Rating of the TOP 10 best electronic kitchen scales: sole material, what to buy, pros and cons


Kitchen scales are an indispensable household item for many housewives. With the help of this device, you can measure the weight of the product with maximum accuracy, measure the right amount of ingredients for a particular dish.

Kitchen scales are mechanical and electronic. The article will focus on the second type. Electronic scales are characterized by maximum accuracy, sensitivity to a very small weight, they are convenient to use. In this article, I will talk about the best electronic kitchen scales from different manufacturers, their features and characteristics, as well as the criteria for choosing an apparatus in a store.

kitchen scale rating


Kitchen scales are characterized by a stylish design that any housewife will appreciate. The platform of the device is made of tempered glass. Provided touch control, liquid crystal display with backlight. The scale will automatically turn off if it has not been used for a while.

It is convenient that they can be stored on a hook. Scales have four units of measurement. The measurement range is 5 g — 8 kg. A low battery indicator is provided, as well as an overload of the device. Electronic kitchen scales will help you keep your diet under control, accurately measure the ingredients for cooking.

Weighing limit, kg eight
platform material Glass
Battery CR2032
  • stylish design;
  • comfortable;
  • compact;
  • multifunctional.

Cool scales. My husband gave it because I was always tormented, measuring the ingredients for the recipe by eye. Very handy thing, shows always accurately. It is convenient that there is a unit switch on the back: grams, ml. The design is generally beyond praise.

The error of these electronic scales is only 1 g, unlike mechanical ones, where the inaccuracy sometimes reaches up to 100 g.


Electronic scales are designed to measure the weight of products up to 5 kg, while the tare weight will be taken into account. After a minute of inactivity, the device will automatically turn off. The design of the device will fit into any kitchen interior and will not take up much space. Rubber feet are provided for stability.

Weighing limit, kg 5
platform material Steel
Battery CR2032
  • metal surface;
  • sustainable;
  • lungs;
  • measure accurately;
  • turn on quickly.

They have been working well for five years now. The device is really worth the money. I am pleased with the quality, surface, accuracy. You can weigh products in any container, while its weight will not be taken into account.

Kitfort KT-803

Electronic scales are capable of measuring weight with an accuracy of up to a gram. They have a stylish appearance, bright, cheerful design. The compact size allows you to store them in a closet, while they do not take up much space. The device turns on automatically as soon as you put the product on it. There is a good liquid crystal display, which displays large, clear numbers. The platform is made of durable glass. Rubberized feet prevent slipping.

Weighing limit, kg 5
platform material Glass
Battery CR2032
  • stylish appearance;
  • compact;
  • inexpensive;
  • buttons are signed in Russian.
  • not detected.

I bought this scale only because of the bright, cool color. Easy to use, at an intuitive level, everything is clear, even a beginner will figure it out. The function includes the deduction of tare from the total measurement of the weight of products. The device is convenient in baking. I recommend.


Electronic scales have a weighing limit of up to 5 kg. The device is equipped with four high-precision sensors. The numbers are displayed on the LCD display. There are 4 built-in units of measurement, which are switched by pressing a button. Battery powered scales. There is an automatic shutdown when not in use. A low battery level will be alerted by a special indicator on the display.

Weighing limit, kg 5
platform material Glass
Battery CR2032

Cool scales. This line has a large selection of shades. I chose a stylish, black, concise version. Measure accurately, no error. I use them and I’m not overjoyed at all.

Home-Element HE-SC930

Electronic kitchen scales with a plastic platform have a weighing limit of up to 7 kg. There is a function that does not take into account the mass of the bowl in which the products are located. There is an indication of overload and battery replacement. If the device is not used for some time, it will automatically turn off.

Weighing limit, kg 7
platform material Plastic
Battery 2 AA
  • rubberized buttons;
  • weighed correctly;
  • large scoreboard;
  • inexpensive.

Cool kitchen scales, inexpensive. If you put a large bowl, then even under it you can see the scoreboard, which is very convenient. Their high accuracy pleases, they will not take up much space in the kitchen.

Some modern models of electronic kitchen scales have a built-in timer, thermometer and even an alarm clock.


Scales are capable to weigh products to 5 kg. The measurement accuracy is up to 1 g. There is tare compensation, which allows you to ignore the weight of the bowl in which the ingredients are placed. You can even measure liquid volume by pressing the switch on the case. The platform of the device is glass. A special indicator on the display will tell you that the battery will soon be discharged. The charge will be saved, thanks to the auto-shutdown function of the device.

Weighing limit, kg 5
platform material Glass
Battery CR2032
  • beautiful appearance;
  • measurement accuracy;
  • inexpensive;
  • work stably.
  • not detected.

I’m happy with these scales. They have been working steadily for about a year now. I use them often, mainly to weigh the ingredients for baking. The platform is glass, so you need to be careful in handling. And so, everything suits, I’m satisfied.

Maxwell MW-1451

Electronic scales are equipped with a removable weighing bowl that can hold up to 5 kg. They can be used without a container, but simply lay out products on a plastic platform. The plastic case is equipped with two rubberized control buttons. The device is battery operated. Even the measurement of the volume of liquid is provided.

Weighing limit, kg 5
platform material Plastic
Battery CR2032
  • small size;
  • accuracy of measurements;
  • reliable;
  • comfortable;
  • lungs.

I liked the simple functionality of these scales, figured them out right away. The device works for a long time without changing batteries, although I use it quite often. The automatic shutdown time has been correctly calculated.

Soehnle 67080 Page Profi

Kitchen electronic scales have a discreet, concise design. The glass platform can hold up to 15 kg. The device measures with an accuracy of 1 gram. The electronic device is equipped with the functions of tare compensation and auto-off. It has touch controls and is powered by batteries.

Weighing limit, kg fifteen
platform material Glass
Battery 2 AAA
  • very accurately weighed;
  • stylish design;
  • wide weight range;
  • big platform.
  • branded surface.

Very happy with these weights. I need them to weigh food for myself and my baby. Pleased with their accuracy, auto-off, large display. Of course, they are easily soiled, but they are easy to care for, just wipe with a napkin.


The scales are round and have a solid glass platform and are characterized by a stylish design. In addition to weight, this device can measure the volume of liquid. The device can weigh up to 5 kg of products. Management is carried out using a sensor. There is an auto-shutoff when not in use and an overload indicator.

Weighing limit, kg 5
platform material Glass
Battery CR2032
  • beautiful appearance;
  • compactness;
  • accurate measurement.

I bought such scales when I was losing weight, and I had to accurately measure the weight of the products that I would eat. They have a cool design, they measure the weight accurately. Compact and doesn’t take up much space in my already small kitchen. One universal button for all functions.

It is desirable that the buttons are rubberized, this will extend the life of the device. It’s cool if the entire control panel is covered with a rubber film. This will protect the mechanism of the scale from the ingress of unnecessary liquids and crumbs.


Kitchen electronic scales can withstand up to 5 kg. Work is carried out from batteries. It is possible to measure weight in both grams and ounces. Overload indication is provided. The «Tare» function allows you to reset the weight of the bowl placed on the platform and measure only the ingredients.

The device will turn itself off if not used for more than two minutes. Rubberized feet help keep the device stable on the tabletop.

Weighing limit, kg 5
platform material
Battery 2 AAA
  • low price;
  • accuracy of measurements;
  • Nice colour;
  • do not take up much space;
  • can be hung on the wall.

Cool scales, I have had them for a long time, I also bought exactly the same model for my mother. The color is very beautiful, there is a convenient tare reset function. Turn on quickly, measure accurately. It is also important that they do not take up much space.

Advantages of mechanical and electronic devices

There are two types of kitchen scales: mechanical and electronic. They differ in design features, functionality, error. Each of these types of devices has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare different types of weighing devices, based on their advantages:

Mechanical Electronic
Low price Very small error
No power supply Wide functionality
Weighing large volumes Stylish, modern designs
Long term use compactness

It is up to you to decide which type of scale to purchase. It all depends on personal preferences, purpose of use.

How to choose

Accurate and reliable scales on the farm are a must. Especially if you prefer to strictly follow recipes or measure out the exact amount of servings for food. Therefore, when choosing this kitchen appliance, pay attention to the following parameters:

View Decide which device you want: mechanical or electronic. The advantages and disadvantages of both I described in the section above.
Tara The scales can be equipped with a removable bowl or platform.
Maximum weight Different models have an upper limit of 2-15 kg.
Error Accuracy is important to many housewives, especially those involved in baking. Ideally, if the error does not exceed 1 g.

It is convenient if the tare compensation function is provided, when the weight of the container in which the ingredients are weighed is not taken into account. A useful feature is also a charge indicator, which will tell you when the batteries need to be replaced. The overload indicator will notify you that some of the products are worth laying out. Battery saving is facilitated by the auto-off function when inactive. Rubberized feet prevent slipping on surfaces.

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