Review of the best drawing kits for children of different age groups


Drawing is very helpful for children’s development, but not all toddlers enjoy fiddling with paints or crayons. Boys with great interest spend time playing with the designer or cars, and girls — with dolls. But the original drawing kits will help awaken the craving for creativity in the child. There is a very large selection of such sets on the modern market, so choosing the right one for the sex, age and preferences of the baby will not be difficult if there is a sensitive guide from this review.

The best drawing kits for 2-3 year olds

Galt Aquatic Safari Coloring Pages

It is still difficult for small children 2-3 years old to carefully handle paints and pencils, and they will not be able to paint small details. This drawing set is a great opportunity to add a pleasant variety to your child’s daily leisure. The set includes six large pictures of African animals and a handy thick pencil. To start drawing, you just need to fill the pencil with water and draw over the pictures, and a bright pattern will begin to appear on the cardboard. The advantage of this set is that it is reusable. At first the picture is wet, but after drying the paint disappears and you can start drawing again. Such an activity will help not only introduce the child to wild animals, but also develop fine motor skills. This will have a beneficial effect on speech development and prepare the baby’s hand for writing.

Material Cardboard
Subject Animals and birds
Kit contents 6 pictures and a pencil


  • beautiful pictures with large elements;
  • thick cardboard does not get wet and does not tear;
  • convenient pencil specially designed for children’s hands;
  • reusable pictures;
  • does not contain toxins and chemicals.


  • the pencil is too thick and not suitable for children under 2 years old;
  • after drying, the picture disappears and the child may be upset.

Tropical coloring page

Educators and teachers recommend involving children in drawing with finger paints. This lesson perfectly develops fine motor skills, and the baby gets the feeling that he is creating a real masterpiece. The very idea of ​​finger painting is very popular with children. Parents do not have to worry that finger paints will cause allergies or be difficult to remove from clothes. Such paints dissolve very easily with water, so cleaning after creative activities will not cause difficulties. This set is a 6-page notebook. The paper is thick, so even active drawing will not break through it. A series of finger colorings «Karapuz» includes several options — with tropical birds, animals, household items and other bright drawings. Being engaged in creativity, the child will simultaneously study different objects of the world around him.

Material Heavy paper
Subject Tropical birds and animals
Kit contents 6 page coloring book


  • affordable cost;
  • an extensive series of coloring pages on various topics;
  • large drawings are convenient to paint;
  • thick paper does not tear and does not get wet;
  • helps develop fine motor skills and speech.


  • one-time coloring;
  • There are no finger paints included.

Fairy alley set

This coloring book is definitely worth buying for a girl who loves fairy tales and cartoons about princesses. With this set, the child will be able to create a real magical world for games. The set includes 4 pictures, 25×18 cm in size, 10 resistant and bright felt-tip pens and stickers of various subjects. They are perfectly attached to a bright glossy surface, and the coloring itself can be used not only for the development of artistic taste, but also for the imagination of the baby. Arbitrarily placing stickers on the picture, the child will be able to invent their own stories, developing speech. In addition to the set about fairies, there are many other themed sets of the same series, so parents can easily choose a coloring for the interests of the baby. The set contains small parts, so children under three years of age should play with it under the supervision of their parents.

Material paper
Subject Fairies and princesses
Kit contents 4 pictures, 10 felt-tip pens and a set of stickers


  • bright thematic pictures;
  • high-quality resistant felt-tip pens;
  • does not contain toxins and does not have an unpleasant odor;
  • a set of stickers helps develop speech and imagination;
  • a wide selection of sets on different topics.


  • contains small parts, so children under 3 years old should play under adult supervision;
  • high price.

Best drawing kits for 4-5 year olds

Ebru Start

Outwardly, this set looks more like a professional drawing kit than a children’s coloring book. The set comes in a large cardboard box and will be a great gift for a creative child, because with him he can feel like a real artist. With this kit, you can entertain the child for a long time, but he will definitely need the help of adults. First you need to prepare a solution for drawing. For this, a thickener is provided in the kit. The finished solution is poured into the tray and a pattern is created on its surface using the paints that are in the kit. When the picture is ready, a sheet of paper is applied to it and the pattern is printed on the material. The remaining paint is removed with a rough sheet. Jars of paints are enough for 30-40 paintings. It is better to pour the solution into a separate container and store in the refrigerator for 2 weeks, and if you plan a long break in creativity, you can freeze it. In this case, the storage period is unlimited.

Material Paper
Subject free
Kit contents Paper, paint, tray, thickener, drawing sticks and comb, instructions


  • perfectly develops imagination;
  • very clear and detailed instructions;
  • paints in the kit are non-toxic and do not cause allergies;
  • everything you need for drawing in one box;
  • the ability to independently create original patterns.


  • high price;
  • there are no ready-made templates for creating pictures.

Gamma Classic

If your child loves to draw, this set will definitely appeal to him. The large gift box contains everything a little artist needs: paper, pencils, crayons, paints, a palette and a brush. The set is so thought out that with its help the child will be able to engage in any kind of creativity. For example, draw on paper with watercolors or gouache, write with pencils or crayons, and also sculpt from plasticine. The set includes several brushes, a non-spill cup, a board and stacks for modeling.

Material Set in a cardboard box
Subject Universal
Kit contents Paints, crayons, pencils, paints and modeling kit


  • universal set for creativity of 15 items;
  • affordable cost;
  • suitable for the development of artistic taste and imagination;
  • beautiful gift box;
  • does not contain toxic materials.


  • not very high quality paper included;
  • not always available for sale.

Princess 86 items

This gift set for drawing and creativity will be a great present for a little artist. All items are packed in a bright pink princess case, so you can take it with you on the road or on vacation. Inside, the case is well organized and items are compactly placed. The set includes 24 bright markers, 12 colored pencils and crayons, as many pastel crayons and watercolors. Also included is a simple pencil, eraser, safety scissors, palette, sharpener and ruler. It is suitable not only for the daily development of creative abilities, but also for visiting art circles.

Material plastic case
Subject princesses
Kit contents Everything for drawing


  • bright fabulous design;
  • thoughtful interior space of the case;
  • 86 items for creativity in the kit;
  • weight 500 gr allows you to carry the set with you;
  • suitable not only for homework, but also for visiting art circles.


  • no paper included
  • not a very large amount of watercolors.

The best drawing kits for kids 6-7 years old and up

Young artist black

This set is specially designed for boys and girls who can’t imagine their life without drawing and creativity. The large case has everything you need to develop your imagination. It consists of 150 items: colored markers and pencils, paints, glue, eraser, sharpener, scissors, a set of paper clips and a small jar of glue. Each of them has its own place, so all things will always be in place and will not be lost. The case is made of durable plastic, but at the same time it is lightweight, so the child can carry it to school, kindergarten or to classes in the creative section.

Material plastic case
Subject Universal
Kit contents Paints, pencils, crayons and other stationery


  • high-quality and durable case;
  • wide choice of markers;
  • regular and wax pencils included;
  • light weight allows the child to carry the set on their own;
  • does not contain chemicals and toxins.


  • relatively high cost;
  • paper is not included.

Painting set in light wood box 251 items

If a child loves to draw or attends the art section, this set will be a real treasure for him. The original double-leaf case folds out in the form of a book, and inside there is everything you need for creativity, from felt-tip pens and ordinary pencils to pastel and wax crayons. Also in the case there are separate compartments for various useful little things: rulers, sharpeners, erasers, glue and palettes. For carrying, the case has a convenient handle and two small locks that prevent the wooden box from opening during transportation.

Material wooden case
Subject Universal set for creativity
Kit contents Watercolors, markers, pencils, crayons and small stationery


  • stylish and durable wooden case;
  • well thought out interior space;
  • 48 wax and 45 pastel crayons;
  • a set of watercolors for 18 colors;
  • secure zippers and a convenient carry handle.


  • high price;
  • not always available for sale.

paint with light

If your child doesn’t like fiddling around with crayons, crayons and paints, this ingenious set for drawing with light will help to awaken a craving for creativity in him. One of the most popular formats is a light-chalk board. On the one hand, you can draw on it with chalk, and on the other, there is a light-accumulating coating. Also included are fluorescent crayon markers. On one side of the board, they draw in the usual way, and the drawing on the second side of the board begins to glow in the dark. The crayons are very easy to wash off with an ordinary damp sponge, they do not crumble and do not crumble, so after creative activities you do not have to carry out general cleaning.

Material Drawing board
Subject Universal
Kit contents Board and crayons


  • double-sided board;
  • magic crayons with fluorescent paint;
  • affordable cost;
  • crayons do not contain phosphorus, heavy metals and radioactive components;
  • The set is intended for multiple use.


  • not always on sale;
  • There are often low quality fakes on the market.

When choosing the best drawing kit for children, you need to consider not only the age of the baby, but also his craving for creativity. If he does not really like to draw, it is better to buy an original water or light coloring, and children who are already interested in creativity will definitely like one of the universal drawing kits.

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