Rating of the best mobile air conditioners with a cooling, dehumidification and heating system


Mobile air conditioners are the best purchase for those who do not have the opportunity or need to install stationary devices. This type of air conditioner takes up little space and fits perfectly in design into an existing interior. Distinctive features are compact housing dimensions, ease of installation, quick reinstallation, inexpensive price and maintenance of an optimal microclimate. Devices differ in size, purpose of use, area coverage and a number of other characteristics. This rating presents models with a cooling, dehumidification and heating system, as well as analyzes the pros and cons of mobile air conditioners, which are most often advised by experts to buy.

The best mobile air conditioners with refrigeration

ballu BPAC 09 CM

New model Ballu BPAC 09 CM with intelligent control system and four fan speeds. The condensate is collected in the provided container, and its leakage is prevented by turning off and notifying the user by lighting up the emergency light. The device will save energy, as it belongs to the highest class “A” of energy efficiency, and will also protect harmful emissions into the atmosphere due to work on R410A freon. Thanks to the washable anti-dust filter, the air quality in the room will be at a high level and the internal system of the device will stay clean longer.

Characteristic Meaning
Recommended room area 20 sq. m
Power consumption 0.95 kWh
dimensions 69.5x27x48 cm


  • cooling rate adjustment;
  • high power;
  • low noise level;
  • night mode;
  • «Stop Dust» filter.


  • no Wi-Fi module;
  • no display.

Electrolux EACM 13CL/N3

Mobile air conditioner EACM 13CL/N3 from the world-famous brand Electrolux in a minimalist design will perfectly fit into the finished interior and create an optimal microclimate in the room. This model not only cools the air, but also ventilates and dehumidifies it, adjusting as much as possible to the desired parameters in the «Auto» mode. Condensate is removed automatically together with hot air through a special hose. The device can work around the clock, prepare the room for the arrival of people, turn off according to a pre-set timer or when the required temperature is reached, and also carry out self-diagnostics according to a programmable schedule.

Characteristic Meaning
Recommended room area 33 sq. m
Power consumption 1.35 kWh
dimensions 72x44x36.9 cm


  • remote control;
  • built-in thermostat;
  • delayed start function;
  • sleep timer;
  • night mode.


  • lack of service;
  • quite noisy.

Zanussi ZACM 09 MS/N1

The Zanussi ZACM 09 MS/N1 model of the Massimo design series is made in a stylish white case and can also be presented in black. It is this line that has a unique display that is activated only when turned on and does not attract attention at other times. The device operates in three modes: cooling, dehumidification, heating, allowing you to create the optimal temperature all year round. According to most users, the air conditioner is one of the quietest in its segment and does an excellent job of cooling, but there are a number of comments with heating.

Characteristic Meaning
Recommended room area 25 sq. m
Power consumption 0.9 kWh
dimensions 85x40x40 cm


  • timer off, on;
  • automatic evaporation of condensate;
  • low power consumption;
  • remembering settings;
  • power surge protection.


  • it is not possible to regulate the direction of air flow;
  • no display on the remote control.

Royal Clima RM MD45CN E

Mobile air conditioner Royal Clima RM MD45CN E with three modes of operation: cooling, fan with two levels, dehumidification, made in a white stylish design. It has electronic, fully Russified control from the remote control and from the device panel. Users note the convenience of moving the unit around the room, thanks to the wheels and the handle on the back of the case. Built-in fault diagnostics, a condensate container and a warning light that illuminates when human intervention is required make this model easy to maintain.

Characteristic Meaning
Recommended room area 45 sq. m
Power consumption 1.6 kWh
dimensions 81x36x33 cm


  • collection of condensate in the tank;
  • dehumidification;
  • silent wheels;
  • batteries included;
  • sleeping mode.


  • high noise level;
  • requires heat dissipation.

Loriot LAC 12HP

Compact, but at the same time quite powerful mobile air conditioning unit Loriot LAC 12HP is very simple and practical to use. It has convenient electronic control and is protected from moisture, does not emit additional vibrations. High energy efficiency, low weight and narrow body make this model a leader for small spaces where there is absolutely no free space. Modern multifunctional equipment ensures high efficiency of the devices of the presented family, their long service life and special efficiency in the distribution of treated air.

Characteristic Meaning
Recommended room area 35 sq. m
Power consumption 1.25 kWh
dimensions 69.5x27x48 cm


  • overheat protection;
  • wide range of outdoor temperatures;
  • concise design;
  • increased airflow;
  • large cooling area.


  • no self-cleaning system;
  • no remote control.

The best mobile air conditioners with additional features

General Climate GCP 12HRC

A fairly compact mobile unit General Climate GCP 12HRC is equipped with a system engine with a reliable compressor from the well-known Toshiba company. The model is almost silent, especially in power saving mode, and ergonomic in its shape. Thanks to the automatic restart function, the device is not afraid of power outages, because the work resumes automatically, reproducing all previously set settings. The built-in ion filter purifies the air from pathogenic bacteria, which is especially important in winter, when stationary heating is turned on and windows are closed.

Characteristic Meaning
Recommended room area 35 sq. m
Power consumption 1.12-1.34 kWh
dimensions 82x39x40.5 cm


  • adjustable blinds;
  • remote control with screen;
  • sleeping mode;
  • self-diagnosis of the air conditioner;
  • on/off timer.


  • no container for condensate;
  • thin corrugation for the removal of hot air.

Hyundai H-PAC09-R10E

The Hyundai H-PAC09-R10E device with electronic control panel will perfectly cope with three main tasks: cooling, dehumidification and ventilation. The model is equipped with an on timer, which allows you to prepare the room for the arrival of people. There is a special mode for fast cooling. A convenient screen allows you to control the temperature, operating mode and track all the settings. The light indicator notifies you when the device is turned on and possible system problems.

Characteristic Meaning
Recommended room area 28 sq. m
Power consumption 0.9 kWh
dimensions 67.8×30.5×32.8 cm


  • automatic restart;
  • remote control;
  • there are sound signals;
  • automatic evaporation of condensate;
  • setting memory function.


  • no heating system;
  • high noise level.

Honeywell CL30XC

The Honeywell CL30XC air conditioner is a powerful device designed for large areas and even outdoor operation, thanks to airflow within a radius of five to seven meters. This model is characterized as air purification by aquafiltration, which does not require corrugations to be removed to the window, filter replacement or the use of freon. You just need to fill the tank with water or ice. This can be done without turning off the device. The model is equipped with an air ionization system and eliminate stuffiness in the room.

Characteristic Meaning
Recommended room area from 50 to 200 sq.m
Power consumption 2.5 kWh
dimensions 87x46x35 cm


  • carbon filter;
  • electronic control panel;
  • the ability to direct the air flow;
  • four speeds;
  • sound alert.


  • lack of heating function with humidification;
  • not suitable for small spaces.

Royal Clima RM-S58CN-E

The effective mobile air conditioner Royal Clima RM-S58CN-E with three operating modes and three fan speeds is able to quickly cool a large room. The manufacturer is an Italian brand that pays great attention to appearance and basic characteristics. The convenience of the model is ensured by remote control. Moreover, you can even manage such functions as the power and direction of the airflow blinds. The rather high power consumption is compensated by the fast cooling rate and the coverage of a large area.

Characteristic Meaning
Recommended room area 65 sq. m
Power consumption 1.6 kWh
dimensions 76.8x49x37.6 cm


  • night mode;
  • fan speed control;
  • mobile movement;
  • temperature increase/decrease buttons;
  • drain tank full indicator.


  • high power consumption;
  • noise level is more than 56 dB.

ballu BPAC 20CE

The air conditioner with professional power Ballu BPAC 20CE will cope with the cooling of the entire apartment and even a small dance studio, while not requiring any special installation skills, except for connecting the cord to the electrical network. This model can simultaneously cool and dehumidify the air at a high speed — 1.3 liters of liquid per hour. For dehumidification, a special container is used, which is equipped with overflow protection and special indicators that indicate the need to remove condensate.

Characteristic Meaning
Recommended room area 58 sq. m
Power consumption 2.3 kWh
dimensions 86×43.5×73 cm


  • three fan speeds;
  • remote control;
  • regime independence;
  • auto mode;
  • suitable for basements.


  • power consumption;
  • not suitable for small spaces.

Regardless of which mobile air conditioner the user chooses, he will receive a convenient device that is easy to install and operate. There are a number of characteristics that you should pay attention to when buying such a device: the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe refrigerated room, power, the presence of additional functions, and so on. Everyone selects an air conditioner according to their needs, and this article will help to facilitate the choice, which tells about the main characteristics, pros and cons of these devices.

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