Overview of the best varieties of hybrid tea roses


By crossing remontant and tea roses, hybrid tea varieties were obtained. They are widely used in ornamental plantings and greenhouses in order to obtain cut flowers for floristry. Hybrid tea roses are famous for their high flower quality and long flowering.

There are general rules for caring for flowers. For example, experts recommend avoiding strong winds and drafts. Also, do not grow them in dry soil, it must be constantly moistened. For the winter, it is best to cover the bushes to avoid damage. Given even the simplest conditions, roses will respond with lush colored heads and a pleasant aroma.

Top best varieties of hybrid tea roses

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta hybrid tea rose

This is a truly beautiful flower of perfectly pure color. A sharp dense bud, gradually opening up, turns into a small cup. Revealing even more, the petals reveal red-orange stamens, giving the flower some coquetry. With incomplete disclosure, the head seems pale beige, cream, but quickly becomes snow-white with a silvery sheen.

All characteristics, such as frost resistance, immunity to diseases, growing conditions, durability and others, make it an ideal option not only for decorating a garden, but also for a bouquet. The inflorescences are large, can reach up to 12 cm in diameter, are held on a gray-green straight stalk with a small number of thorns. This variety will be an excellent option for decorating wedding bouquets. In addition, it just blooms profusely at the height of the wedding season — from the end of the first summer month until late autumn.

Alex Red

Alex Red hybrid tea rose

This rose will fit perfectly into the design of a flower garden, decorated in both light and dark colors. Large (14-16 cm in diameter) terry buds of rich cherry-red color and with a large number of petals (from 30 to 40) are most often located singly on a powerful bush. Therefore rose varieties Alex Red often grown for cutting.

Also of the advantages of this spectacular rose, it is worth noting the long and repeated flowering, resistance to diseases (in particular, to powdery mildew), rain and burnout in bright sun.


blush hybrid tea rose

This variety of roses captivates with its unusual color palette. The petals are painted in a delicate cream color, which turns into a very rich scarlet edge. «Red» (translated from English) really resembles the cheeks of a beauty in the cold. The buds open slowly enough, which allows you to enjoy the beauty of flowers that retain their freshness for a long time.

Large velvet flowers have a subtle, subtle aroma. You can admire this variety from May until the very frosts. Flowering is plentiful, constant. It is not very capricious in care, but it is not recommended to grow in a place where a strong wind is walking. When planting, it is necessary to install a small fence for the first time to give the flowers time to take root.

American Pride

American Pride hybrid tea rose

These spectacular red-burgundy, velvety, double flowers (up to 15 cm in diameter) in the shape of a glass can be located on the stem one by one or 5-7 buds. The rose bush is thick and upright. Strong stems are strewn with leathery large leaves of dark green color.

When growing hybrid tea rose varieties American Pride It should be noted that this plant is picky about watering. If the soil is not moist enough, there are fewer buds on the bush, and they become smaller.

Rose Gaujar

Rose Gaujar hybrid tea rose

Considered a classic, this rose has deep crimson or rose-cherry flowers that form one on each stem. Also, the color may depend on climatic conditions and the method of care. From the wrong side, the petals are almost snow-white, even silvery. This striking contrast will win the heart of any gardener.

A little less than a hundred petals create a large fluffy hat exuding a light aroma. The foliage is dark green in color with a slight gloss, resistant to bad weather and various diseases. The variety is perfect for those who are just starting to breed such an alluring type of flowers as roses. It is noted that the most beautiful and lush buds appear in autumn, when the plant blooms again.

Golden Masterpeace

Golden Masterpeace hybrid tea rose

This «golden masterpiece» will appeal to lovers of yellow flowers. Very large (10 to 19 cm in diameter) and slightly elongated golden yellow buds of this hybrid tea rose exude a very pleasant aroma and do not fade in the sun. In addition to incredibly beautiful flowers, a powerful bush is decorated with shiny green leaves. But in order for the buds to remain bright, the plant must be planted in a sunny area.

The variety is resistant to diseases, especially powdery mildew.

Red Berlin

Red Berlin hybrid tea rose

Roses of bewitching rich red color grow 1-3 flowers on each stem. At the first flowering, only one flower can be seen, with subsequent flowering, two or three inflorescences will appear, this is a feature of the Danish variety. Cone-shaped buds, slowly opening, show all the beauty and elegance of double petals.

The plant will endure frost, but may not cope with heavy rain, so it is worth considering its additional protection. A medium-sized bush will easily decorate any area in the summer with its bright color, but definitely will not be able to please with aroma. Pleasant subtle fruity notes are not for everyone to catch.

Double Delight

Double Delight hybrid tea rose

This is one of the most famous modern hybrid tea roses. The plant quickly gained popularity due to the contrasting color of large flowers (up to 15 cm in diameter): the petals are pink-raspberry on the outside, and creamy white on the inside. The buds are located on a tall upright bush and exude a strong aroma throughout the summer.

Rose Double Delight requires sheltered from the wind and well-lit places, because in the shaded corners of the garden, its petals may lose their crimson hue. Disease resistance is average: the rose is susceptible to powdery mildew.


Santana hybrid tea rose

Intense red, blood red, orange red — this is how you can characterize this variety of hybrid tea roses. The classic shape of the flower «glass» will delight the eye more than once, because Santana is a type of re-blooming plant. Quite large (8-10 cm), bright, semi-double heads are held on a hard erect stem of dark green color. Glossy foliage creates a beautiful contrast.

Usually, at least three buds are formed on one stem, located along the entire length of the bush. They are amazing at any stage of flowering. Santana is not afraid of rain, and will bloom until the first hard frost. The only slight drawback of this variety is a weak aroma, but the amazing shape and color easily compensate for this.


Berolina hybrid tea rose

Golden yellow almost amber rose is the best option for growing in the Russian climate of the middle zone. It withstands fickle weather conditions well, but in winter it is recommended to cover it. You should protect the flower from through wind and heavy rain, which can damage it. It will take a lot of light if you want the bush to show itself in all its glory, because with the right place and method of care, the size can reach 2.5 meters.

In order for the plant to please in non-stop mode, faded inflorescences must be carefully cut with secateurs. The sweet aroma with subtle fruity notes will fill everything from a distance of several meters, making this variety most often grown for bouquets. These flowers will be a great addition to any holiday.

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