Top best deodorants for men


Sweating gives a person a lot of inconvenience. Especially men, whose activities are more often associated with physical and psychological stress. What could be easier than buying a good deodorant and forget about the troubles for a few hours. But how not to make a mistake and choose the most effective remedy? Especially for you, we have prepared the Top best deodorants for men with a natural composition, moisturizing ingredients and a pleasant texture.

The best deodorant sprays for men

Old Spice Timber

Old Spice Timber deodorant spray

Timber Aerosol by Old Spice has a masculine, woody scent with spicy minty notes. The aroma pleasantly refreshes the skin and invigorates in the morning. The tool not only eliminates the unpleasant odor, but also fights the causes of the appearance. Antiperspirant blocks the work of apocrine sweat glands, providing protection against unpleasant odors for the whole day.

Timber is great for use in the summer when the heat makes you sweat a lot. A high-quality spray mechanism helps to save the product, since the product is applied to a specific area of ​​​​the body.

Biotherm Home

Biotherm Home deodorant spray

Biotherm Homme owes its excellent performance to a special mineral complex that effectively combats the problem, guaranteeing freshness and excellent appearance. The spray does not leave marks on clothes, has light, almost imperceptible pleasant notes of fragrance, which will be appreciated by everyone who uses perfume, works with people, or simply does not like strong smells.

Biotherm Homme is loved by athletes, active people and runners due to its gentle attitude to health — it does not disturb heat transfer, does not contain alcohol, soothes the skin, withstands the test of serious stress.

Apply the product to clean, dry skin, preferably after a shower. The product is suitable for regular and daily use.


Ax deodorant spray

Deodorants from the company Ax effectively combat unpleasant odors and have an affordable price, and a wide selection of perfume compositions makes them incredibly popular with the stronger sex. The spray moisturizes the delicate skin of the armpits, relieves discomfort and a feeling of tightness.

The manufacturer offers several unique flavors. Excite has a warm coconut-chocolate bouquet, which is perfect for winter friendly gatherings. Temptation conquers men and women around with notes of dark chocolate. A charge of vivacity for the whole day will give citrus Anti Hangover. Sensual yet masculine, Shift is perfect for dates and romantic evenings. For physically active men, Sport Blast is a great option. Apollo is distinguished by a classic unobtrusive bouquet.

Nivea Men Ultra

Nivea Men Ultra deodorant spray

It prevents the appearance of sweat, contains avocado oil, softening and protecting the skin. The deodorant claims to last 48 hours, however, it is not designed to cause excessive sweating, in which case the effectiveness may be reduced and the duration of the deodorant will decrease. But for 24 hours, even with intense loads, it is enough.

The product has a pleasant fragrance with woody notes, the non-obtrusiveness of which is liked by most buyers. It is ideal for daily use. Before application, shake the can thoroughly, spray for several seconds at a distance of 20 cm from dry skin. The isopropyl palmitate contained in the composition has a softening effect.

Adidas Team Five

Adidas Team Five deodorant spray

Adidas Team Five long-lasting deodorant spray refreshes all day long. It contains a unique Cool Tech menthol complex, which is activated during intense physical exertion or heat. Every time you sweat more, the system triggers a super-cooler so there is no need to spray multiple times a day.

The spring bouquet opens with the juicy sound of green apples surrounded by ripe lemon and basil. Middle notes of the composition are coniferous pine and blooming lavender with a touch of sage and peppermint. The fragrance belongs to the fougere group.

The best deodorant sticks for men


Clarins deodorant stick

Efficient and economical, it not only fights odor but also controls perspiration. The product does not contain alcohol, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. Unlike most analogues, it has a rather large volume, so the packaging lasts for a long time. The product effectively copes with the task, does not irritate the skin, there are no complaints about allergies.

It has a pleasant unisex fragrance, due to which it is popular not only among men, but also among women. Buyers note convenient application, quick drying, which eliminates the feeling of stickiness, economical consumption due to high quality and stylish design. The only thing that causes complaints is the high price, but the good characteristics of the product make this drawback less significant.

Old Spice Bearglove

Old Spice Bearglove deodorant stick

The Bearglove stick from the Old Spice Wildlife line is liked not only by the strong half of humanity. On the Internet, you can find rave reviews from women about Bear Love deodorant. The fairer sex likes how perfume sounds on men, but many use it themselves. The product itself is sky blue in color, and very hard, so it does not crumble, does not break and is easy to apply. Perfectly protects against unpleasant odors, even in the most stressful moments.

The deodorant has a very persistent aroma of fruity freshness. It’s great for summer and doesn’t give a chance for odor even during intense physical activity.

Terre d’Hermes

Terre d’Hermes deodorant stick

Terre d’Hermès Men’s Deodorant provides long-lasting comfort and freshness. During physical activity and in hot weather, this product protects a man from sweat and odor. In addition, the deodorant has a noble French aroma, so it functions not only as an antiperspirant, but also as a cologne.

The deodorant regulates perspiration, however, does not clog pores, does not disturb the microflora of the skin in the armpits and the work of the sweat glands. The product is easily applied to the skin, quickly absorbed, leaving no sticky feeling on the skin. Also, the deodorant does not leave marks on clothes, suitable for all skin types.

The exquisite French fragrance Terre d’Hermès was appreciated not only by men, but also by women. The fragrance combines juicy citruses, woody and musky accords. Thanks to this, the perfume composition combines masculinity and sensuality.


HUGO BOSS The Scent deodorant stick

Hugo Boss The Scent deodorant stick complemented the line of perfumes for men of the same name, which appeared in 2015. Thanks to a special formula, it eliminates the unpleasant smell of sweat for the whole day, and envelops it with an invigorating and refreshing aroma. Convenient compact shape allows you to take the stick with you on a long journey.

The fragrance is created for strong, self-confident men. The composition opens with a light sound of tart ginger. In the middle, mountain lavender blossoms and exotic maninka sound softly. The South African maninka fruit is used only in Hugo Boss perfumes and is known for its aphrodisiac properties.

Dove Man+Care Invisible Dry

Dove Man+Care Invisible Dry deodorant stick

Dove Invisible antiperspirant stick is designed for active and successful men who are not used to spending money on cosmetics, but at the same time want to look perfect. Its unique formula helps the deodorant absorb quickly and leave no white marks on clothes. The composition of the product does not include ethyl alcohol, so the stick does not dry or irritate the delicate skin of the armpits. ¼ of the deodorant consists of a moisturizing cream that softens and soothes the surface of the skin after shaving.

Invisible Dry protects against sweat for 48 hours, which is convenient for long trips or expeditions when you can’t take a shower. The product does not have a pronounced aroma, so it goes well with perfumes from other brands.

The best roll-on deodorants for men

Weleda Men’s 24 hours

Weleda Men’s 24 Hour Roll On Deodorant

This is a transparent, imperceptible deodorant on the body after drying, which is of good quality and average cost. It has notes characteristic of spicy herbs with a woody tint, and the presence of sage, vetiver and rosemary in the composition brings a feeling of freshness that lasts for a long time. Specially developed natural formula allows you to effectively get rid of unpleasant odors. The texture of optimal density, easy to apply and spread, does not clog pores.

Weleda is dermatologically tested, 24-hour wear, suitable for daily use. The main advantage, in addition to durability and effectiveness, is the absence of aluminum chlorohydrate, phthalates, preservatives, mineral oils in the composition, which makes the product as gentle as possible for the body.

Nivea Men «Silver Protection»

Nivea Men «Silver Protection» roll-on deodorant

Roll-on deodorant for men «Silver Protection» is sold in a classic bottle from Nivea. The product itself looks like a transparent and very liquid gel that is easily absorbed. The roller glides easily and evenly applies the antiperspirant to the skin.

The unique formula contains silver ions, which most effectively stop the growth of bacteria that cause odor. Silver molecules penetrate into the very structure of bacteria, so they effectively eliminate the smell of sweat. The tool has a real masculine aroma, will appeal to modern and active representatives of the stronger sex.


Clarins roll-on deodorant

It blocks the pores, preventing the appearance of sweat, and the bactericidal action is aimed at the destruction of bacteria that provoke the appearance of a pungent odor. If you believe the reviews, the remedy is effective, although with increased loads or in hot weather, the duration is reduced.

The product does not contain alcohol, so you do not have to worry about sensitive skin. The fragrance is unobtrusive and fresh. Does not leave marks on clothes, but only if after application it is completely dry. This point is important to consider, since Clarins dries up for quite a long time — you will have to be patient and wait. Otherwise, it is an effective composition that is not noticeable on the body, coping with its task.

Rexona Men Motionsense

Rexona Men Motionsense roll-on deodorant

Rexona Men roll-on deodorant with Motionsense technology guarantees 10 times more effective protection against perspiration. The tool does not mask the smell, but destroys the cause of its appearance — bacteria. Motionsense micro-capsules open up as you move, releasing a light, fresh scent. Antiperspirant kills up to 90% of bacteria that cause bad breath.

The deodorant was created specifically for men, focusing on perspiration and the structure of the skin cells of the stronger sex. Active components provide protection not for several hours, but for 2 days. Eucalyptus and citrus oils create a fragrance filled with forest freshness.

Vichy homme

Vichy homme roll-on deodorant

Compact packaging allows you to take with you on trips and travels. The deodorant dries quickly on the body, does not roll off during the day and does not create a sticky effect. Regarding clothing, the opinion that it does not stain is leading, although sometimes there are complaints about the appearance of stains. It is economical in use — it is applied in a thin layer, it works for at least a day, with small loads longer. The product smells pleasant and neutral enough to be suitable for the whole family; some women are happy to switch to the male version, arguing that Vichy Homme is much more effective than female counterparts.

The above-average price raises complaints, but given the good performance and economy, this drawback is not so terrible.

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