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The cause of deformation and damage to shoes can be both natural “wear and tear” and adverse weather conditions (snow, rain, temperature changes). Often, it is the sole that suffers. It peels off, as a result of which the tightness is lost. However, before running to the store for a new pair, you can try to fix the defect yourself at home. Special glue comes to the rescue.

Professionals say that adhesives are currently the best way to provide reliable and strong adhesion. Which glue for shoes is the best, it is definitely difficult to say. It depends on the type of product and the specific task. Experts recommend resorting to the help of products of only well-known brands. We list what advantages adhesives should have:

  • reliability and durability;
  • water resistance;
  • frost resistance;
  • the thickness of the bonding elements should not greatly affect the adhesion strength;
  • lack of rigidity;
  • preservation of the integrity of the bonding materials;
  • seam elasticity.

TOP of the best adhesives for shoes

UHU Schuh & Leder

UHU Schuh & Leder shoe glue

German quality is evident in the details here. Packaging in the form of a metallized tube contains 30 ml of a thick texture. The protective blister will ensure the integrity of the container. In this case, the company’s black logo blended seamlessly into the blue and yellow color concept.

Adhesive joint based on polychloroprene rubbers is resistant to temperature extremes, high humidity, and various chemicals.

When working with the composition, the manufacturer’s recommendations should be carefully observed. So, it is worth applying a transparent texture in a multilayer way, waiting for each to dry for about 15 minutes. After that, you need to forcefully press the processing sites to each other. The more intense the impact force, the more pleased the result.

Polyurethane Seam Grip

Polyurethane Seam Grip shoe glue

An all-purpose adhesive that is mainly used for bonding leather, rubber, fiberglass, and is also suitable for shoe repair. After application, the product dries quickly enough and becomes elastic, which allows it not to crack or crack. For even application, it is recommended to use a brush. Usually you should leave the product to dry for a period of 12 hours. Then it will firmly glue the necessary parts.

This tool has earned a lot of positive comments in the reviews. This is due to the fact that it performs its function qualitatively and is easy to apply. Seam Grip will allow you to seal the damaged worn out sole and return the boots to a presentable appearance. The glue is waterproof, after drying, you can safely walk in the rain and not be afraid of the appearance of a new damage. Shoe repairers actively recommend Seam Grip for purchase. The only thing that can scare away is the high price.

Kalina M Kleyberg

Kalina M Kleyberg shoe glue

The composition based on polychloroprene perfectly repairs not only leather products, but also metal, felt, rubber, fabrics, as well as wood. It should be noted that it is produced in Russia in compliance with German quality standards. Metallized tube holds 30 ml of glue. The design is represented by a combination of brown, red and charcoal colors. Brand recognition is given by the company’s black logo on a white background.

The formula is based on the adhesive properties of polychloroprene rubbers. The adhesive seam will retain its integrity at temperatures of ‒40 to +90 degrees. The composition is not afraid of the influence of oil, moisture, gasoline and acid. At the same time, the viscosity appears 5 minutes after application, and the final effect will be achieved after 24 hours. You can work both «cold» and «hot» method.

Nairit 1 (88-P1)

Nairit 1 (88-P1) shoe glue

Nairit can be used in various household areas. Adhesion strength depends on the technology of work and the specifics of the material.

In the course of work, Nairit forms a waterproof, elastic seam of high strength. If you need to process a large area, Nairit glue is an indispensable assistant, since the layer applied by it remains sticky for a long time. The substance is safe to use. It does not contain any narcotic solvents such as toluene. Glue can handle most materials in any combination. It can be leather, rubber, fabric, wood and much more. Gluing methods — hot and cold. With the first option, the product can be used after 4 hours, with the second — in a day.

Droplet Henkel

Droplet Henkel shoe glue

In this case, a mixture based on polychloroprene rubbers, resins, acetone and stabilizing additives is responsible for the perfect connection of rubber, leather, fabric, felt, cork and their various combinations. Thick texture has an amber tint.

The advantages of products include a quick «battle». To do this, you need to press the surfaces together for only a few seconds. However, the full result will be achieved only after 24 hours.

If the surfaces are degreased and cleaned well, the Henkel adhesive will ensure a secure fixation of the joints. Buyers were pleasantly surprised by the lasting result. Repaired shoes can be worn not only indoors, but also in harsh climatic conditions.


DoneDeal shoe glue

Adhesive that is suitable for almost all materials. With it, you can stick air mattresses, boats, camping equipment, shoes, sports equipment and more. It connects things of heterogeneous origin — rubber with metal, plastic with wood, glass with leather. The tool perfectly tolerates temperature differences and holds securely at low and high rates — from -45 to +105 degrees. The sealant is the best way to glue the sole or upper part of the boots. A strong connection will allow you to wear shoes for more than one season.

Apply adhesive to both surfaces. Then he will quickly and reliably «grab». A prerequisite is a thin layer. Within 24 hours, the consistency completely hardens and dries. Heating the glue to a temperature of 70-80 degrees will help speed up the process. Customer reviews are mostly positive. They note a convenient tube and easy use. In the disadvantages column, you can find comments about a pungent odor.

Moment Marathon

Moment Marathon shoe glue

The detailed composition is printed on the packaging. So, the list of ingredients includes polychloroprene rubbers, as well as hydrocarbons (naphthenic and aliphatic). For high-quality processing, you will need to clean and degrease the application area. After lubricating the edges, wait 15 minutes and press the surfaces firmly. The effect can be achieved almost immediately, however, repaired shoes can be used only after a day.

Glue is good for connecting different materials, whether it be plastic, rubber, leather, cork, or felt — this opinion can be reached by reading customer reviews on various resources. Many noted the excellent filling of cracks.


Second shoe glue

Instantly «grabs» the desired parts of the surface. The glue won’t stain and dries quickly. Shoe repair masters actively recommend Secunda for use. After application, shoes can be worn in various conditions without fear of new damage. The product is resistant to alkali, grease and moisture. It consists of polyurethane, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone and various additives. It has a gel consistency and a transparent color.

The tube is small and convenient, users note easy use and fast action. In addition, the ridiculous price suits all buyers. A second will firmly seal the sole for a long time. The effectiveness and versatility of the adhesive pleases customers. After complete solidification, the product has no odor or color. It can also be used in various everyday tasks: to glue interior elements or to bring creative ideas to life. Despite all the above advantages, Secunda has negative sides — uneconomical use and a characteristic smell.

Anles nairite

Anles nairite shoe glue

This is a one-component composition made on the basis of chloroprene rubbers. Phenol-formaldehyde resin and solvents act as auxiliary ingredients.

The glue joint will have strength in a wide temperature range — from -40 to +70 degrees. A nice addition is elasticity and water resistance. It is possible to reduce the setting time of the composition by heating the surfaces to be glued to 80 degrees. Thus, complete curing will occur after a couple of hours. However, for porous surfaces, the manufacturer recommends multilayer application.

Buyers give high marks to Anles products. On various resources, such an adhesive is praised for its ability to reduce exposure time, a convenient “nose” and a thick texture.


eva glue for shoes

Glue for shoes «Eva» fully justifies the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. Therefore, it deserves a place in our ranking. Consumers can not find a single flaw. Glue «tightly» seals and corner, side cuts and breaks in the fold. It stays on shoes for a very long time, keeping the damaged area from repeated damage.

«Eva» is waterproof. Doesn’t run in the sun. Even oblique cuts stick with a bang. Moreover, the place of the cut after processing with glue is almost not noticeable. Buyers recommend «Eva» as the best adhesive that does its job perfectly, is economical and inexpensive. The shelf life is 2 years.

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