Rating of the best washing machines with steam function


The steam function in the washing machine is a useful solution for every owner, because it not only disinfects things, but also prevents creasing and fights unpleasant odors. There are machines with steam generators in every price category — from budget to premium.

The advantages of the steam function include:

  1. High-quality disinfection — steam processes not only clothes, but also the entire inner surface of the drum;
  2. Efficient washing;
  3. Profitability — the device consumes less water, no powder or gel is needed for washing;
  4. You can wash things from any fabric — from coarse to delicate;
  5. Soft smoothing — clothes almost do not require ironing;
  6. Compatibility with other washing programs or using the function as the main mode.

Best Inexpensive Steam Washing Machines

Samsung WW80K62E07S

Washing machine Samsung WW80K62E07S

The washing machine has an economical and safe inverter motor, the best energy efficiency A +++, good water consumption of 48 liters. Yes, and the weight of 55 kg with dimensions of 60x45x85 cm is usually attributed to the number of advantages of this household appliance. Please note that a small depth is provided here, so the device will easily fit in a narrow pencil case.

The manufacturer offers 14 different types of programs with water and steam supply. Therefore, even without pre-soaking, although there is such a possibility, with the help of only steam treatment, you can refresh, smooth out delicate things without damaging the fiber structure. Among the advantages, users also note a capacity of 8 kg, a convenient digital display, options for canceling the spin, child lock, imbalance control, drum cleaning, and a program for washing children’s clothes. Cons — increased noise compared to analogues of competitors (58 dB), lack of a drying function, partial protection against leaks, silver body color.

Electrolux EW6F4R28WU

Washing machine Electrolux EW6F4R28WU

Designed for 8 kg load, household equipment is made of wear-resistant plastic, equipped with a durable stainless metal drum and a special separate compartment for liquid powder. The unit is far from the most compact, but at the same time it consumes electricity very economically, since it belongs to the A +++ class. The safety of the device is also at the proper level. It provides complete protection against leaks, children’s curiosity, and thanks to unique sensors, load balance control is maintained.

The software is one of the best. Each of the 14 focuses on a specific type of clothing or material. This also includes the modes of pre-wash, economical, quick wash, super rinse. Steam treatment of things is performed not only for easy cleaning, but also for the destruction of allergens and other harmful microorganisms. The relative disadvantages of the model are the water consumption per cycle of 52 liters and the spin class B.

Candy GVS34 126TC2/2

Washing machine Candy GVS34 126TC2/2

The Italian manufacturer offers to pay attention to a model that, with a width of 60 cm, has a depth of only 34 cm. This is an excellent choice for those who count every centimeter of free space in the kitchen or in the bathroom. At a fairly affordable price, the unit received serious technical equipment. It integrates 15 programs at once for different types of washing, including steam.

The special design of the drum, the hatch diameter of 35 cm and the presence of a built-in steam generator make it possible to qualitatively clean products of optimal sizes made of wool, silk, denim or delicate fabrics. At the same time, the function of vaporization also performs a hygienic role. After all, when harmful microparticles are destroyed, an unpleasant odor is eliminated. When using a program that provides for the treatment of things with water, you can select the optimal temperature and additionally control the level of foam. The control option from a smartphone, A ++ energy efficiency, a customizable timer, the owners of the equipment in the reviews indicate as characteristics that affect the choice of model.

Haier HW70-BP12758

Washing machine Haier HW70-BP12758

For this price category, the washing machine is characterized by balanced technical capabilities. First of all, the future owners of the model make a choice, taking into account the presence of 16 washing programs for any type and color of things. Through the front loading hatch with a diameter of 32 cm, children’s and adult clothes (underwear, tracksuits, jeans, down jackets) can be placed in the drum without fear that they will be damaged during the washing process.

Of particular value are programs for the care of mixed and delicate fabrics. The steam supply function is also in demand, since a soft effect on the structure of the material prolongs its service life and helps to maintain its original appearance. Products treated in this way do not shed, do not shrink, do not require intensive ironing. The advantages of the device are the A+++ energy class, the self-cleaning option, and full protection against leaks. Among the shortcomings is a plastic tank, short-lived heating elements.

The best washing machines of the medium and premium segment


Washing machine LG FH-6G1BCH2N

Externally, the equipment is no different from the manufacturer’s branded line of washing machines. A free-standing case measuring 60x64x85 cm, a standard opening round door requires a certain amount of space in the room for installation. The model is the leader in capacity, since it is possible to load up to 12 kg of laundry. At the same time, the quality of work does not deteriorate, since intelligent touch control is provided, including using a smartphone.

Connection to hot water and existence of function of steam formation allows to cope even with the most difficult pollution. Thanks to 12 programmes, temperature settings and spin selection (up to 1600 rpm), you can quickly tidy up things from different materials. Steam is supplied both in a delicate mode for refreshing products, and in an enhanced mode, aimed at destroying allergens. Drying options, a timer, additionally in the reviews, the owners of the device are called as undeniable advantages.

Electrolux EWT 1567 VIW

Washing machine Electrolux EWT 1567 VIW

With a width of only 40 cm and the absence of a door that opens on itself, there is a clear saving in the area of ​​\u200b\u200ba small room. There are no protruding or fragile elements on the front molded wall of the case. Therefore, the model is great if there are small children in the house.

Its technical potential is optimally balanced. When loading up to 6 kg, the water consumption is only 39 liters. Electricity is also significantly saved due to the A+++ class. All control is carried out by touch type, the settings are displayed on a digital display. Against the background of such technology, the unit highlights the presence of starching, stain control and steam supply modes among 14 programs. In the latter case, without any chemical powders, you can clean down items or quickly refresh your favorite piece of clothing. It does not leave any traces or streaks from the detergent.

Samsung WW90M64LOPA

Washing machine Samsung WW90M64LOPA

The unit is recognized as one of the most spacious, productive and energy efficient. Up to 9 kg of laundry can be placed in the drum, and a rather rare reload function allows you to optimize the washing process, spending less time. The sensor system of child protection and imbalance control makes the operation of the machine completely safe, and belonging to the A +++ class is also economical.

The manufacturer equipped the device with 14 programs, including soaking and pre-washing. The steam supply option is also useful, which helps to preserve the original appearance of things for many years. Especially this type of clothing care is useful when you need to put it in order in a short time or in the autumn-winter period. Delicate fabrics after such processing do not require additional attention. The pluses of the model include touch control, which has a Smart Check function, and an innovative ceramic heating element. Cons — water consumption 54 liters, noise during washing 51 dB, case weight 77 kg.

Vestfrost VFWD 1461W

Washing machine Vestfrost VFWD 1461W

The free-standing device is not among the most compact, requiring enough space for installation for its dimensions of 60x58x85 cm. However, its functionality fully justifies expectations. The pearl drum is not prone to breakage, deformation under frequent loads. Imbalance control allows you to evenly place the optimal number of things inside, rinse them with high quality, regardless of the selected program and temperature. 5-level drying is one of the main advantages of the washing machine, as is the ability to adjust the spin speed.

In total, the manufacturer has provided 15 working washing programs, including steam cleaning. At the end of their action, you get products freed from dust and allergens, filled with fresh air. If necessary, a timer with a start delay of up to 24 hours is set before washing. The disadvantages of equipment designed for a load of 9 kg are increased noise, energy class A, weight 80 kg.

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