TOP 10 best brush cutters: the most popular models of different types


The best hedge trimmers in terms of quality and reliability are those that are produced by well-known manufacturers and have been doing their job for a long time without any complaints throughout the country. They must calmly withstand heavy loads, have good power, and stand out for a long service life. This includes professional devices from manufacturers such as Einhell, BOSCH, GreenWorks, STIHL HSA and others. We will tell you in more detail about the best brush cutters with the highest customer ratings.

The best electric hedge trimmers

GreenWorks GHT5056 Deluxe

The main task of this brush cutter is the care of the hedge. Before us is the best brush cutter with system protection that will protect the user when the blades jam. Due to the 180° swivel rear handle, this electric hedge trimmer is much easier to work with. This tool is more convenient and efficient due to its light weight. There is also a fuse to prevent accidental activation of the electric brush cutter. This tool should only be operated with both hands, as it is activated by pressing two buttons on opposite sides of the handle.

Characteristics Values
Power, W) 500
Weight, kg) 2.5
Max. cut thickness (mm) twenty
Blade length (cm) 56
Knife type bilateral
Swivel handle available there is


  • light weight;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • increased security;
  • convenient to use;
  • has high efficiency.


  • inconvenient network connection;
  • 2 hands required to run.

Einhell GC EH 4550

A very efficient electric hedge trimmer that cuts hedges as well as bushes and shrubs perfectly. These features make this tool versatile. The blades move in the opposite direction to each other. Duration of service, as well as efficient transmission of power to this tool, is provided by an iron gearbox. Ergonomics is achieved by an additional handle, as well as a soft slip. Thus, the electric brush cutter is very convenient and practical. To protect the cable and relieve it of stress, this model has a cable clamp. It makes the Einhell GC EH 4550 a safer and more durable instrument.

Characteristics Values
Power, W) 450
Weight, kg) 2.5
Max. cut thickness (mm) eleven
Blade length (cm) 56
Network connection (Hz) fifty
Distance between teeth (mm) 16


  • universal;
  • safe;
  • convenient and efficient;
  • powerful;
  • light.


  • may fail when overheated;
  • work speed.

Makita uh4261

Electric brush cutter, whose task is to form even and neat surfaces on the hedge. This model has 3 switches for safer use. The blade is double sided. Provides perfect trimming of the desired hedge surface. Due to the special material from which their surface is made, the blades have increased strength and wear resistance. This property can increase its durability and maintain efficiency. The model has an ergonomic design, so the tool is very convenient to use.

Characteristics Values
Power, W) 400
Weight, kg) 3
Max. cut thickness (mm) eighteen
Blade length (cm) 42
Noise level (dB) 82
Distance between teeth (mm) eighteen


  • durability and strength;
  • wear resistance;
  • build quality;
  • convenient use and enhanced security measures;
  • 3 ways to enable.


  • slightly more weight than other models;
  • heats up quickly.

The best cordless hedge trimmers

Metabo AHS 18 55 V

These hedge trimmers are designed to make it easier to work without having to worry about having an electrical outlet. Due to the laser sharpening of the blades, the brush cutter cuts much more accurately than other models. The device has a hand protection that will protect the user’s limbs and make working with this tool much calmer. Also, due to the special shape of the blades, they wear out much longer and can still work effectively for a long time. For more comfortable work, this tool has a handle with a special coating.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, kg) 3.9
Cutting length (mm) 530
Cutting thickness (mm) eighteen
Battery capacity (Ah) 4.0
Cold running revolutions (rpm) 2700


  • high efficiency and power;
  • convenience and safety;
  • durability;
  • low vibration and noise level;
  • hand protection.


  • slightly more weight than other models;
  • small battery capacity.

Black+Decker GSL700 15 cm

This model has a special nozzle that will help cut grass and lawn edges, even in hard-to-reach places. There is also a brush cutter attachment for working with bushes and hedges. They can be changed quickly and without any effort, without the use of a tool. There is a charging station that is mounted on the wall and allows you to not only charge the hedge trimmer, but also conveniently store it. The tool also has a battery capacity indicator for easier monitoring of the battery level.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, kg) 1.4
Knife type bilateral
Cutting thickness (mm) eight
Battery capacity (Ah) 1.2
Battery voltage (V) 7
Brush cutter blade length (cm) fifteen


  • little weight;
  • the presence of two nozzles;
  • convenient to use;
  • the presence of an indicator of the end of the charge;
  • quick and easy nozzle change.


  • low battery capacity;
  • weak power.


Cordless hedge trimmer, light weight. It is very compact and easy to use. It also has a very good cutting level for trimming shrubs and hedges. Makes virtually no noise. The knife is designed for double-sided cutting. This tool has an ergonomic handle, it is very comfortable and easy to work with it. For safe transportation, there is a case for the blades. Switching two-handed. This design allows both right-handed and left-handed users to work equally comfortably.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, kg) 2.9
Noise level (dB) 80
Distance between knife blades (mm) thirty
Battery capacity (Ah) 1.4
Battery voltage (V) 36
Brush cutter blade length (cm) 45


  • very powerful and efficient;
  • has a large battery capacity;
  • light weight;
  • convenient for both right-handed and left-handed;
  • ease of maintenance


  • noisy;
  • overheats.

The best petrol hedge trimmers


Petrol tool, the main purpose of which is trimming bushes and ideal care for hedges. It has a two stroke engine. Chrome-plated movable cylinder. There is an adjustable handle for more comfortable work with the tool. The set includes double-sided shears, which make this gasoline hedge trimmer more versatile and efficient. The tank has a relatively large opening for easy refilling. It is also half transparent, which makes it much easier to monitor the level of gasoline in it. For safety reasons, this model has a protective casing that can protect the skin from various kinds of damage.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, kg) 5.4
Power, W) 750
Knife type bilateral
Max. cutting thickness (mm) 12
top capacity. tank (l) 0.65
Brush cutter blade length (cm) 60


  • very powerful and efficient;
  • double-sided knife;
  • very strong and durable;
  • safe;
  • comfortable and versatile.


  • very heavy;
  • pollutes nature.

Stihl HS 45

This tool is relatively light and handy. This tool will become an inconspicuous assistant when working with landscapes of parks or squares. This petrol hedge trimmer is fuel efficient and safe at the same time. This tool can cut hedges both vertically and horizontally. Stihl HS 45 is considered a universal tool that has an electronic engine ignition system, which will make it much easier, and most importantly, faster to start this unit. The anti-vibration system will allow you to work with comfort. The manual fuel pump can pump fuel into the brush cutter’s carburetor with 1 touch. For reliable and long-term operation, this hedge trimmer model has an air filter.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, kg) 5.0
Power, W) 750
engine’s type two-stroke
blade spacing (mm) thirty
Cylinder volume (cm³) 27.2
Brush cutter blade length (cm) 60


  • powerful motor;
  • two-stroke engine;
  • there is an anti-vibration system (STIHL);
  • the presence of a manual fuel pump;
  • long life air filter.


  • pollutes nature;
  • great weight.

The best mechanical hedge trimmers


Convenient and compact brush cutter of mechanical type. It has rubber grips for better grip when using gloves. This tool is very convenient to store because of its size. It is also easy for them to work in hard-to-reach places. However, to work with it you need to apply a lot of force, also while working without gloves, blisters may occur due to the rubber coating. But, despite these shortcomings, it remains a very effective and accurate tool. With the help of it and a good eye, you can cut amazing patterns on the bushes.

Characteristic Meaning
Tool type brush cutter
Knife type unilateral
Max. cutting thickness (mm) ten
Weight, kg) 1.2
Power type mechanical


  • light and compact;
  • comfortable during use;
  • does not slip in gloves;
  • does not require fuel;
  • can work in hard to reach places.


  • small power;
  • you have to put in the effort to work with it.

Rostock 423555

One of the best mechanical hedge trimmers. Very light and compact. Also, this tool has very sharp blades, which will allow you to apply less effort to work with it. The main task of this brush cutter is to cut branches of bushes and hedges in hard-to-reach places. There are steel handles with rubber coating on their ends for more comfortable operation. Also, for convenience, the blades are slightly curved. Due to the accuracy and accuracy of the cut, as well as its small size, it is very much in demand in our time.

Characteristic Meaning
Tool type scissors
Design two-handed
The presence of a wavy edge there is
Weight, kg) 0.7
Power type mechanical


  • very light and compact
  • accurate and versatile;
  • the presence of a wavy crown;
  • rubber coating at the end of the handles;
  • curved blades.


  • work is progressing slowly;
  • with prolonged use, corns appear.


The modern market is filled with various types of brush cutters. The price segment ranges from budget options to premium products. The most affordable are mechanical brush cutters, where almost all the work is done by a person. Electric and gasoline models are much more efficient, but also more expensive. Battery-powered models make it easy to move around and do not smoke the environment like gasoline options, but are more expensive than their counterparts.

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