Review of the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Foods


Not only people suffer from allergies, but also their pets. Most often this disease is diagnosed in cats living in big cities and regularly eating the wrong food. Special feeds with a unique and safe composition will help to correct the situation.

The quality of feed depends largely on its price:

  • in the premium class, real meat and trace elements are added to offal;
  • super-premium class contains only natural ingredients;
  • the holistic class was created on the basis of products suitable for human nutrition, it is the most balanced in composition.

Top Best Hypoallergenic Cat Foods


Stout cat food

Domestic food Stout contains essential for cats methionine and lysine. The manufacturer chose chicken and beef as meat, supplementing them with vegetable oil rich in Omega-3 and 6. The company claims that the size of the granules is created taking into account the animal’s oral cavity, they remove plaque. All popular flavors are represented. The composition is balanced, there is no need to supplement the diet with vitamins.

Buyers warn that the feed contains bird meal. It is an animal protein, but the type of poultry is not specified. It contains a lot of cereals (rice, corn, wheat) that give cats energy. It is not suitable for lazy and old animals, they will begin to get fat. The manufacturer added offal (hydrolyzed and mutton liver), but their dose is negligible. The reviews write that they are present for taste and smell. But there are enough types of food to please picky pets.

Brit Care Cocco

Brit Care Cocco cat food

This expensive Czech-made food is intended for adult cats under the age of 6 years. Its high price is explained by the large volume of packaging (7 kg) and the unique composition. The latter contains no grains and does not cause health problems even for pets with sensitive digestion.

The basis of the feed is dehydrated duck meat. It is ¼ of the total weight of the added ingredients. The product also contains salmon flour, brewer’s yeast, vegetables and fruits. A pleasant addition will be an increased concentration of minerals (selenium, iodine, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium), which positively affect the health of the pet.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin cat food

Opens the top three Royal Canin with the patented Intensive Color Complex: a combination of L-Tyrosine and trace elements for the shiniest and healthiest coat. Hypoallergenic soy protein hydrolyzate added as a protein. It is easily digestible and does not burden the digestive system. The food is distinguished by large doses of pantothenic acid and biotin, which enhance the protective properties of the skin. A small amount contains Omega-3 acids, aimed at strengthening the intestinal lining.

The reviews write that even picky cats rush to food with an appetite. The price is not happy, the expense is high. Owners are attracted by the absence of a strong smell, pets like small soft granules. Some advise this food to transfer kittens to adult food. With regular use, the hair becomes thicker, itching disappears. However, it is important not to overdo it with portions, otherwise there will be side effects.

Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Food Sensitivities

Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Food Sensitivities cat food

The Balanced Dietary Supplement was developed by Marc Maurice in 1939. After a series of studies, the doctor found that through hypoallergenic nutrition, you can normalize the health of the cat.

Prescription Diet z/d is a therapeutic food that reduces the occurrence of adverse skin and gastrointestinal reactions after ingestion. The best supplement contains rice and animal protein. The latter undergoes hydrolysis during the production process, which reduces the body’s immune response to the allergen. Other ingredients in Hill’s Best Food are minerals, botanicals, oils, animal peptides. Prescription Diet z/d Food Sensitivities also contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. This improves the condition of the coat and skin, normalizes the cat’s stool.

Among the shortcomings of the feed, the owners of fluffy pets highlight the high cost, unpleasant smell, the presence of chicken in the composition, which often causes allergies. A cat weighing up to 2 kg will need 30-45 g of food, and a pet weighing 6 kg will need 74-100 g. The recommended time for diet therapy is from 3 to 8 weeks.


Organix cat food

To stabilize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and restore the microflora of the stomach, Organix food was created. Hypoallergenic components strengthen the body of the animal, increase resistance to disease. The manufacturer claims that even picky eaters like the taste. The composition contains about 10% vegetable protein, many amino acids, enough vitamins. The main sources of carbohydrates are corn and rice. Pleased with the absence of potatoes and suspicious offal.

Buyers call the food the most balanced for an affordable price, the composition competes with more expensive nominees. The product is available both dry and wet. Small granules are easily swallowed by cats of any size. However, the packages are sealed, there are no zippers. You have to store food in containers. There are few flavor options, not all cats appreciated the lack of meat. Many call the smell disgusting.

1st Choice

1st Choice cat food

1st Choice super premium food is not as expensive as holistics, but very similar in composition. The manufacturer has extremely successfully balanced proteins and carbohydrates (protein makes up up to 30% of the formula), and all ingredients have passed numerous tests. This hypoallergenic food does not contain tomato mixture, potatoes, empty fast carbohydrates. A wide range of flavors will not leave indifferent the finicky animal.

Medium-sized granules are suitable for adult and old cats, but not for kittens. Many write that the animals immediately began to eat food, did not have to wean from the previous diet. However, the composition includes cellulose, which does not carry any benefit. The manufacturer added poultry meal, but did not specify its type. But in the first place is real meat. With regular use, itching disappears in pets, sores on the skin disappear. Pleased with a fairly affordable price for such a composition.

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets HA St/Ox Hypoallergenic

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets HA St/Ox Hypoallergenic cat food

HA St/Ox Hypoallergenic is a dry food that is sold in 1.3 kg packs and is suitable for cats aged 1-6 years. This product has a therapeutic effect, so it is recommended to buy it only after consulting a veterinarian.

The composition of the hypoallergenic food contains rice starch, fat (animal and fish), soy protein, as well as various minerals. All these components are of natural origin, so they are absolutely safe for the pet.

Go! natural

Go! natural cat food

Go! Natural has created a line of mono-protein foods for cats with special nutritional needs and sensitive guts. The main source of protein is fish, rich in phosphorus, vitamins PP, cobalt and fluorine. The manufacturer talks about the antioxidant properties of the food and the added omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The food is great for sedentary animals, the amount of carbohydrates is minimal. Contains no gluten, grains or potatoes.

Buyers write that cats swallow food with pleasure, they are not picky. The main thing is to choose the right protein that will not cause a reaction. There is a minus in this: the goods come in large packs, it is difficult to find portioned options for testing. People are repelled by the strong smell of fish, although animals like it. The food is indicated not only for pets with allergies, but also for correcting digestive disorders. However, active cats are encouraged to feed with carbohydrates.

Monge VetSolution Dermatosis

Monge VetSolution Dermatosis cat food

The manufacturer has added ingredients that reduce stress on the intestines. The food controls the microflora, fights the disease from the inside. The diet is enriched with calcium and fluorine for the prevention of KSD. The granules are of medium size and hardness to strengthen the jaw muscles and clean the teeth.

In the reviews, the composition is called good. It is noted that cats eat it without whims, easily forgetting the past diet. It is designed specifically for sick and weakened animals, healthy food is not suitable. At the same time, the composition contains chicken meat, to which many people are allergic. There is no potato, but starch is added — a useless binder. The package does not have a zip tape, you have to pour the food into containers.



This is the best grain-free food designed for adult cats with herring and salmon. The feed contains 85% meat products and 15% herbs and vegetables. AATU CAT SALMON & HERRING is the first cat food made with the 8 formula. That is, it contains 8 types of spices, vegetables, herbs and fruits.

The source of protein in the feed is hypoallergenic fish. AATU CAT products contain a minimum amount of carbohydrates, which makes them as useful as possible and improves the absorption of nutrients. The diet contains probiotics and taurine, which improve digestive function. SALMON & HERRING contains no flavors, grains, potatoes or artificial colors.

Disadvantages of AATU products — recent introduction to the market, high cost, no supplements intended for kittens. The pluses include a grain-free advanced formula, quality.

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