Overview of the best fillers for down jackets


A down jacket is a versatile outerwear for winter. It brings maximum comfort to its owners. Down jackets are light, comfortable, and most importantly — warm. The Russian market offers a large number of models of down jackets of different styles, lengths, colors. But, the most important criterion when choosing this winter clothing is the filler.

The reasonable price of down jackets allows you to change outerwear so often that you can choose the most harmonious for each of the images. Ease of care allows you not to bother about washing and often visit dry cleaning. A large selection of materials, especially fillers, makes this type of product universal, because each buyer can find a suitable one for himself for any type of activity: from office work to outdoor trips. Heaters can be divided into two categories: natural and artificial, each of which has its own disadvantages and advantages. Below is a rating of the best fillers for down jackets.

The best natural fillers for down jackets


Down filler in a down jacket

Natural high-quality filler in a down jacket can immediately scare you off with its price, but you should not pass by if you need a really warm jacket. It can be swan, duck or eider, whose down is hard to find and therefore expensive, but it is ideal for the harsh northern winters. Outerwear filled with it will last a long time. Buyers note that it does not lose its warming properties for ten years.

This is a great option for those who prefer to invest once and never return to this topic, choosing a new down jacket every winter. It is worth paying attention to the fact that natural fluff requires delicate care and careful washing, and can also cause allergies. Despite all the shortcomings, down has been and remains the warmest filler that warms in cold winters.

Feather and down blend

A mixture of feathers and down filler in a down jacket

A good option for those who like to save money. A mixture of down and feathers is a good budget natural option. In terms of its warming properties, it is practically not inferior to down, and has higher technical characteristics. It also keeps heat well, soft, light, but due to the addition of feathers to the filler, the down jacket becomes more voluminous. Whether that’s good or bad is up to the buyer to decide.

A huge advantage of things with this type of filler will be washing in a typewriter, which greatly facilitates the care of it. When choosing a down jacket with such a content, they usually pay attention to the percentage of down and feather. The more fluff, the more warm. For Russian cold weather in the middle lane with a maximum temperature of -30, winter clothes containing 70% down and 30% feather are best suited.



A jacket with such a filler can hardly be called a down jacket. Instead of fluff, manufacturers use camel or sheep wool. But reality shows that almost all jackets are called down jackets, regardless of the internal content. Things with wool under the lining are not very expensive, they warm well, while allowing the body to breathe.

There are drawbacks, but they are minor. Clothing with such a filler will be heavy and may shrink in size if the temperature is not correct during washing. Now manufacturers are trying to make things as versatile as possible, so they add synthetic fiber to wool, which makes outerwear lighter not only in weight, but also in care. It is worth remembering that wool is natural, so it can cause an allergic reaction.

The best artificial fillers for down jackets



In the late 70s of the last century, the Americans invented a special fiber designed to equip astronauts and polar explorers. As you can see, it is actively used in everyday products. Jackets with such insulation have been leading the world market for several years. They are loved for their lightness, because the thinsulate fiber is many times thinner than other analogues used for winter clothing.

Its main function — to warm — this filler performs at the highest level, and in combination with high-quality material of the lining and upper part, the best clothes are obtained that save from the lowest possible temperatures. Thin and elastic synthetic fibers will give a feeling of comfort and security. In addition, tinsulate does not cause allergies, because it does not contain natural ingredients in the composition.



Almost everyone has known a synthetic winterizer since childhood, many have come across it. But few people know that there is an improved version of it — isosoft, ideal for winter weather. The Belgian company producing this filler has been engaged in various developments of clothing insulation for about 50 years. Which means she can be trusted. Thanks to the unique production technology, the down jacket will perfectly retain its shape after many washes.

Another advantage is that the artificial filler after a while will not crawl out from under the fabric, spoiling the appearance of the clothes and calling into question the protective properties of the jacket. The cost of winter clothes with such a heater is slightly higher than average, but you should not save on the quality of materials responsible for maintaining health in the cold Russian winter, especially for women.



Artificial fluff or synthetic winterizer is considered by many to be an analogue of holofiber and synthetic winterizer. In fact, it is. The difference is only in the structure of the insulation. Sintepukh also consists of polyester fibers, but each of them has a hollow space. This is due to the lightness of the material. Each of the cavities is so small that it does not allow moisture to penetrate inside. Then all this is covered with a special silicone liquid, which allows the product to retain its original shape and ensures that the clothes dry quickly (water simply drains quickly).

The material is similar to organic down in that it has a lot of air for excellent thermal insulation, and it quickly returns to its shape after being compressed. It only differs in that it does not roll into one big pile after washing, does not cause allergies and does not absorb various ambient odors.



This is probably the funniest filler, in its appearance resembling a huge curly cloud. Holofiber is all polyester, forming a hollow structure. Of course, this insulation is found in different forms, but for down jackets, balls are most often used, which are easily and evenly distributed throughout the product.

Winter jackets with such a filler are quite light, unpretentious in care, durable and safe (do not cause allergies). You can wash and dry them in the machine. But it is better to store not in vacuum bags that contribute to the formation of rough creases and folds on clothes, but by hanging them on a hanger. Under such conditions, the product will last much longer. In addition, synthetic material will not succumb to the attack of mold and fungus, which makes it one of the best.

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