Overview of the best BEKO washing machines


The Turkish BEKO washing machine is one of the most popular in Russia. The secret of their success is excellent quality, reliability, economy at a low price. Of course, they cannot compete with some world-class companies, but they deserve the closest attention. The lineup includes mainly front-facing washing machines. So, if you are somewhat limited in funds, but would like to purchase really high-quality and convenient appliances, check out the review of the best Beko washing machines.

In the manufacture of devices using such innovative technologies:

  • Silent Tech. Products are equipped with a silent motor. They are also distinguished by a special structure of the walls, which helps to minimize noise;
  • AquaFusion is a resource-saving technology that saves water, electricity and detergents. The drain hole is hermetically sealed for the duration of the working cycle. Then the unit automatically drains the water;
  • BabyProtect+ — intensive wash with thorough rinsing, which provides a hypoallergenic effect;
  • Aquawave — gentle removal of dirt without damaging the linen.

Top best Beko washing machines

BEKO WMI 71241

BEKO WMI 71241

Built-in washing machines are usually very expensive, but if you try, you can find an inexpensive, but at the same time high-quality and functional model. The washing machine is very capacious (7 kg), equipped with leak protection, which is especially important for built-in appliances. It is well characterized by 16 washing programs, the option of delayed start, preventing creasing. The drying function is not provided in this BEKO model, but the maximum spin speed is not bad — 1200 rpm.

The best way to evaluate the implementation of all the declared options and technical characteristics is to read reviews. In the case of this model of the Beko washing machine, everything is fine with them. Users actively share their opinions — excellent workmanship and washing, many useful programs, relatively quiet operation, large load, ease of operation, adequate cost.



Modern machine with a depth of 450 mm. The drum is designed for 7 kg of dry laundry. The unit is equipped with 15 programs and a nickel plated heater. Long life ProSmart inverter motor for quiet machine operation. The S-shaped structure of the walls also contributes to noise reduction. Machine vibration during spinning is minimized by electronic unbalance control. The delayed start function (up to 19 hours), as well as the water level control system, allows you to use the machine at night. This is true for owners of a two-tariff electricity consumption meter. Special programs: washing denim, delicate fabrics, sportswear, soak, pre-wash, quick wash.


Beko MVSE 79512 XAWI

Stylish model with anti-scale heater and inverter motor. Loading type — frontal. Water and imbalance control systems are automated. SteamCure steam technology helps remove stains better. The machine has 15 modes for different types of fabrics, including delicate ones. There is a special program for washing sportswear and down jackets. Electronic control greatly simplifies the work with the unit. The digital display shows all the necessary information about the operation of the machine. The average water consumption per wash is 52 liters. Energy consumption corresponds to class A ++. The device is protected from water leaks, there is a blocking from accidental inclusion by children.



It’s nice when the equipment is not only functional, but also economical. The inexpensive Beko model meets all the requirements of customers — it consumes a minimum of electricity (class A +++), a small amount of water. The savings are especially noticeable when using a quick wash. In addition, it is distinguished by a capacious drum for 6 kg of laundry, a delay start function, and special programs for washing bed linen and shirts. Only the maximum speed during the spin cycle is let down a little — up to 800 rpm.

It cannot be said that there are a lot of reviews about the model and all of them are extremely positive, but in terms of saleability it is not in last place, if only because of the affordable cost. When operating with an inexpensive Beko washing machine, there are no particular problems — it has a two-year warranty, the laundry is washed perfectly, it does not work too loudly. Dissatisfaction is caused by insufficiently high spin speeds, noisy set and draining of water.



The design of this washing machine will delight connoisseurs of everything non-standard and catchy. Finished in subdued, matte black, it blends in perfectly with contemporary interiors. But the model stands out not only for its unusual appearance, but also for its excellent characteristics. Buyers will find 15 different programs, steam, stain removal, anti-allergy options. Additional advantages are a capacious drum of 7 kg, full protection against leaks and a quiet operation of 56 / 70 dB for washing and spinning, respectively.

The unusual design of the model appears in the reviews as the main reason for purchasing this washing machine. But users also note other advantages — good washing quality, steam treatment of laundry, a convenient and informative display. The disadvantages include the tight opening of the door and the incomplete washing of the powder from the tray.

BEKO WDW 85120 B3

Beko WDW 85120 B3

Freestanding front-loading machine with a plastic tank for 8 kg of laundry. Touch control, intelligent. There is a drying mode (single load 5 kg). The digital display shows all information about the operation of the device. Inverter motor. Classes:

  • energy consumption — B;
  • washing / spinning efficiency — A / B.

Partial leakage protection. The model is protected from accidental inclusion. There are 2 types of control: imbalance and foaming. The device has 16 modes, including: washing children’s things, delicate fabrics, fast, preliminary. When washing and spinning clothes, the noise figure is 57 and 74 dB, respectively. TEN Hi-Tech is protected from scale.


Beko WRE 6512 BWW

A narrow washing machine in a snow-white case, designed to clean up to 6 kg of laundry from dirt per load. Thus, up to 2 complete sets of bed linen or a voluminous blanket can be washed at a time. An electronic unit is provided for control. Information about the operation of the device is shown on the display. The functionality of the machine includes 15 varieties of washing, including denim, children’s clothing, linen, silk. There is a function to delay the start of the unit for 19 hours. The device is completely safe to use. It is protected from accidental start-up and water leaks, there is foam control. The value of energy consumption per 1 kg of laundry is 110 W, which corresponds to the energy efficiency class A +++. On average, the machine consumes 45 liters per 1 working cycle.

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