Rating of the best manual vacuum cleaners


The use of manual vacuum cleaners allows you to quickly remove crumbled cereals, small debris or ashes without the use of a conventional vacuum cleaner or wet cleaning. They are also actively used to clean personal computers, office equipment, audio and video equipment. Therefore, portable models are popular both for cleaning in an apartment and in a country house, in a car, for cleaning a PC, etc.

The best corded handheld vacuum cleaners

Xiaomi Jimmy JV35

Xiaomi Jimmy JV35

An ideal assistant for cleaning all upholstered furniture from dust in the house, including ticks. With a power consumption of 700 W, the suction power reaches 100 W. The device is equipped with a built-in UV lamp that kills dust mites and bacteria, and there is also a hot air supply with a temperature of 60 degrees.

The multi-stage filtration system increases the efficiency of the device, small particles are retained inside the container and do not fall back into the air. The kit includes a convenient turbo brush, which, due to its design, not only cleans, but also whips. The vacuum cleaner works from the socket, the length of the network cable is five meters. The container is easily removed from the grooves and shaken out.

Bomann CB 947

Bomann CB 947 vacuum cleaner

A practical handheld vacuum cleaner with a shoulder strap, which is convenient to use for regular dry cleaning of the room. Power consumption is rated at 700W, which provides a suction power of 100W. For garbage collection, a removable plastic container is used. Powered by the mains, the cord is long, six meters.

The manufacturer included a brush nozzle, a brush and a flexible elongated crevice nozzle in the factory package, which is also convenient to use for cleaning under furniture and kitchen cabinets. Separately, we note the stylish design of the case and the ergonomic handle mounted on top.

Kitfort KT-579

Kitfort KT-579

Another model of a handheld vacuum cleaner from this manufacturer, which runs on a built-in battery, the charge is enough for 10-12 minutes of autonomy. The capacity of the plastic waste container has a volume of 300 ml. Suction power reaches 90 W, there are several stages of filtration, including a fine filter. As a result, indoor air becomes cleaner, with less dust content.

The device is equipped not only with a battery and a charger, but also with two nozzles, narrow and wide. There is also a convenient charging base that can be mounted on the wall so that the vacuum cleaner is always at hand. The model weighs only 900 grams, hands do not get tired during cleaning, the noise level is acceptable.

The best hand-held cigarette lighter vacuum cleaners

Kitfort KT-537

Kitfort KT-537

A budget device that belongs to car vacuum cleaners and can be connected to the cigarette lighter. The cable is long, 4.5 meters allows you to clean without constraint of movement. This is a vacuum cleaner for dry surface treatment, however, there is also a liquid collection function, for this there is a special silicone nozzle in the kit.

The suction power is small, only 35 W, so the device will not cope with strong pollution, however, this power is enough for regular cleaning. The volume of the dust container reaches 400 ml, the walls are transparent, made of plastic, it is convenient to track the fullness.

The kit includes three nozzles, there is a case for storage and transportation, you can store not only the vacuum cleaner, but also nozzles in it. A fine filter is installed, 150 ml of liquid is placed in the dust collector.

Airline CYCLONE-3

Airline CYCLONE-3

A functional model of a car vacuum cleaner with five nozzles, thanks to which you can clean any surface in the cabin from dust and dirt. The compact case made of bright plastic is equipped with an ergonomic handle, a 500 ml container is used as a dust collector. The walls of the container are transparent, the user can always see how full it is.

A removable spout is installed at the end of the device, it is convenient to shake out the garbage through it without removing the container. The vacuum cleaner and nozzles are stored in a branded bag-case, it is convenient to carry the device in it. The model works from the cigarette lighter, the cable length is estimated at four meters.



An inexpensive car vacuum cleaner from a well-known brand, which is made of high-quality plastic and equipped with a four-meter power cord for connecting to the cigarette lighter. The device is designed for dry cleaning of a regular type, since the suction power is small, only 12 watts. There is a retractable slotted pipe, with its help it is convenient to vacuum under the rugs and seats.

The model has a place to store nozzles, a branded bag for storage and transportation, as well as a fine filter. Thanks to it, fine dust particles are trapped inside the 560 ml dust container, which greatly improves cleaning efficiency.

The best handheld vacuum cleaners with liquid collection function


ENDEVER VC-291 vacuum cleaner

Suitable for dry cleaning of the car interior and is able to collect spilled liquid through a special silicone nozzle. Equipped with a 400 ml container with transparent walls, thanks to which it is convenient to monitor its degree of filling.

The suction power is greater here, rated at 75 watts. The capacity of the dust container when liquid collection is activated can hold no more than 150 ml. There is an extension hose and a handy bag that fits not only the vacuum cleaner, but also all the nozzles from the kit.



A compact device from a reliable company, which is sold with a charging base. The battery capacity is small, after six hours of charging, autonomy lasts for 9-10 minutes. The base can be mounted on the wall. The device supports two types of cleaning, dry and wet, there is a liquid collection function.

As a dust collector, the manufacturer suggests using a container with transparent walls with a volume of 385 ml. The model has a good suction power of 90 watts. There is a fine filter, a brush for cleaning textiles and a crevice nozzle are included. The vacuum cleaner weighs less than 700 grams, it is convenient to operate it, the hand does not get numb.

ProfiCare PC-AKS 3034

ProfiCare PC-AKS 3034

A popular model of a handheld vacuum cleaner among motorists, which is designed for dry cleaning. Supports the function of collecting liquid, for this the kit has a special nozzle made of silicone.

A container with transparent walls is used to collect garbage, a vacuum cleaner is powered by a battery. It will take 4.5 hours to charge, after which the autonomy of the device will last for 20 minutes.

The charging base is equipped with a wall mount bracket, there is also a place to store attachments. Installed electronic protection against overcharging, there is a charge indicator. The dust filter is permanent, it can be washed and reused after drying.

The best handheld vacuum cleaners with a container

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Handhed Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Handhed Vacuum Cleaner

A beautiful ergonomic model of a handheld vacuum cleaner from a Chinese brand, which is useful for home cleaning and car interior cleaning. Equipped with a small transparent container, its volume reaches 100 ml, the device is powered by a 2000 mAh battery, a full charge of which is enough for 30 minutes of autonomy in economy mode and up to 10 minutes in high power.

The model weighs only 500 grams, the convenient handle greatly simplifies management. The fine filter reliably keeps the smallest dust particles inside the container, the air in the room becomes cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is intended exclusively for dry cleaning.

Kitfort KT-591

Kitfort KT-591

The classic model of a hand-held dry vacuum cleaner equipped with a 450 ml waste container. Comfortable handle, turbo brush, tufted brush and long crevice nozzle.

The device uses its own battery for operation, the duration of autonomy depends on the selected power mode. In the «economy» mode, the vacuum cleaner will work up to 25 minutes, at high intensity — up to 15 minutes.

The device can be parked vertically by attaching the charging base to the wall. It has a place to store nozzles. The power can be controlled using the switches on the handle, the maximum suction power reaches 100W.


BLACK+DECKER PD1820L vacuum cleaner

Functional model with a long hose, which can be used for house and car cleaning. Presented in a silver case, the kit has three nozzles that simplify interaction with various surfaces. The device works from its own battery, a full charge will provide up to 15 minutes of autonomy.

The suction power reaches 100 W, the garbage is collected inside the 560 ml container, and due to the fine filter, small particles are not returned to the air. It is convenient that 30 seconds before turning off the dead device, the charge indicator on the case starts flashing. It takes about four hours to recharge. Comes with a carrying case with plenty of storage space for both the device and the attachments.

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