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A snow blower is an indispensable thing, especially for regions where snowdrifts are invariable companions of life. It can be very difficult to remove snow without the help of equipment, and it is even more difficult to choose a decent model that will be not only convenient, but also reliable.

A cordless snow blower makes life easier and saves time for the owner. It weighs little and does not take up much space. Its environmental friendliness is beyond doubt. He does not need gasoline and oil, and the wires are not tangled underfoot. Runs quietly and requires no maintenance. Storage and transportation will not cause trouble, given the compact size and low weight of the device.

Rating of the best battery snow blowers

Greenworks GD40 with 4 Ah battery

Greenworks GD40 with 4 Ah battery snow blower

The device is designed to remove snow from the local area, paths, open verandas and other places where it is difficult to clean with a gasoline or electric snow blower.

The model is equipped with a reliable DigiPro induction motor. In terms of power, it corresponds to gasoline counterparts, but at the same time it has a low level of vibration and noise, and is absolutely safe for the environment.

For the manufacture of the auger, a special soft plastic of increased strength is used. It effectively removes snow, but does not scratch decorative coatings. The auger is made in such a way that in one pass it can capture a strip of snow 51 cm wide and 25 cm high. The collected snow is ground and thrown up to a distance of 6 meters, and the user can independently adjust the direction and angle of ejection.

A high-quality battery provides 40 minutes of battery life, but this figure may vary slightly, depending on the height of the snow cover and its density.

AL-KO ST 4048 (without battery and charger)

AL-KO ST 4048 (without battery and charger) snow blower

A reliable device and an excellent assistant that can seriously facilitate the cleaning of small areas. Equipped with brushless motor. Capturing a strip 480 mm wide, the machine throws snow at a distance of up to 6 meters. The maximum layer of the snow layer that the machine can handle is 20 cm. The adjustable position of the ejection pipe will help direct it in the right direction within a radius of 180 degrees. The presence of a powerful LED spotlight allows you to use the device in the dark. The device weighs only 13.5 kg (without battery).

The battery produces a voltage of 40 V. The battery itself and the charger for it are not included in the delivery package and are purchased separately. Lithium-ion batteries are available in 4 Ah and 5 Ah capacities. Depending on the battery capacity, the charging time will be 90 or 120 minutes. A fully charged battery is enough to clean an area of ​​200 sq.m. The average cost of the model will be 13990 rubles. Products equipped with a battery and charger will cost almost 7,000 rubles more.

Daewoo Power Products DAST

Daewoo Power Products DAST snow blower

The tool throws masses as much as 10 meters, and this is the highest figure. All control comes from the handle. You can turn the chute and adjust the distance without interrupting the cleaning process. Stainless augers are used as a raking element, and the height of the fence is 40 centimeters. Very high performance, but the unit is not in first place in our rating.

It’s all about user reviews, of which there are a lot on the network. People complain about the build quality and the materials the tool is made of. This is strange, given the reputation of the brand, but as it turns out, the model is very fragile and requires the most careful treatment. But the price will please, one of the lowest for similar models. Apparently, the manufacturer decided to save money by creating a powerful tool, but without taking into account the significant load that battery snow blowers experience.

GreenWorks GD 60ST

GreenWorks GD 60 ST snow blower

Brushless machine with durable and flexible plastic auger. Works quietly, maneuvers easily. In small areas, it perfectly replaces gasoline and electric models of snow blowers. Equipped with a bucket, 510 mm wide, a lithium-ion battery providing a voltage of 60 V. Throwing distance — 6 meters. The direction of the snow throw is adjusted by turning the nozzle manually.

The battery is designed for 2000 discharge and charge cycles. The charger is not included in the package and must be purchased separately. The decorative covering of garden paths does not scratch.

Greenworks G40SS30 2600807UB with 4 Ah battery

Greenworks G40SS30 2600807UB with 4 Ah battery snow blower

One of the most compact and functional snow blowers on the market. Despite its small size and light weight, the device successfully copes with snow removal from narrow garden paths and small yards.

Autonomous operation of the device is ensured by a reliable lithium-ion battery, the power of which is enough for 30-40 minutes of continuous operation (depending on the density of snow).

The snow ejection chute can be adjusted using mechanical switches located on the handle. The battery for the device is provided in the kit, as well as a detailed instruction manual.

Additionally, the device has a flashlight with three LEDs, which allows you to clean even in the dark.

Daewoo Dast 5040Li

Daewoo Dast 5040Li snow blower

Brushless device from the South Korean concern. Cleans a strip 460 mm wide. Copes with a snow layer of 270 mm. The ejection range is 10 meters. The direction of ejection is regulated by a branch pipe, the turning radius of which is 190 degrees. The mass of the device without battery is 19.5 kg. The battery provides a voltage of 40 V. Not included in the scope of delivery. The case is equipped with a LED searchlight for work in the dark.

Separately sold batteries Daewoo DABT 2540 Li and 4040 Li, working with lawn mowers, brush cutters and other equipment of the same manufacturer.

Sibrtech ESB-46LI

Sibtech ESB-46LI snow blower

One of the most important parameters when choosing a snow blower is the range of snow mass ejection, especially when it comes to battery models, which, by definition, are weaker than gasoline and mains. Before us is a tool with the best indicator in this regard. The range of its release is 7 meters, and this is the largest indicator on the market.

This tool is produced by a Russian company, so the price is lower than that of foreign brands, although the build quality and parts used are at their best. The only comparative disadvantage in this model is the width of the grip. Here she is only 46 centimeters. But, this is fully compensated by the height, which is 30 centimeters and this is a lot for such models. Also, the advantages include the ability to adjust the ejection chute from the handle. You don’t have to constantly stop to redirect the ejection. This can be done without stopping the cleaning process.

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