Overview of the best Miele washing machines


A washing machine is an indispensable attribute of modern life. It is important to choose the right washer so that it is reliable and functional. That’s what Miele washing machines are. Modern models from Miele have their own pronounced features that distinguish them from other brands. For example, a special drum design. It is created on the basis of the honeycomb principle to improve the quality of washing and a more gentle effect on delicate fabrics.

The range of Miele models is very wide, so each user will be able to choose the best option in accordance with their needs.

Top best Miele washing machines

Miele W 667

Miele W 667 washing machine

According to user reviews, it is the most convenient and reliable. The maximum load is 6 kg. If you forgot to put something in the drum before washing, you can add it already during the washing process. Electronic control, the panel with washing modes is located at a convenient angle. The dimensions are compact (46x60x90 cm) — the machine fits perfectly into small bathrooms.

Other characteristics and a set of options also compare favorably with most cheaper models. For example, the tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, there is an option for automatic positioning of the drum. Its honeycomb design ensures gentle and high-quality washing. The washing machine operates quietly, does not vibrate, does not “jump” around the room during the spin cycle, although the maximum speed is 1,200 rpm. The manufacturer provides 10 programs, you can set and change additional parameters. The only drawback, according to users, is a lot of weight (94 kg), but on the other hand, heaviness gives the machine stability.

Miele WDB020W1

Miele WDB020W1 washing machine

The machine has 12 programs for washing, rinsing and spinning in different modes, you can choose a reduced and enhanced version. Perfectly copes with pollution of outerwear and sportswear, jeans, dark clothes. Gently washes silk products, spares wrinkled fabrics, shirts. According to the criteria of energy saving, the machine has been assigned the class A+++. Spinning is done at 1400 rpm.

The impressive number of pluses fades somewhat due to poor protection against leaks, which only the body must cope with, and the lack of protection from children.

Miele WDD 030 WPS

Miele WDD 030 WPS washing machine

Frontal washing machine with an enlarged drum for loading 8 kg of laundry. Intelligent touch control, well thought out security system. The machine can be blocked from children (unlocking is done by entering a pin code), it automatically controls the level of foam formation, the balance of the drum during the spin cycle, and is protected from leaks. The maximum speed is 1400 rpm, and this is a lot even by modern standards. At your discretion, you can choose any of the 12 modes. Among them there are special programs — starching, super rinsing, washing in an increased amount of water.

As in most Miele models, the drum has a honeycomb design for gentle and high-quality washing. The tank is made of solid stainless steel, it is not subject to corrosion at all. Users like the cost-effectiveness of an A++ class device. The efficiency of washing and spinning belongs to class A, which is an excellent indicator.

Miele WMR561WPS

Miele WMR561WPS washing machine

The machine of this series easily «takes on board» 9 kg of dry things. The machine offers potential owners a wide range of 24 programs. The tank of this model is made of plastic, which has a positive effect on the cost, but may also affect the operational life. Designed for large families, the model is endowed with a lot of useful features. Washes and rinses in different modes, removes stubborn stains, and also starches laundry if necessary.

Unique advantage — function EcoFeedback, which provides the ability to monitor the consumption of water and energy during work operations. There are systems of protection against leaks and from children. In the model range of washers with the Miele logo, only this unit does not please with the highest rating for energy savings. She was assigned only class A, which can be regarded as a disadvantage. Presses the machine at 1600 rpm. Drying is not provided.

Miele WTF 130 WPM

Miele WTF 130 WPM washing machine

A successful model with horizontal loading and timed drying of laundry using cold or warm blowing. In the wash, you can simultaneously load up to 7 kg of dry laundry, dry — up to 4 kg. Judging by the feedback from users and experts, this model is of impeccable workmanship — a stainless steel tank, cast-iron counterweights, a very reliable door, and an enamelled body surface. The interface is very convenient — touch control, backlit text display. Of the safety features, body protection against leaks, control of the intensity of foam formation, child protection, automatic control of drum balancing are provided. An interesting feature of the model is the internal illumination of the drum.

For high-quality washing of any clothes from a wide variety of fabrics, the manufacturer provides many programs and control options. The maximum speed is 1600 rpm, the spin intensity can be changed at your discretion. As in most models of this brand, a honeycomb drum is used. Of the special programs, there is direct injection, stain removal, and wrinkle prevention. Of the shortcomings, users in the reviews indicate only a large weight (97 kg), but it is due to the high quality of the materials used — cast iron, stainless steel.

Miele WTH 120 WPM

Miele WTH 120 WPM washing machine

One of the best washing machines from a German manufacturer. The model has 17 drying programs based on the principle of residual moisture. At the same time, you can wash up to 7 kg of laundry, dry up to 4 kg. In addition, users in the reviews mention the steam supply function, which helps to remove even difficult stains from linen. Steam replaces pre-soaking and boiling, refreshing and sanitizing laundry.

Other characteristics also do not cause any complaints. The model is very functional and high quality. There are 12 basic washing programs, plus there are additional options — direct injection, stain removal program. The maximum speed reaches 1600 rpm, that is, even without drying, you remove slightly damp laundry from the machine. The honeycomb drum ensures gentle and high-quality washing, the PIN-code lock will not allow children to change the program while the machine is running or accidentally turn it on. Thanks to the illumination of the drum, you can observe the washing process. And full protection against water leaks will protect you from unpleasant surprises.

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