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The main task of shaving products is to soften and moisturize the skin, as well as a comfortable and soft glide of the blade. A quality product should protect against irritation and dryness. It is not so easy to choose it, because every year new lines of care products appear. For example, those that simultaneously cool the skin and relieve redness.

To choose the best tool for yourself, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Ease of use depends on the type of packaging, its material and the availability of a special dispenser.
  • Consumption. If you get the desired effect when applying a small amount of the product, then it is of good quality.
  • Skin type. For dry skin, a cream is best — it will have an excellent moisturizing effect. Sensitive type requires the use of products with a gentle formula and mild composition.
  • The cost of funds is an important criterion for any buyer.
  • The composition should certainly be enriched with useful elements for better skin care. These include various oils, herbal extracts and vitamins.

The best shaving gel

American Crew Precision Shave

American Crew Precision Shave

The American brand American Crew is famous for the high quality and effectiveness of shaving products. Precision Gel is formulated to meet the needs of sensitive skin prone to irritation. The main feature of the tool is a useful composition. It contains calendula extract, aloe, tea tree oil, etc. These components soothe irritated skin, even out tone and moisturize well.

Produced in the form of a cream tube with a narrow dispenser. Applies quickly and lathers easily. It has a pleasant texture and a fresh smell. The volume of one package (150 ml) is enough for a long time. Of the advantages, men distinguish slow consumption, a noticeable calming effect, good hydration, and a stylish tube design. The disadvantages include the high price.

Foammen shaving gel

Foammen shaving gel «For sensitive skin»

An inexpensive but high-quality gel will be appreciated by men with thin and sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions. Moderately thick mass is easily distributed, softening the bristles. When shaving, it is easily removed from the blade, does not clog into holes, smells good.

The composition contains glycerin, which is responsible for moisturizing and nourishing the skin, and the perfume composition gives a gentle, but not annoying aroma. Palmitic acid of vegetable origin is used as a thickener, which promotes skin regeneration.

L’Oreal Paris for sensitive skin

L’Oreal Paris for sensitive skin Shaving gel

The gel is characterized by a hypoallergenic formula that does not irritate, is gentle on the body, and ensures a safe process. The series is designed for sensitive skin, because the products contain aloe vera extract, which reduces redness. Also, the product is created for dry skin that needs constant hydration. The entire line of the brand undergoes preliminary dermatological control, therefore it does not contain alcohol or other aggressive agents.

Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Sensitive Skin

Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Sensitive Skin Shaving gel

Gillette launches an improved line of Fusion products, which includes the best value for money shaving gel. Thanks to its unique formula, it lathers quickly and helps the razor glide gently over the skin without damaging it. The metal tube is equipped with a convenient dispenser. The tool is perfect as a gift because of its stylish appearance.

Developed for the gentle care of sensitive skin. Contains aloe vera extract to quickly soothe irritations. It has a pleasant minty aroma that provides the skin with freshness for the whole day. The main advantages are the optimal cost, good shaving quality, soothing formula. No deficiencies found.

The best shaving foam

Vichy Homme «Against Skin Irritation»

Vichy Homme Anti-Irritation Shaving Foam

A new product has appeared in the line of the famous company — shaving foam with thermal water, salicylic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. The components are designed to soothe, restore and deeply nourish the skin, prevent irritation. The foam has a dense texture, does not fall off and does not flow for a long time, while shaving refreshes and kills microbes. Suitable for those with sensitive and normal skin.

Figaro UOMO Shaving Foam Regular Shave

Figaro UOMO Shaving Foam Regular Shave shaving foam

Foam Italian production Figaro is ideal for daily shaving. It takes into account the characteristics of men’s skin, often exposed to a razor. Therefore, it contains various softening and nourishing elements. Thanks to them, the product prepares the skin and stubble for the procedure, ensuring the easiest sliding of the blade. During the procedure, the man does not experience an unpleasant burning sensation.

The volume of 200 ml is enough for six months of use, because. one application requires a small amount of funds. Foam has a triple effect: moisturizing, gentle care, protection. It also provides the most comfortable shave. The advantages include: gentle formula, thoughtful composition, delicate care, protection from irritation, excellent reviews from men. No deficiencies found.

Homme Lierac moisturizing

Homme Lierac moisturizing shaving foam

Mousse perfectly moisturizes, applied in a thin layer, retains the right amount of moisture in the cells. Thanks to him, you can forget about what dryness and irritation are. It foams quickly, allows you to safely remove the stubble, makes the skin soft, velvety and silky. The composition contains natural ingredients that do not cause irritation and redness. Due to the good structure, it prevents cuts from machines and razors. Shake the bottle before use and apply a minimum amount to the hand.

Cliven Men

Cliven Men shaving foam

Cliven Men has a surprisingly natural foam formulation at a fraction of the cost. The manufacturer added essential oils that actively moisturize the skin. Extracts of cocoa, jojoba and coconut remove irritation and redness, are absorbed into the upper layer of the epidermis and care for it. The consistency gives a lot of foam, making the blade slide safely, softening the bristles. Men say that the drug does not cause allergic reactions, acne does not appear after it.

The reviews write about the neutral aroma, for many this is a plus. Customers like the airy and delicate texture. They note a feeling of comfort that lasts for several hours. However, there are complaints about the inconvenient dispenser. Foam stains the lid, the agent flows. Because of this, the consumption increases. Oils in the composition may not be suitable for sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions. If you do not completely wash off the drug, an unpleasant film will remain.

best shaving cream

Nivea Moisturizer

Nivea Moisturizing Shaving Cream

While shaving, men often feel an unpleasant burning sensation. It appears due to harmful components in the composition of shaving products. Cream Nivea «Moisturizing» was created specifically to prevent this effect. It contains softening plant extract of aloe and is enriched with a vitamin-mineral complex. Useful trace elements take care of the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it.

The cream quickly forms a soft foam, which is easy to spread evenly over the face. It provides a smooth glide and protects the skin from injury. An important feature of the product is the effective fight against dryness. After just a few applications, the face becomes smoother. The advantages here are a gentle formula with aloe, useful trace elements, low price, good foaming. No deficiencies found.

Redken Brews Shave Cream

Redken Brews Shave Cream shaving gel

An outdated, but still popular type of product, somewhat similar to foam. Use a brush to apply to get an even coverage. The composition of such creams includes fatty acids, oils and flavors. The consistency is light, but you can cut yourself when shaving. Recommended only for normal and insensitive skin. But creams of professional series have no such problems.

The tool has a soft texture, easy to apply and distribute. During shaving, there is no discomfort and irritation — herbal ingredients and oils soften the bristles and skin. There is a slight effect of cooling and freshness. The cream provides protection and care for the face, penetrating deep into the epidermis. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

Clinique Cream Shave

Clinique Cream Shave shaving gel

For the best razor glide and minimal risk of cuts, Clinique Cream Shave is recommended. The cream lifts the hairs, increasing the efficiency of shaving. Men say that it is impossible to get hurt with this remedy. Caring components in the composition soothe irritated skin, relieve itching and redness. The product is easily washed off with water, does not leave a film. With regular use, the skin will become softer, the feeling of discomfort after shaving will disappear. The cream is hypoallergenic, it does not contain chemical fragrances. The formula is considered one of the most gentle, suitable for sensitive skin. Clinique is known for its serious approach to the selection of ingredients, each tested by dermatologists.

Men note the effect of softness after shaving, which lasts for several hours. Many stop using lotion because Clinique Cream Shave works for two. It is not recommended to wash off the drug, it is better to leave it on the skin to continue the action. They write about the ability to heal wounds, they stop pinching. The drug is sold in a convenient bottle, does not spread, but is applied easily. For most, the main disadvantage is the price. Does not add points and high consumption, as little foam appears.

Man Care Freedom

Man Care Freedom shaving gel

The cream has an airy consistency, is easily sprayed on the palm, has a convenient bottle. It is characterized by many advantages compared to other types of cosmetics, it does not need to be shaken, it is quite economical. It is applied mainly on a moisturized face, because it is converted into an airy foam only upon contact with water. Shaving cream with vitamin F has a beneficial effect, protects against cuts, does not cause redness.

The reviews show that the cream is used not only by men, but also by women, so it is considered universal in its manifestation.

The best shaving soap

D. R. Harris Lavender

DR Harris Lavender Shaving Soap

DR Harris Lavender soap is packaged in a special rosewood bowl that looks very stylish and aesthetically pleasing. It is handmade from environmentally friendly materials. This soap will be the best gift for any man. Its unique triple grind formula delivers fast lathering and the most gentle shave. Suitable even for dry skin.

One package is enough for 2-3 months of frequent use. The composition is enriched with lavender oil, which not only gives an incredible herbal scent, but also visibly moisturizes the skin. The special formula quickly softens the stubble, making the shaving process easier and faster. The advantages include presentable appearance, unique wooden packaging, better quality, slow consumption, excellent reviews. The disadvantages are the high price and inaccessibility.

Razorock Essential Oil For Lime Shaving Cream Soap

Razorock Essential Oil For Lime Shaving Cream Soap shaving soap

Italian handmade soap-cream is used by barbers in salons for a close classic shave and beard contouring. The tool is quickly whipped into a thick and dense foam with a brush, applied evenly.

In the composition — natural oils (argan, shea), aloe vera juice, lanolin. The components take care of the skin of the face, soften coarse bristles, and the aroma of lime gives a feeling of freshness. The product is packaged in a convenient plastic jar with a tightly screwed lid.

Proraso Eucalyptus

Proraso Eucalyptus shaving soap

Tonic soap contains menthol and eucalyptus extracts, they are safe even for dry skin. It quickly relieves redness and irritation, provides a smooth and safe process. During its use, no unpleasant manifestations are felt, the skin remains smooth, tender, protected. They also note a pleasant aroma of soap, accompanied by a light refreshing smell.

Proraso shaving soap is economical, easy to apply on the face with a special brush, and foams quickly. Most reviews focus on the composition, on safety for the skin and on the absence of irritation. Soap is easy to use, considered more economical. A few touches of a moistened brush with soap are enough to provide the amount of foam for the process.

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