for giving «Titan» is made of reliable plastic. The manufacturer offers a large range of models with the possibility of ground installation, semi-buried and fully buried.

The package includes a sealed hatch, polypropylene shelves, ventilation pipe. The bottom is made with reinforcement. An entry for the power cable has been installed. Safe ascent and descent is provided by a comfortable wooden ladder.

Separate models of plastic cellars «Titan» are equipped with reinforcing contours, stiffening ribs on the walls, hatch. The reinforced bottom helps to avoid placing reinforced concrete slabs at the bottom of the pit. It is enough to backfill with sand the space between the Titan’s hull and the excavation. Durable, moisture-resistant design is easy to operate, requires minimal maintenance, and lasts 50 years.


  • a large range of models with different sizes;
  • high quality material;
  • internal lighting system;
  • reinforced neck;
  • hygrometer indicator for measuring humidity and temperature;
  • reinforced bottom;
  • powerful body;
  • three rows of shelves;


  • additional space is required to install the stairs;


The case is made using rotational molding technology, which significantly increases its reliability, but it also costs a little more. The seamless technology also frees you from the hassle of additional waterproofing. Together with the highest quality, a wide range of sizes is offered. The basis of the structure is a frame made of steel profile 09G2S, on which the shelves are also attached. Additional rigidity is provided by the ribbed structure of the floor, walls and ceiling. There is a built-in supply and exhaust ventilation of natural type. It is not subject to negative external influences and corrosion. At the request of the customer, a cargo mini-lift can be installed inside.

The basic package includes a folding metal ladder for descent, shelves made of wood, a hatch, simple or with insulation, a lantern for lighting.

Ready-made cellars have been successfully operating in summer cottages for more than one year. The most important thing is to correctly install, taking into account the structure of the soil and the type of container chosen. Follow the sequence of all stages, even if the installation is carried out by specialists.


  • seamless sealed construction;
  • use of high-strength food polyethylene;
  • internal stiffeners;
  • lighting;
  • optimal shelf width 30 cm;
  • absolute anti-corrosion properties;


  • overpriced product and its installation.


The plastic cellar «Bars» is made from sheet polypropylene of domestic production. The dimensions of the structure can be different by changing the length from two to four meters in increments of 50 cm with the same height (2.3 m) and width (2 m). In addition, the manufacturer accepts orders for execution according to the desires and drawings of buyers. External reinforcement 12 mm is installed in the walls. Slots and holes are pre-installed for installation on the bottom of reinforcement and metal roof reinforcement. A clear advantage of the design is the interior lining, made of natural wood.

The cellar «Bars» is a ready-made basement box, the service life of which is up to 50 years. The design is implemented in the form in which the user will operate it: with shelves, a ventilation system, stairs and cladding. In order for the cellar to start functioning, it is only necessary to deepen it in the right place and connect the necessary communications.


  • high resistance to high and low temperatures;
  • convenient descent / exit thanks to a gentle staircase;
  • measurement of humidity and temperature;
  • cover thermal insulation;


  • small range.


Popular plastic products from the leading domestic manufacturer of dirty water treatment plants with the ability to install in any type of soil. The line of the model range includes options with four sizes and extended modifications with an elongated neck (Long). A characteristic feature is the presence of its own lifting mechanism, which is a polypropylene tank and is completely sealed. The walls are characterized by increased strength. A stable temperature regime is maintained inside the product. The upper horizontal hatch deserves special attention. Sturdy ladder included. The installation process will take no more than 2 days.

The material used to make the fittings is safe for both humans and food. Does not corrode and does not absorb foreign odors. The wall thickness is 0.8 cm. An auxiliary ventilation system is not provided, since, based on the characteristics presented, it is sufficient and natural, which perfectly copes with the indicated functions. Electrical equipment is protected not only from moisture, but also from dust. The roof of the cellar is insulated.


  • the presence of a lifting mechanism;
  • it is possible to order a full-fledged thermal cellar;
  • elongated neck;
  • comfortable descent and convenient movement inside;
  • internal and external finishing and regular repairs are not required;


  • overpriced;
  • laying shelves on only two walls.

Alta Pogreb

Food-grade plastic is used to make this high-tech, lightweight design. The material is not subject to corrosion and does not need a primer, as well as painting. The product belongs to the category of sealed and it is not afraid of the increased level of groundwater. An auxiliary waterproofing layer is also not needed. The package includes an ergonomic ladder, which is equipped with wide steps. Natural ventilation is provided, which perfectly copes with the designated tasks.

The product line includes four models of underground modules for creating a multifunctional basement, differing only in size. For the manufacture of tanks, sheets of food-grade polypropylene with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.2 cm are used. V-shaped stiffeners are welded on the roof and sides of the structure to increase strength and prevent compression on loamy and sandy soils. The descent into the cellar is carried out through the neck from above. The basic equipment includes only a lid without insulation, gravity ventilation and shelf mounts.


  • large internal volume;
  • reliability and tightness;
  • additional waterproofing is not required;
  • not subject to corrosion;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • easy installation;


  • overpriced;
  • poor basic equipment.


Factory production using modern technologies provides 100% tightness of the body, which completely eliminates the ingress of groundwater into the cellar and allows for installation in any type of soil.

Manufactured from polypropylene using extrusion welding technology. The thickness of the walls depends on the dimensions of the structure — if any side of the cellar exceeds 4 meters, a material of 1.5 cm is used, for the rest — 1.0 cm. In cylindrical models, metal stiffening belts are used. All cellars have a reinforced reinforced bottom.

Large range of plastic products for convenient storage of preservatives and other food supplies. It is possible to order products of various sizes.


  • a wide variety of sizes;
  • strength due to reinforced stiffeners;
  • the possibility of withdrawing water for the well;
  • easy installation without the use of special equipment;
  • long service life of at least 50 years.


  • overpriced;
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