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In some situations, motorists are forced to move their vehicles off-road in difficult terrain. In order for the vehicle to have a good level of cross-country ability, it is additionally equipped with a special device called a winch. After all, there are situations when it is difficult for a car to get out of rough terrain thanks only to its traction.

What to look for when choosing a car winch

Type of winch

They can be manual, mechanical, electric, hydraulic.

Traction power of the device

Translated into a language understandable to all, this means: what mass of car can this winch pull. In this case, the formula is used: the mass of the car should be multiplied by a factor of 2.5, the desired traction force will be obtained. If the seller did not have such a product suitable for the car buyer, you should buy a winch with a slightly higher value.

Mounting method, product dimensions

It can be placed on the car in an open way or by incorporation into the car structure.

rope type

As a rule, products with a metal cable are offered in car dealerships. However, experienced drivers recommend using a nylon product.

The best hydraulic winches

COME-UP Bison 20

COME UP Bison 20 winch

The winch is equipped with a standard length drum, and the linear force of the first layer is 9070 kg. Such power allows you to extract from the mud not only UAZs and Land Cruisers, but also trucks and tractors. The product has a new mechanical braking system and a special design of the balancing valve. The use of these innovations made it possible to reliably control the operation of the winch. A distinctive feature of the model is the high winding speed, which makes the process of moving weight fast and efficient. The powerful engine is capable to work in the most extreme conditions. The standard package includes guide rollers, cable guide, balancing valve.

Owners of the Bison 20 hydraulic winch rave about the traction, durability and design. Among the negative points, the high price and large weight of the product should be highlighted.


COMEUP HV-10 winch

A powerful car winch designed to work in difficult conditions without roads. Regardless of the load (and it is quite enough even for a tow truck — the traction force is able to move cars weighing up to 4535 kg!), The winding speed remains unchanged. The hydraulic system is equipped with valve safety devices that prevent overloading of the equipment. For easy unwinding of the cable from the drum spool, a clutch is used — its control is located on the left side of the winch.

In addition, the device has a reliable brake and fully complies with modern safety requirements. By installing the COMEUP HV-10 on an SUV, the owner will significantly expand the ability of his vehicle to overcome the most difficult obstacles.

Avtospas LCHG54I «BUYVOL» 12000

Avtospas LCHG54I «BUYVOL» 12000 winch

One of the most popular car winches on the domestic market is produced in accordance with objective reality and is best adapted for operation in Russia. Affordable price and excellent quality determine the choice of lovers of off-road travel. The drum winch with a worm mechanism LCHG54I «BUYVOL» is highly reliable and is also successfully used on car tow trucks.

A feature of this unit is the best efficiency of the brake system, which retains its working function under any load. The drum winder is equipped with roller guides and can use a steel cable 1 cm thick. The hydraulic drive is protected and simply stops during peak overloads, while maintaining its performance. There is no doubt about the quality and reliability of this winch — 12 months of warranty obligations from the manufacturer and positive operating experience in different conditions confirm this.

The best electric winches

Master Winch MW X8288

Master Winch MW X8288 winch

The fastest winch is the Master Winch MW X8288. A powerful power unit (6.8 hp) is complemented by a speed reducer with a gear ratio of 138. The product is equipped with a long steel cable of 32 m, which makes the winch a real lifesaver. It is able to rescue small Niva-type cars from mud captivity, since the traction force is limited to 3760 kg. The model has high consumer qualities. The device withstands the most severe temperature conditions of operation (-40…+45°С). The electric motor is powered by a 12 V on-board network. A removable control unit is included, the winch can be turned on and off using a wireless remote control.

Motorists speak positively about the performance of the Master Winch MW X8288 winch. This is winding speed, long reliable cable, ease of control. A clear disadvantage is the severity of manual winding.

COMEUP Seal Gen2 9.5s (12V)

COMEUP Seal Gen2 9.5s (12V) winch

Winches COMEUP Seal Gen2 9.5s (12V) with a synthetic cable have long been known to domestic motorists. The Taiwanese manufacturer has repeatedly proven the effectiveness and reliability of its products at automotive events such as Tver Offroadfest and Spring Thaw. Winches are delivered to domestic auto giants UAZ and KAMAZ. This model has a pulling force of 4300 kg, and the motor is sealed. Thanks to the aluminum case, the product can withstand twice the maximum load. Ergonomically designed T-handle, which allows you to quickly unwind the cable. The winch can be used on cars with different bumpers due to the ability to rotate the gearbox housing at an angle of up to 90 degrees. The device is capable of operating under water with a depth of more than 1 m.

Motorists praise the winch for its water resistance, durability and versatility. The disadvantage is the poor rotation of the drum when unwinding the cable.

T-Max HEW — 9500 X Power 12B

T-Max HEW — 9500 X Power 12B winch

A high-quality device that is equipped with a high-power motor and special protection against moisture penetration. As a rule, it is used on light and medium SUVs. It is equipped with an asynchronous electric motor, the power of which is 6.6 hp. The pulling force of the electric winch is 4305 kg.

For the operation of the unit, a car battery is used, the voltage of which is 12 V. In addition, this model is equipped with a special 3-stage planetary type gearbox. Due to this, the winding speed of the used cable varies within 2.5 meters per minute, even under heavy loads.

Due to the presence of a special automatic brake, the drum, especially at high loads, does not rotate during operation. This greatly increases the level of safety when using this machine. The main feature of the device should be attributed to the fact that it is equipped with a special protection that does not allow dust and moisture to penetrate into the inside of the mechanism.

The design of the T-Max HEW — 9500 X Power 12B fully complies with the IP67 standard. Therefore, this device can be safely immersed in water. However, at the same time, the manufacturer notes that this model is not recommended to be immersed to a depth of more than 1 meter. Full immersion time should not exceed 30 minutes.

The best mechanical winches


ZUBR «PROFESSIONAL» 43105-2 winch

One of the most affordable lever winches does a great job of pulling a car out of impenetrable road traps. Of course, it requires certain physical efforts on the part of the owner, but this is more than offset by the price and mobility of the device, which greatly expands the scope.

The simplicity and reliability of a mechanical winch has been repeatedly tested in practice by many owners of light SUVs. It does not perform its function as quickly as models from the previous categories, but it does not require connection, as well as special installation with reference to the car frame. It is enough to have this equipment in your trunk in order to get out of a difficult situation on your own if necessary.

Stayer MAXPull 4310-4

Stayer MAXPull 4310-4 winch

This mechanical winch features a highly reliable ratchet mechanism and is capable of generating a pulling force of 4 tons, which allows you to «rescue» most SUV models that are lucky enough to get stuck on rough terrain. For the effective operation of the lever winch, the owner may also need to use a towing tape, since the 3-meter-long steel cable present in the device (the drum coil no longer holds) may not be enough to securely engage with the fulcrum.

In addition to being used as an off-road tow truck, this equipment can be successfully used in repair and construction work for independent movement of heavy loads. The simple design and high strength of the steel used ensure the reliability of the Stayer MAXPull 4310-4 winch, demonstrating the best combination of quality and performance.

SKRAB 26435

SKRAB 26435 winch

Lever-type mechanical portable winch, which is equipped with a mounting traction mechanism. In the manufacture of the drum and the body of this apparatus, an aluminum alloy was used. For greater ease of use, it is equipped with a rubberized handle. It is completed with a strong cable, the length of which is 3.3 m. The traction force indicator reaches 4 tons. The weight of this model is 5 kg.

EURO-LIFT RX-5.4 MTM 00012427

EURO-LIFT RX-5.4 MTM 00012427 winch

With her help, that there is an SUV — even a small commercial vehicle can free itself, getting into a quagmire off-road or completely sitting on its «belly» and hanging out its wheels. The length of the cable (its thickness is 20 mm), which is included in the kit, is more than enough, and the presence of a pin fuse (it breaks at an overload of 25% and can be replaced during operation) in emergency situations will not at all weaken the grip of the lever winch.

Due to its heavy weight, the EURO-LIFT RX-5.4 MTM has a carrying handle. As a rule, it is most often used for industrial purposes and on construction sites — outdoor enthusiasts are also among its owners, although they are not as numerous as the models occupying the top positions in this category.

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