Review of the best shampoos for children


Children’s hair is very thin and weak, so it is better to wash it with special baby shampoos. They usually do not contain too dangerous components in the composition, are hypoallergenic and contribute to the activation of hair growth.

Shampoo should be chosen carefully and carefully, as bathing is the most important point in the baby care program. During this process, immunity is strengthened, as well as relaxation of the body after an eventful day. If you use a suitable shampoo for your child, then bathing can be made not only pleasant, but also useful.

The best shampoos for babies from birth


Mustela shampoo for toddlers

This cleanser is specially formulated for fine children’s hair. When applying a small amount of shampoo on the hair, a light foam with a pleasant aroma is formed, which is quickly washed off. With Mustela shampoo, hair becomes soft and manageable. It can be used at least every day. The components contained in it do not cause allergies, do not irritate the skin and eyes, and do not dry out the skin.

The composition of the product is 93% natural ingredients. It does not contain harmful synthetic fillers. The main active ingredients are of natural origin. Avocado fruit extract preserves and strengthens skin resources at the cellular level, helps maintain the natural water and fat balance of the scalp, and chamomile extract softens the skin and relieves irritation.

Shampoo can be used for the smallest children. It has passed many dermatological tests that confirm and guarantee safety for babies.

Quack quack

Quack quack shampoo for toddlers

Gentle shampoo, designed for the smallest kids, does not contain parabens, sulfates and other harmful substances. Part of the panthenol, chamomile and aloe extracts carefully care for delicate skin, relieve irritation. Thanks to the special formula, the shampoo does not sting the eyes, so the kids bathe with pleasure. The natural composition and optimal pH make it possible to use this remedy even for children with allergies. Another important advantage is low cost. Parents leave only the kindest and best reviews about Krya-Krya shampoo.

Bubchen with chamomile extract and wheat proteins

Bubchen with chamomile extract and wheat proteins shampoo for toddlers

For the production of this shampoo, components of plant origin are used that are not capable of harming the skin of the child and his hair. The herbal ingredients that make up the shampoo act directly on the contamination of the hair and scalp of the child. Chamomile extract has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin of a child. And wheat proteins nourish the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth, and also protect the scalp and hair from dryness.

The tool strengthens the hair, makes them soft and silky. After washing, the hair does not go astray, it can be easily combed. The product does not contain fragrances, dyes, preservatives and other harmful components. Its safety is confirmed by dermatological testing.

The shampoo is so harmless that it can be used on children of all ages from birth.

Sanosan Baby

Sanosan Baby baby shampoo

Shampoo made in Germany is designed taking into account the characteristics of children’s hair. The formula is based on natural ingredients — it does not contain parabens, sulfates, dyes and anesthetic components that adversely affect the protective function of the eyes. But the manufacturer used various useful additives that soften the hair and protect the skin from overdrying — milk protein and olive oil. Shampoo does not sting the eyes, soothes dry and sensitive skin. The product lathers well and rinses out of the hair very easily. From parents of children prone to allergies, this shampoo receives the highest marks.

The best shampoos for children from a year

Mustela for children of all ages

Mustela for children of all ages

The name of the shampoo — soft — fully justifies itself, because. the composition of the product is safe, it does not contain sulfates, parabens and dyes. But 93% of all ingredients are of natural plant origin. The most important of them is the avocado sugar complex, which moisturizes and nourishes the scalp, and also protects it from negative influences. Instead of chemical soap compounds, the product contains mild detergents in the form of soapwort root. Chamomile extract is responsible for the softness of the hair and the ease of combing it.

Most reviews on this shampoo are positive, it is often recommended for purchase. But many note that the product does not have a childish aroma at all. The smell of this product is more like a sharp perfume fragrance that remains on the hair for 2-3 days after bathing.

EO Laboratories

EO Laboratorie shampoo for children

The line of children’s hygiene products of the Russian brand Ecological Organic Laboratorie is allowed for babies over 1 year old. The main advantage of this shampoo is that it contains 99% natural ingredients and no parabens and sulfates. The manufacturer used wheat proteins, linden extract and white tea as active plant components. Shampoo gently cleanses the hair, forms a lush foam, quickly and completely rinses off. Due to the natural composition, it does not provoke allergic reactions, does not irritate delicate children’s skin. Parents of babies appreciate this shampoo for its naturalness, often leaving positive reviews.

Johnson’s Baby Chamomile

Johnson’s Baby Chamomile

The manufacturer promises that the composition does not contain dyes, sulfates, parabens and other harmful chemical compounds. And also among the components you will not find soap, which can lead to dry skin. The “no tears” formula makes bathing more pleasant for the baby. The risks of an allergic reaction from this shampoo are minimized.

Reviews for this product on the Internet are quite contradictory. Some are delighted with the smell, and the consistency, and the effect. Others do not like any of these options. In any case, the choice is yours.

My sunshine Juicy tangerine

My sunshine Juicy tangerine

Domestic-made shampoo with a pleasant smell of tangerine is suitable for daily water procedures for babies from 1 year old. It has a natural, pH-balanced composition. Clinically tested, approved and recommended for use by the Moscow Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery of Rosmedtekhnologii. The mild formula does not cause dryness, irritation and discomfort when it gets into the eyes. Panthenol and wheat proteins protect, soften hair, make it more silky. Despite all its advantages, the shampoo has a very low cost and availability, it is sold in most cosmetic stores.

The best shampoos for children over three years old

Revlon Equave Kids 2 in 1

Revlon Equave Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo

The product does not contain harmful components such as sulfates, parabens, dyes and preservatives. But on the other hand, there is vitamin B5, which intensively moisturizes the hair and scalp of the baby. The “no tears” formula makes the bathing procedure more pleasant and safe for the child.

Equave Kids 2 in 1 shampoo is recommended for children from 3 to 12 years old. It not only cleanses the hair well, but also makes it smooth and shiny, thanks to the light conditioning effect. But, at the same time, it does not weigh down the baby’s curls.

AQA baby

AQA baby shampoo

Under this brand, shampoos for boys and girls are produced. They differ in packaging, aroma and, to a small extent, composition. Combined product — it can be used as a shampoo and shower gel. Children really like the bright colorful tube, so they are happy to take water procedures. The composition of shampoo for boys includes extracts of algae and sea salt. They have a moisturizing, soothing effect on the skin and hair of the child. The hypoallergenic composition and mild formula make it possible to use the shampoo even for children with very sensitive skin.

Estel Little Me Easy combing

Estel Little Me Easy combing

The bottle contains only 200 ml of product, but the gel-like consistency reduces the consumption of the product, thereby increasing the duration of use of one bottle. The brand is professional and responsibly approaches the manufacture of even children’s goods. The formula is designed in such a way that the hair really does not tangle during washing, is easy to comb after, and does not become electrified during the day. In their reviews, moms confirm all these effects after using this shampoo.

This tool is suitable even for the longest hair, after its application they will become obedient, smooth and silky. And also for several days they will retain a light fruit and berry aroma, which the shampoo has.

La Cree for dry and sensitive scalp

La Cree for dry and sensitive scalp

The manufacturer took care of the customers and indicated on the cardboard box all the main components of the shampoo and the effect of their effects on the skin and hair. Licorice and violet extracts have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, panthenol provides the necessary nutrition, keratin straightens and smoothes the scales, and wheat proteins and olive oil derivatives are responsible for moisturizing and softness. Thus, it can be seen that the composition of the product is mostly natural.

It is thanks to the effects of herbal ingredients that this shampoo can be used even by owners of sensitive and dry scalp, and even in the presence of skin diseases. This tool is suitable for both adults and children, starting from 3 years old for daily use. The smell of the product is light, unobtrusive, herbal.

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