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Many dog ​​breeders who prefer decorative dogs opt for pugs, charming and devoted creatures, ready to follow on his heels. Representatives of the breed have a drawback — they are prone to obesity and allergies, so food for pugs must be selected with great care, considering who it is intended for — a puppy, an adult dog or a pregnant bitch.

When feeding «drying» follow the rules:

  • Do not frequently change the brand and manufacturer of food.
  • Do not pour granules with hot water, so as not to destroy the beneficial substances.
  • Do not mix natural and dry food.
  • Do not give granules of different brands at the same time.
  • Do not feed separately vitamins and mineral supplements, as they are already part of the «drying».

TOP best pug food

Royal Canin Pug Junior

Royal Canin Pug Junior pug food

Royal Canin Pug Junior is the best food for pug puppies up to 10 months of age. Complete formula contains dehydrated animal proteins, rice and corn. Dry food is enriched with nutritional supplements: vitamins A (31,500 IU) and D3 (800 IU), as well as microelements: iron, iodine, copper and zinc. Contains natural flavors. Without GMOs and preservatives.

Royal Canin Blend supports healthy digestion and balances intestinal microflora. The food comes in a special croquet form that small pugs can easily grab. Live probiotics stimulate the metabolic process, keeping your pet in great shape. Sodium polyphosphate in the composition significantly slows down the formation of tartar and plaque. Among the advantages: all proteins are selected according to the principle of maximum digestibility, convenient size and structure, sealed packaging for better preservation of flavor and freshness of the feed.

Grandorf Lamb with Rice Medium

Grandorf Lamb with Rice Medium

Suitable for adult pugs. Contains 65% protein. This is dietary meat of lamb and turkey, which are highly digestible and low in fat, which is very important for the characteristics of the breed. The hypoallergenic formula is created from useful ingredients that increase the body’s own protective properties, and day after day make the pet more active and healthy. It does not contain by-products, peas, salt, sugar, flavorings and other products that provoke disorders.

Careful cooking technology fully preserves the beneficial properties of the raw materials. The pet receives a complete vitamin and mineral support, so supplements can be omitted. Using nutrition from Grandorf, the prevention of a healthy heart, kidneys, digestion, and joints is ensured.

Reviews say that this is one of the best all-round foods for creating a quality diet for dogs prone to obesity. Even picky eating animals are happy to eat appetizing granules.



The main ingredient in Canidae dry food is chicken meal. This is a 100% natural by-product containing 3 times more animal protein than the original material. The best food for puppies and adult pugs, which includes 3 types of meat: pieces of chicken, turkey and lamb. Other Ingredients: White and brown rice, peas, potatoes. If your pug is obese, we recommend choosing a mixture from the Grain Free range.

Grain-free, hypoallergenic food from Canidae meets the AAFCO standard. It keeps dogs active and mobile, regardless of their age. Fatty amino acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 improve the appearance of the animal’s coat and prevent its loss. Main advantages: natural flavors and preservatives, vitamin and mineral complex and the predominance of animal proteins. The only negative is that the manufacturer does not indicate the percentage of occurrence of the main ingredients.

Farmina Cibau lamb

Farmina Cibau lamb

Pugs who are capricious in food will like it and will not provoke reactions with sensitive digestion. It is made from quality ingredients that go through a rigorous selection process before production. In the composition — the optimal ratio of proteins / fats / carbohydrates. Dehydrated lamb and fish meat, along with easily digestible carbohydrates rice and corn, provide energy while preventing the risk of obesity.

Brewer’s yeast improves taste, serves as a source of vitamin E, which is valuable for skin and coat. They are useful for the stomach and intestines, strengthen the immune system. Fish oil contains omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory effects. The feed also includes additives: taurine, L-carnitine, fructooligosaccharides, glucosamine, sugar beet pulp, chondroitin.

The rich vitamin formula prolongs the life of a pet that feels good even in old age. All buyers recommend food for use. It meets high quality standards, fully satisfies the needs of the animal, providing it with nutrients.



The carefully balanced formula of Hill’s dry food helps to improve the condition of the skin and coat of pugs, and also maintains their strong muscles. Contains natural ingredients: chicken (33%) and turkey (17%) meat flour, corn, wheat and milled rice for easier chewing and digestion. The composition includes a natural antioxidant (vitamin E), which ensures the mobility and energy of pugs.

The key advantage of Hill’s food is its rich vitamin and mineral complex. It contains vitamins A, C, D, as well as calcium, magnesium, copper and sodium. The mixture has an optimal calorie content of 274 kcal/100 g for your pet’s daily diet. The food supports oral health and restores normal metabolism in the animal’s body. The mixture is available in sealed packages equipped with a zip-lock. Pros: useful properties, excellent taste and affordable cost. Cons: there are contraindications, insufficient intake of animal protein.

Nature’s Table turkey with vegetables

Nature’s Table turkey with vegetables

Suitable for overweight pugs. It contains high-quality products with minimal technological processing, due to which their nutritional properties are fully preserved. The composition does not contain soy, artificial flavors, preservatives, flavor enhancers. The key ingredient is turkey. It is a source of easily digestible protein, which helps prevent weight gain.

Natural vegetables and cereals improve digestion, support intestinal microflora. They contain a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, light carbohydrates. Fish oil and sunflower oil restore skin health. Nature’s Table has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Breeders highly appreciated the food in all respects: animal tolerance, smell, granule size, effect on digestion and coat condition, convenience of packaging. They noted that with it you can quickly switch from a natural diet to a ready-made diet without stress for the pet’s body.

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