Review of the best drops for conjunctivitis


One of the most common eye diseases is conjunctivitis. Its symptoms are tearing, redness of the eyes and purulent discharge. As a rule, conjunctivitis appears due to non-compliance with hygiene rules. The most common means of combating the disease are drops. Their choice depends on the type of conjunctivitis, which can be viral, allergic and bacterial.

When choosing drops from conjunctivitis, you need to understand the history of its origin. If this is an allergic reaction of the body to an external irritant, for example, cosmetics, animals, then antihistamine drops will do. Allergic conjunctivitis is accompanied by swelling of both eyes, redness and tearing. Bacterial conjunctivitis appears due to dirt brought by the hands, and is accompanied by purulent discharge. It is treated with other drops, which are based on more serious components. Weak immunity and a viral infection can trigger the appearance of viral conjunctivitis. In this case, you need to turn to antimicrobial and antiviral drops.

It must be remembered that the choice of drops for healing depends on what form of the disease with conjunctivitis affected a person. Having studied various means, namely, composition, indications for use, side effects and customer reviews, we have developed a rating of the best drops for conjunctivitis.

The best drops for conjunctivitis for adults


Okomistin drops

The drug Okomistin really qualitatively fights conjunctivitis and other eye diseases provoked by pathogenic bacteria. Users leave mostly positive reviews. Rare negative opinions are associated with a side effect of drops — itching and burning, which disappear over time. Whatever it was, these side effects are not dangerous to health.

In terms of composition and medicinal properties, the drug is comparable to expensive Miramistin. To cope with purulent conjunctivitis, Okomistin needs 5 days. Symptoms gradually begin to disappear on the 2nd day. The versatility of the drug is due to the possibility of using it as ear drops.


Sofradex drops

It is developed on the basis of three active components. Framycetin sulfate is a broad-spectrum antibiotic capable of neutralizing a large number of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. Gramicidin is an antibacterial cyclic polypeptide — it is able to act on microorganisms resistant to pharmacetin, which makes their tandem as effective as possible. Dexamethasone is a synthetic glucocorticosteroid. Responsible for anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, immunosuppressive function.

Recommended for use in various forms of conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratitis with intact epithelium. The undoubted advantage is the short duration of treatment — no more than 7 days. The disadvantages include contraindications (there are not many of them) and a rather large list of possible side effects that you should familiarize yourself with in advance. That is why, despite the quick effect, many parents do not want to use Sofradex to treat children.


Montevisin drops

Montevisin is an «ambulance» for the eyes. The drug has proven itself quite well. It helps to overcome fatigue and redness of the eyes, eliminate puffiness. Many users have noticed a decrease in pain and cramps after applying the drops. Pleased with the price of the drug in relation to efficiency.

The remedy has contraindications associated with high blood pressure and heart disease. Doctors strongly recommend not to neglect them. You can not use the tool constantly, it can be addictive. But as a fast-acting medicine, Montevizin fits perfectly. The eyes, a couple of minutes after instillation, become lighter and brighter, the reddened vascular network disappears. It is worth noting that the bottle contains a pipette, which greatly simplifies the use of the drug.


Levomycetin drops

The drug for adults and children effectively fights bacteria. It is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of the following diseases: blepharitis and blepharoconjunctivitis, keratitis and keratoconjunctivitis, conjunctivitis, secondary bacterial infections. Enveloping the shell of the eyeball, the active substance destroys pathogenic microorganisms and eliminates discomfort. The inflammation disappears a few days after the first application. According to the recommendations of ophthalmologists, Levomycetin should be dripped every 2-3 hours for one to two weeks, depending on the severity of the disease.

The main component of the eye medication is chloramphenicol. Thanks to its effect, the symptoms of conjunctivitis disappear, and patients feel much better. It does not allow bacteria to multiply, and it kills existing ones. The agent quickly penetrates the tissues and literally cleanses them of: salmonella, staphylococci, gonococci, spirochetes and other harmful microorganisms. Customer reviews of these eye drops are positive. They consider the possibility of using children from 3 years of age as a significant advantage, and also highlight the “ridiculous” cost of the drug. The disadvantages include a short shelf life after opening and the likelihood of side effects.

The best drops for conjunctivitis for pregnant women


Aktipol drops

It is prescribed for viral eye diseases — conjunctivitis and keratoconjunctivitis. It has no contraindications, except for individual intolerance. There were no cases of overdose, but the doses recommended by the doctor should not be exceeded. The drug is allowed for use during lactation and pregnancy. According to studies, Aktipol does not have mutagenic and embryotoxic properties.

In addition to treatment, the remedy effectively fights eyelid edema, helps relieve irritation, itching, pain in the eyes. Buyers note a quick result, a convenient bottle, no tingling when instilled. The composition can be stored at room temperature after opening, which makes the instillation procedure comfortable.


Oftalmoferon drops

The most powerful antiviral drug that brings results and relieves the symptoms of conjunctivitis. It can be used by both adults and children, as well as pregnant women. Oftalmoferon acts on bacteria located on the membrane of the eye, in the mucous membranes of the eyelids and conjunctiva. Convenient application of the product allows you to make the procedure of instillation easy and simple. It can also be used as a prophylaxis for diseases associated with eye damage by viruses.

The main component is interferon. It has antiviral, immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory properties. The antiseptic function is performed by an additional substance that is part of the eye drops — acid with diphenhydramine. All components in the complex are safe for the human body. They are not absorbed into the blood. Therefore, the drug is prescribed for young children and pregnant girls. Economical use and surgical treatment are noted by patients in the reviews. Some are not satisfied with the storage conditions — you should put the medicine in the refrigerator after opening.


Allergordil drops

«Allergodil» is recommended for the prevention and treatment of manifestations of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. Suitable for adults, children from 4 years of age. Also used to treat symptoms of non-seasonal allergic-type conjunctivitis in adults and children 12 years of age and older.

«Allergodil» can be used during pregnancy, but care should be taken and be sure to consult with your doctor. Instillation gives a minimal systemic effect of azelastine on the body. However, it is worth remembering that the substance is characterized by the ability to negatively affect pregnancy, so you should not use the drug without a doctor’s recommendation.

Azelastine also has the ability to penetrate into breast milk, therefore, during breastfeeding, it is better to refuse to use the drug or stop breastfeeding for the duration of treatment.


Taufon drops

Eye drops, which many people hear. They successfully eliminate signs of inflammatory eye diseases and are used to prevent infection after surgery. The active ingredient of the drug is diclofenac sodium. The preparation also contains polyethoxylated castor oil, trometamol, purified water, benzalkonium chloride, mannitol, etc. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, Taufon also has an analgesic effect.

The drug acts by binding cyclooxygenase — the activity of pathogenic and viral microorganism slows down. Drops begin to act immediately after instillation. The active component does not penetrate into the bloodstream, therefore, it does not harm the internal organs. Taufon can be used for a long time for prevention and in the fight against increased photosensitivity of the eyes. If you believe the reviews of patients, immediately after instillation of the drops, a slight burning sensation appears, which soon passes. Most users note a fairly long-term positive effect of the drug.

The best drops for conjunctivitis for children


Phloxal drops

German antimicrobial eye drops. The active substance is ofloxacin. Pediatricians boldly prescribe the drug even to newborn children, and parents note its instant positive effect. Of the contraindications to the use of drops, only individual susceptibility to the components can be distinguished. However, due to the «pure» composition and the safety of the active substance, the likelihood of an allergic reaction in a child is practically reduced to zero.

Floksal saves from conjunctivitis by blocking DNA-girza enzymes in cells. It is also effective in other infectious and inflammatory diseases of the organs of vision — barley, corneal ulcer, blepharitis, etc. The remedy also helps adults — it relieves the feeling of eye fatigue during prolonged work at the computer. In tandem with drops, Floxal ointment can also be used — immediately after instillation.


Okumetil drops

It consists of three active ingredients — zinc sulfate, diphenhydramine (the so-called diphenhydramine) and naphazoline. With their help, it turns out to achieve the most complete result «on all fronts» — «Okumetil» has an antiseptic, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Zinc sulfate is an antiseptic. It has an astringent, drying, anti-inflammatory effect. Naphazoline belongs to the category of sympathomimetics. Responsible for rapid vasoconstriction. Helps reduce swelling, fights hyperemia of the mucous membrane. Diphenhydramine is responsible for blocking H1-histamine receptors. Reduces capillary permeability, prevents swelling.

The disadvantages include a rather long list of contraindications, which must be familiarized with before starting treatment. These include angle-closure glaucoma, stomach ulcers, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, dry eye syndrome, some cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy, atherosclerosis.

Since contraindications are mostly for adults, drops are often prescribed for children because of their effectiveness and wide spectrum of action. It is prescribed for chronic nonspecific, allergic and angular conjunctivitis. The drug helps to quickly relieve symptoms — burning, itching, redness and swelling.


Diclofenac drops

Diclofenac is used to treat inflammation of the eyes and conjunctivitis, as well as to relieve pain after injury or surgery. The vast majority of reviews about the drug are positive. When using drops, there is a rapid removal of pain. Diclofenac copes well with various inflammatory manifestations.

Due to the active ingredient, diclofenac sodium, which is rapidly absorbed into the blood, the drug is able to provide immediate assistance. Like any drug, diclofenac has side effects. Therefore, it is recommended to use it strictly according to the instructions, otherwise the remedy can cause severe itching, swelling, allergies, vomiting, nausea. Diclofenac is approved for use in children over 2 years of age. After opening, the drops can be used for a month. For other drugs, this period is shorter.


Vitabact drops

Vitabact — broad-spectrum drops with antimicrobial action. Absolutely safe, therefore suitable for newborns. The drug is able to effectively cope not only with inflammation and suppuration, but also with the causative agent of the disease itself. Reviews testify to the positive effect of the remedy. It relieves discomfort in the eyes, eliminates irritation and dryness.

Among the disadvantages are the high cost of drops and the limited period of use after opening (1 month). Parents talk about the good tolerance of Vitabact by newborns, about the absence of discomfort after using the drops in the form of burning and itching. The lack of effect may be due to especially advanced cases, untimely access to a doctor, or individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

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