Review of the best sofas for everyday sleep


A good sofa bed is a practical solution for saving space. In small apartments, houses, summer cottages, folding furniture does not take up much space and at the same time can become a stylish attribute of the interior.

When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Upholstery. It is better to give preference to fabric upholstery based on natural fibers.
  • Dimensions. A folded sofa should not be bulky due to an irrationally wide frame.
  • Mechanism. Eurobook, accordion, dolphin, roll-out, book, lit, click-clack: this is not the whole list of sofa mechanisms that exist today.
  • Frame. Since the sofa is considered as a place for daily rest and sleep, the frame must be made of durable materials, because constant unfolding cannot be avoided.

Special attention should be paid to the filler. The presence of spring blocks will be an advantage, since exclusively foam rubber or similar packing will quickly lose its shape and lose its elasticity.

The best sofas for sleeping with a dependent spring unit

Hoff, Malibu

Hoff, Malibu

Hoff, Malibu sofa

An oversized model for large rooms can become a style-forming element of any modern interior. An attached pouffe and wide armrests form a cozy seating area that easily turns into a spacious double bed 3×1.6 m.

Upholstery in contrasting combinations of light velor and dark eco-leather is durable and practical, and a voluminous laundry box will be a good storage for warm blankets and seasonal clothes.

Mebelico Atlantis

Mebelico Atlantis

Mebelico Atlantis sofa

A spacious and multifunctional corner sofa, equipped with a Eurobook mechanism with a spacious drawer for linen, can be transformed into a comfortable double seat measuring 147 × 197 cm. A block of dependent springs in symbiosis with felt and polyurethane foam will make sleep comfortable. The frame is made of pine, which implies a long service life of the sofa.

An additional drawer is located on the opposite side, on top of the armrest, which can be used to store the press, remote control and other small items. Upholstered in velvet and faux leather. The set comes with shaped and decorative pillows of different sizes.

A Fortuna, Marrakech

A Fortuna, Marrakech

A Fortuna, Marrakesh sofa

Straight model of classic design with eco-leather armrests, decorated with small table tops. With the help of the pantograph mechanism, it easily transforms into a spacious bed 2.02×1.49 m. The upholstery is combined, made of practical, easy-to-clean material, with a back in the original print.

Borovichi-Furniture Lira

Borovichi-Furniture Lira

Borovichi-Furniture Lira sofa

The model completely lacks armrests, but this only makes the 170 × 200 cm sleeping place more spacious. The mattress is filled with polyurethane foam, felt and synthetic winterizer.

The package includes 4 cushions with removable covers, which greatly simplifies the care of the sofa. A place for storing bed linen is thought out: a compartment divided by a partition into 2 sections. The advantage of the model is a large palette of upholstery fabrics, various colors. The frame made of natural wood and plywood is responsible for the strength, which can last more than 10 years.

The best sofas to sleep with an independent spring unit

Ascona, Sunset Nova bright

Ascona, Sunset Nova bright

Ascona, Sunset Nova bright sofa

An anatomical sofa with smooth lines, rounded corners and built-in shelves in the armrests will create coziness in any interior. The transform is designed for daily work and creates a bed of optimal dimensions 2.05×1.4 m.

Microfiber upholstery with a soft bristle and plastic structure is practical to care for and resistant to abrasion.

Mebelico Madison

Mebelico Madison sofa

The model is ideal for use as a bed. When assembled, it takes 250×120 cm, but this is enough to accommodate 5 people. The sofa transforms into a spacious double bed measuring 200×160 cm using the practical Eurobook mechanism. The mattress, which is based on a block of independent springs and highly elastic polyurethane foam, will take care of your comfort both day and night during sleep.

The model is covered with a dense matting, which is easily cleaned of dirt even when washed dry. It will harmoniously complement any interior thanks to a wide palette of upholstery. A strong frame is not prone to creaking, as it is made of solid pine and laminated chipboard. There is a box for bed linen.

Good-Mebel Phoenix

Good-Mebel Phoenix

Good-Mebel Phoenix sofa

Practical model, remotely resembles a carriage chair. The accordion transformation mechanism allows you to save space in the room when the sofa is folded, and by unfolding it, you can organize a single bed measuring 190 × 100 cm. Such compact dimensions are well suited for a teenager. The strong framework from coniferous breeds maintains loadings to 400 kg.

The reviews write about the large area for sleeping in the unfolded form, calling the bed one of the most comfortable. The joints are not felt, the materials are of high quality. The mechanism unfolds easily, although the connections are not as pliable as those of competitors. But folding furniture is problematic, many write about the need to push a heavy block forward. In a positive way, a metal reliable base is mentioned. The convex back has received mixed reviews, making it uncomfortable for some to lean on.

Sofa MnogoMeb Philately

Sofa MnogoMeb Philately sofa

The MnogoMeb Philately sofa is the best choice for budget shoppers who don’t want to sacrifice quality. The furniture is made of chipboard, the company talks about manufacturability. PPU is used for filling, the sofa is supplemented with a small box for linen. This option has a convenient transformation mechanism that even a child can handle. It is enough to pull the seat towards you so that the backrest slowly lowers. The widest variety of colors available, from neutral to vibrant.

In the reviews, the sofa is called high-quality, the fabric is praised. They say that it is easy to wash, stains are removed by any means. However, they scold the box, recognizing it as the most inconvenient. The compartment is difficult to pull out, the material is poorly polished. They warn that when buying from a manufacturer, they try to impose additional services, they scold the approach to furniture manufacturing. There are several complaints about the quality service staff.

The best children’s sofas for sleeping

Wally Tolly Sleep

Wally Tolly Sleep sofa

A berth measuring 80×160cm is quite enough for a comfortable sleep of a child from 1 to 8 years old. The mattress is not hard and moderately soft. The product is equipped with a high side, sheathed with a textured fabric that will not allow the child to fall in a dream.

Safety and comfort are the main advantages of the model. On the side there are shelves for toys or personal belongings of the child. Also for the convenience of storing bed linen at the bottom of the sofa there are drawers. The frame made of natural wood is able to withstand loads up to 150 kg, thanks to this you can not worry about the strength of the structure when a child plays on it.


Asti-6 sofa

Elastic and moderately soft orthopedic mattress retains the shape of the body throughout the child’s sleep. When unfolded, the sofa turns into a spacious bed measuring 190 × 120 cm. The model is perfect for a child who has grown out of furniture for the smallest.

For safety, the function of extending the side is provided, if desired, it can be hidden. Sharp corners are completely excluded, the model has smooth rounded shapes. Comes with candy-like pillows. Even children will be able to master a simple transformation mechanism. A strong, and most importantly, environmentally friendly pine frame is one of the guarantors of the durability of the sofa.

Sofa Elado Rainbow

Sofa Elado Rainbow sofa

Sofa Elado Rainbow is the best choice for connoisseurs of ergonomic furniture. The product has not only a nice design, but also an excellent transformation mechanism. There is a spacious linen box under the pillows. The manufacturer has thought over the height of the seat and armrest so that the child is comfortable. Polyurethane foam is used as filling. The sofa is designed for long rest and sleep, there is enough space for children. The laundry box can be locked in the open position.

The reviews praise the quality of the furniture. They write about even neat seams, reliable Velcro. The mechanism runs quietly and slides out easily. Even a child can assemble and disassemble the sofa. Large drawer holds all bedding. Enough space, the child can comfortably watch TV, play. The mattress is not so high quality, it is made by another manufacturer. The mattress cover is not fastened with anything, sometimes it slips. There is an option with eco-leather, but he is scolded, talking about the low quality of the material.

The best sofas for sleeping with orthopedic effect

Ascona Family

Ascona Family

Ascona Family sofa

When folded, the model fits compactly in any part of the room, not even the largest one. The accordion mechanism facilitates the transformation of the sofa into a bed. The mattress is made using multi-comfort technology and has orthopedic properties. The composition includes high-quality elastic foam, which adapts to the position of the body, taking care of the health of the spine. This model is available in two sizes of bed: 202×140 cm and 202×160 cm.

The furniture is equipped with a reliable frame made of metal and natural solid birch, it can last more than 15 years. Also for durability in the answer is a dense upholstery fabric — gunny. It practically does not wear out, its density is 310g/m2. And the rubberized wheels will protect your floor covering from scratches. The only negative that the owners refer to is the lack of a linen box.

Moon Trade Manhattan

Moon Trade Manhattan sofa

The model is equipped with a reliable and convenient Eurobook transformation mechanism. When unfolded, it forms a spacious sleeping place for 2 people measuring 160×200 cm. This model has an orthopedic mattress with a Bonel spring block that supports the spine. Velor upholstery is given new colors by decorative piping. There is also a storage box with a capacity of 250 liters.

The reviews note the large size of the sofa, while it does not look bulky. The base is a wooden frame reinforced with metal inserts. For filling polyurethane foam is used. Pillows are removed in a box for storage of linen. Many people like the upholstery material, after sitting or lying down, it quickly returns to its shape, does not stretch. The sofa is easy to clean, just wipe the dirt with a damp cloth. Only on the rug box

Hoff Montreal

Hoff Montreal

Hoff Montreal sofa

The modern design of the sofa invites you to relax, and the upholstery, reminiscent of a marshmallow, and custom-shaped armrests, turning the furniture into a time machine. And this is true: you close your eyes and go to the world of Morpheus, without experiencing any discomfort due to low-quality furniture. Healthy sleep is ensured by an orthopedic mattress 10 cm thick, based on a block of independent springs, famous for its ability to take the shape of the body.

The model is easily unfolded due to the accordion mechanism, it is not prone to creaking thanks to the laminated chipboard frame and water-repellent plywood. Soft velvety pillows are included. Velor upholstery is dry-cleanable with a roller. However, the owners of this model note in the reviews that the velvety surface can be erased in the absence of proper fabric care.

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