Top Best Inexpensive Garden Shredders


In order to maintain order in your summer cottage on your own, you need a branch chopper. The unit will grind roots, stems of flowers, vines, knots and trunks of shrubs, which will serve as a subsequent good fertilizer. Professional models are used to process a large volume of branches in places where a lot of trees have been cut down. They reduce the size of waste, which makes it easier to clean and transport waste.

When choosing, you should pay attention to a number of important aspects:

  • Ease of management and loading.
  • Engine’s type.
  • Power.
  • The number of revolutions per minute.
  • The quality of the cutting element.
  • The presence of a compartment for recycled waste.
  • Hull strength.
  • Additional options.

Review of the best inexpensive garden shredders

Stiga Bio Master 2200

Stiga Bio Master 2200 garden shredder

An elegant device in a plastic case is represented by orange inserts on a black background. Bright blotches guarantee excellent visibility. Ease of disassembly and assembly is a significant advantage. At the same time, the equipment weighs about 11.3 kg. It easily «glides» over the terrain, thanks to high-quality wheels.

The inventory is designed for chopping branches up to 4 cm in diameter. The productivity of the device is 60 kg per hour. The speed of rotation of circular knives with a pair of reversible blades reaches 3650 rpm, and the power is 2200 watts. Loading of raw materials is greatly facilitated by the pusher.

The waste material receiver is designed for a volume of up to 50 liters. The resulting mulch can serve as an excellent fertilizer for plants. The interviewees claim that STIGA equipment grinds knots and branches into dust in a matter of minutes! In addition, it is easy to clean and lasts a long time.


PATRIOT PT SE24 2.4 kW garden shredder

The high-performance PATRIOT PT SE24 2.4 kW electric shredder perfectly copes with branches and branches with a diameter of up to 40 mm, shredding them to a state of mulch. The powerful engine of this unit provides the blade rotation speed of 4500 rpm, which is optimal for high-quality and fast processing of garden waste. During operation, the motor does not emit harmful emissions and makes a minimum of noise. At the same time, special protection will protect it in case of a possible overload.

The PATRIOT PT SE24 2.4 kW garden shredder is manoeuvrable and easy to use. Large wheels and a wide frame provide the unit with better stability and movement. For the convenience of filling grass and small branches, the PATRIOT PT SE24 2.4 kW chopper has an impressive funnel and a special pusher. The biomass obtained in this way can be used for a variety of purposes: put into compost or used for winter shelter of plants, etc.

Champion SH251

Champion SH251 garden shredder

The compact assistant is made in black and yellow. Its weight is 10.3 kg, which, coupled with comfortable wheels, guarantees incredible mobility for plastic constructions. The pusher allows you to load the raw material into the funnel. For the convenience of collecting waste material, a bag is included in the kit.

The system is based on the grinding properties of a disc with fixed blades. The blades rotate at 4,200 rpm. They are able to grind branches up to 40 mm in diameter into mulch.

Manual start of the electric motor is provided. The power of the latter is 2500 watts. You don’t have to worry about overloading here, because if necessary, the machine will turn off on its own.

Buyers consider the unit to be very “quiet” (noise level — 95.5 dB). The respondents were also satisfied with the build quality and speed of work. Perhaps, the German development can rightfully be considered one of the most reliable in the segment.


ELITECH IVS 2400 garden shredder

To restore and maintain order in the garden, the ELITECH IVS 2400 2.4 kW electric shredder will be the best assistant. It is able to process wood waste up to 40 mm in diameter and will also easily cope with any grass and leaves. The mulch obtained in this way finds many uses in the garden. The powerful engine of this shredder is equipped with reliable protection, which significantly increases its operational life. With a power consumption of 2400 W, this model demonstrates the best rotation speed of the cutting elements.

Shredding of garden waste in ELITECH IVS 2400 is carried out using durable steel knives, which can be easily replaced if necessary. Loading grass and branches into the chopper is very easy thanks to the wide funnel, and at the same time it is safe, because if the lid is open, the switch-on lock will work. Transportation of this garden unit is also easy due to its light weight and convenient wheels.

Huter ESH-2500

Huter ESH-2500 garden shredder

The product of yellow and black tones looks stylish. With a solid capacity, the mobile design weighs only 11.6 kg. The pusher will evenly distribute the material. Branches up to 40 mm thick can be loaded here. Waste is collected in a special bag.

The ESH-2500 model boasts optimal power (2500 W) and high blade speed (4600 rpm). Two blades create phenomenal productivity — 150 kg per hour. The output is a uniform mulch suitable for fertilizing the soil, or as a decorative embankment.

In case of overheating, the automatic protection system will work. This will extend the life of the electric motor. Users agree that the technique works flawlessly for many years. However, the respondents do not advise using such a device for thick branches.

Einhell GH-KS 2440

Einhell GH-KS 2440 garden shredder

Many potential buyers are put off by the standard garden shredder due to its size and weight. It needs to be stored somewhere and is hard to handle, even with wheels. If you also do not want to clutter up your farm with another huge unit, pay attention to this model. The smallest and lightest shredder that even a child can easily handle. Its weight is only 11 kilograms, and in size it is only slightly larger than a conventional grass trimmer. For him, you do not have to look for a place in the back room or at home.

As for productivity, here 80 kilograms per hour, and the maximum thickness of processed branches is 40 millimeters. This is not to say that these are top-end characteristics, but they are quite adequate for domestic needs. At 40 thousand revolutions per minute, and thanks to 8 teeth on the knives, the tool turns any garden waste into mulch. True, in the reviews you can find a mention that he skips some small branches.

Bison ZIE-40-2500, 2500 W

Bison ZIE-40-2500, 2500 W garden shredder

Model ZIE-40-2500, 2500 W is produced in an original design with a large loading compartment, massive wheels and a convenient pusher. The frame-transformer allows you to organize compact storage. The plastic-based construction weighs 14 kg.

Such an aggregate can turn branches, branches and the remains of roots into small chips. The homogeneous mass is suitable for use as a fertilizer. Thus, it is possible to combine putting things in order with the benefits for seedlings.

Speaking about the technical features, let’s pay attention to the engine power — 2500 W, the rotational speed of the cutting elements — 4050 rpm and the volume of the grass catcher — 50 liters. At the same time, the knives here are made of hardened steel, so buyers can count on their long-term sharpness and durability. An important feature is the belt drive. It will protect the engine from damage.

DDE SH2540

DDE SH2540 garden shredder

The cheapest electric garden shredder with a capacity of 95 kilograms per hour. But he does not have the first place, and this is explained by the fact that the tool has a number of shortcomings, which are written about in reviews by real users. The chopper can grind branches up to 40 millimeters thick and it copes with them perfectly. But when working with a small fraction, he simply passes it through himself. If this question does not really bother you, then here it is a real way to save on your purchase.

It is also desirable that grass does not get inside. A large amount of it is wound around knives and can even stop them. If you do not notice the stop in time, it can lead to combustion of the engine. There is no protection against overheating and other emergencies, so carefully monitor the work and do not leave the chopper alone.

Carver SH 2400E

Carver SH 2400E garden shredder

The device is supplied in a black-orange plastic case. The chopping system here is based on cutting knives. The rotation speed is 4500 rpm, and the power is 2400 watts. The electric starter will start the engine. Wheels provide optimal movement. The weight of the product is 12 kg.

Among the useful implementations, the model has protection against accidental activation and overloads, as well as a reverse option. The much-needed pusher and trash bag are included as standard.

Consumers note the stable operation of the machine, even at low mains voltage. Ease of operation is an undeniable advantage. And yet, some had complaints about the quality of the knives.

ECS-2500, 2500

ECS-2500, 2500 garden shredder

An electric shredder will help to dispose of knots, leaves, pieces of trees and other vegetation. The turbine-type device is designed for branches with a diameter of up to 45 mm.

The black background of the car is complemented by orange accents. The weight of the structure is 11.6 kg. The bag acts as a garbage collector. The massive frame, handle and wheels are valuable additions, because they greatly facilitate the operation of the model. Garden equipment is supplemented with a fuse, which eliminates overheating of the motor. A special switch prevents the device from being activated when the lid is raised. This guarantees the safety of the user.

Customers especially praise the cutting blades. The latter are made of durable steel with a hardness of 56 HRC. This causes long-term operation without sharpening. Note that spare blades are included. Power is at a decent level — 2500 W, exactly like the number of revolutions per minute (4,100).

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