Overview of the best navigators for hunting and fishing


Every hiker, hunter or fisherman needs a good GPS tracker. Unlike a smartphone, the navigator is not afraid of water, dirt and dust, it is more autonomous and compact. Modern devices instantly catch the satellite signal and determine exactly where the traveler is. They also keep detailed maps of the world in their memory, build routes for the terrain, the depths of water bodies, and are able to make a lot of calculations.

Our review presents the best models of navigators for outdoor enthusiasts. The rating took into account the main parameters of devices, their autonomy and the degree of protection from external factors. In addition, the assessment was also influenced by the reviews of the owners, which contain invaluable information on the practical application of a particular model.

TOP of the best navigators for hunting and fishing

Garmin eTrex 10

Garmin eTrex 10

Portable navigators of this brand are very popular in the domestic market. Hiking in the forest, fishing or hunting — these outdoor activities may require the ability to navigate the area, and the Garmin eTrex 10 will come in handy. The quality of satellite signals reception (GPS and GLONAS) is an order of magnitude higher than that of similar models from other manufacturers — in a dense forest, tree crowns will not become an obstacle. Rechargeable batteries (two AA batteries) will confidently support the navigator’s performance for more than a day thanks to the monochrome screen.

According to the owners, Garmin eTrex 10 has the most democratic price in the model line of this brand. In addition to the map itself, this device provides the user with a compass, can determine the speed, azimuth, and make preliminary calculations. The reviews positively assess the excellent resistance to mechanical stress and protection against moisture (high-quality rubberized housing). Keeps working at -18 °C and is perfect for snowmobile or motorcycle (bike) trips — it can be installed using a universal phone mount.

Lowrance Endura Out&Back

Lowrance Endura Out&Back Navigator

He is not afraid of the crowns of trees in the old forest, mountain gorges and cloudy skies — the GPS receiver has 42 communication channels and in any situation can quickly determine where the user is. The rubberized case of the navigator withstands falls from a height, is resistant to moisture, in a word, is fully adapted for active use in hunting, fishing or hiking.

It is possible to download third-party maps, but the pre-installed OziExplorer licensed program (paid version) contains a huge amount of topographic information. The owners positively assessed the reliability of the device — Lowrance Endura Out&Back did not let them down even once. Despite its compactness, the monochrome navigator is quite powerful and demonstrates excellent performance.

Garmin Foretrex 701

Garmin Foretrex 701

An excellent navigation device to wear on the wrist. The size of its monochrome screen is only 2 inches, but it can do a lot: conduct ballistic calculations (Applied Ballistics Elite), measure height and area. There are calendars of fishing and hunting, and a lot of other useful information. In addition, the track navigator supports pairing with a smartphone and sensors (ANT‍+ compatible) via Bluetooth, there is a compass, an altimeter and much more. At the same time, Foretrex 701 does not have the usual maps — it is a track navigator, and when traveling along a route, you can set up to 10,000 points. The owner can mark the base parking lot, a fish or mushroom place, in a word — everything he sees fit.

The device works with three systems (GLONASS, GPS and Galileo — 77 satellites), and it is very difficult to lose a signal in a dense forest with all at once. But even in this case, a magnetic compass and a barometric altimeter will not let you get lost and will lead the owner to the right place. The last function allows you to work with the application for skydivers Jumpmaster. In addition to all the advantages, the amazing durability and autonomy of the navigator deserve positive reviews — it confidently withstands 48 hours of operation (when connecting sensors via a wireless channel, this time may be reduced).

Magellan Triton 1500

Magellan Triton 1500 navigator

Unlike other models, in Magellan Triton 1500 you can download regional maps, the main thing is that their volume can fit the navigator’s SD memory. The moisture resistant rubberized case has high resistance against mechanical influences. It is convenient to place it on the handlebars of a bicycle, motorcycle and even a snowmobile — just install a special mount, and it will always be at hand.

For hunting and or long-distance fishing in uncharted places, the benefits of the Magellan Triton 1500 can be very serious. Windows CE allows you to install all the applications available to your PDA. Since the navigator contains only general maps of the CIS territories, with major roads and outlines of water bodies, the owners, after a slight alteration, can easily install even the topographic schemes of the USSR General Staff — judging by the reviews, it will be much easier to navigate with them in unfamiliar areas.


Pyle PGSPW5 navigator

Very compact and lightweight (only 76 grams), this device is indispensable for moving through the forest or driving over rough terrain on ATVs (or snowmobiles in winter). At the same time, the case has a high level of moisture protection, and there is no need to hide it from the rain. Functions such as thermometer, compass and barometer will be useful when hiking, fishing or hunting. The navigator supports loading maps of the area, works with Google Maps and Google Earth.

Owners speak positively about the function of connecting external sensors using ANT + technology. Information about speed, pulse and even blood sugar, as well as many other data, is quite useful on a long journey, and, judging by the reviews, allows users to behave more rationally. This is especially important for people who are contraindicated in excessive loads, but they do not intend to give up an active life.

Cobra GPS 1000 DLX

Cobra GPS 1000 DLX navigator

The only model in the series that supports downloading detailed maps. This reason allowed the Cobra GPS1000 navigator to become a member of our rating with not the weakest result. It is worth taking with you for fishing, hunting, and even more so in the forest for mushrooms. Allows you to set up to 500 points on the route and has the TracBack function (back road). Getting lost in unfamiliar terrain with him in his hands is almost impossible. At the same time, a reliable 18-channel GPS receiver confidently catches satellites, and the batteries last for 14 hours of operation.

In addition, owners like the fact that the monochrome navigator (slightly reminiscent of the legendary Nokia model) has an electronic compass that can measure altitude. The Rand McNally card processor is quite reliable and ensures the device works confidently. In the reviews, the owners positively appreciated the possibility of preliminary calculation of the route and the presence of a screen backlight that allows you to continue driving in the dark. For installation on a vehicle (from a boat to a snowmobile), a special mount is required, which is purchased separately.



An «indestructible» body and lightness, which does not allow you to drown in water, are the hallmarks of this reliable and unpretentious navigator model. ALAN MAP 500 can be mounted on the handlebars of a bicycle, motorbike or snowmobile, just held in your hand, but it is definitely worth taking it with you to nature. He will lead you out of an unfamiliar forest or help you find a better place for fishing. When hunting for a wild animal, this navigator will also be useful — with its help, the user will quickly reach a given position. In total, you can save up to 20 routes with 500 marked waypoints each.

The navigator can be supplemented with a map of the area — just download the files of the desired format to removable media. This, judging by the reviews, makes navigation more comfortable. Owners also like the monochrome display — it provides excellent visibility in sunlight, has a backlight and, in addition, slowly consumes battery power, which means longer operation of the navigator. Despite the 12-channel receiver, it catches satellite signals quite confidently, but just in case, an external antenna connection is provided.

Neoline Moto 2

Neoline Moto 2

Neoline Moto 2 is ideal for a snowmobile or other transport moving over rough terrain (hunting or walking). The navigator has a high degree of protection against moisture and a fairly rigid mount on a tubular steering wheel. When used in winter, the sensor demonstrates normal performance down to -10 °C. The processor ensures fast processing of satellite signals and acceptable operation of the installed Navitel complex, which supports the loading of regional, more detailed maps.

Owners like the ability to connect to the on-board network, the adjustable brightness of the LCD screen (diagonal — 4.3 inches) of the navigator allows you to choose the optimal visibility of the picture, both in bright sunlight and at night. There are many positive assessments of the practicality of Neoline Moto 2 in the reviews. By installing it on a motor boat, the owner will be able to significantly expand the possibilities for fishing in reservoirs with a large area of ​​​​the water surface, while marking baited and fishing places. All in all, one of the most practical navigators for open modes of transport has an affordable price, which gives the model an advantage, especially when compared with similar products from brands such as Garmin or Lowrance.

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