Top 10 Best Waterproof Smartphones


The smartphone market has grown significantly. Today, buyers can find an option for every taste and color. Waterproof phones could still be classified as high-end models yesterday, but today everything has changed significantly. Almost anyone who has an average income can buy this option. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best waterproof smartphones. Each of them has an IP68 degree of protection. Snow and rain are not terrible, the phone can even be immersed to a depth of 1 meter, but you definitely should not experiment.

ten Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

In its lineup, the model received the most powerful chip. The amount of RAM is 12 GB. The new camera includes 4 modules at once, while the video quality is 8K. Like the most advanced Samsung models, it includes a wireless charging function. But the most important thing is water protection (IP68).

9 iPhone 11 64GB

One of the most popular models from Apple is the iPhone 11. First of all, because so far the population in the CIS countries cannot afford to purchase the 11 Pro Max and 11 Pro models. The processor in the iPhone 11 is the same as the next generation, while the amount of RAM is 4 GB. IP68 protection makes everything just super popular compared to other models.

eight iPhone 11 Pro Max

At the time of writing this material, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the coolest smartphone from the current line from Apple. It has an unrealistic space price tag. Deserved or not? Hardly. In part, the iPhone 11 Pro Max resembles the Xc Max and even the Iphone 11. Specifications have not gone so far as to pay the current amount for the latest development. Regarding the waterproof function, the IP68 protection rating works.

7 HUAWEI P30 Pro

If you have ever paid attention to the photo quality from HUAWEI P30 Pro, you would definitely choose this device (if the photo function is a priority). Today, HUAWEI P30 Pro can be found on the market with a good discount, but even such a price tag sometimes excites people with average incomes. Several modules at once are responsible for the highest quality of the photo, while the main one has the smallest detail. The quality is top notch as well as the performance. Degree of protection against water — IP68.

6 Google Pixel 4 6/64GB

Today it is the flagship from Google. It not only has a waterproof function (IP68), but also shoots very cool. Whereas previous models had only one camera, today a second one has been added. The owners of Google explained that the number of modules is not the main thing. They focused on quality and did not lose. The smartphone is quite compact, but at the same time it has a good 5.7-inch screen.

5 Sony Xperia 1

Sony continues to pull its unique line through the consciously chosen style many years ago. The appearance of the Sony Xperia 1, like another model from the above manufacturer, has an elongated body in a ratio of 21 to 9. The option is unusual, but users praise it. Sony Xperia 1 approached the audience not only with a recognizable appearance, but also with good technical characteristics. An excellent camera and a powerful processor are the main 2 pluses.

four Samsung Galaxy S10

This is not to say that this is the flagship of Samsung. The model at one time made a good noise in the market. And most importantly for a simple average user — it continues to actively get cheaper. For some time, the Galaxy S10 will still be available for purchase, so you should take it without hesitation. This is not just a waterproof smartphone with IP68 protection, but also a very cool device for creating high-quality photos, playing heavy applications.

3 Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

The company managed to develop the smallest smartphone with a screen of 5 inches, which actually became the flagship of Sony and powerfully proved itself in the market. The water protection standard is IP65/68. Works on a powerful platform, includes 4 GB of RAM (built-in — 64 GB). Camera — 19 MP. The model deserves everyone’s attention.

2 Huawei Mate 20 Pro 6

Huawei hasn’t been very concerned with the issue of waterproofing for its products, so this model is the first of its kind. The smartphone has a triple module that provides high quality photos. A large amount of RAM and internal memory allows you to run the most popular applications with good dimensions. Owners of Huawei Mate 20 Pro 6 will not feel discomfort.

one iPhone Xs 64GB

If you do not disassemble the model in full detail, the iPhone Xs 64GB is the same iPhone X with the main feature — a golden case. True, the manufacturer slightly strengthened the glass, improved the quality of the rear camera. The only significant change is the presence of the Apple A12 Bionic processor. His unreal power won the tops on the move. Degree of protection — IP68.

There are more than enough waterproof smartphones on the market. Each model deserves attention, but the main thing is not the water protection function, but the technical characteristics. We marked the most sold and popular models.


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