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Today, the trend is wide natural lines, which invariably become the focus of all makeup. But even if by nature you got completely different eyebrows — thin, light or even asymmetrical, you don’t need to be upset — henna will help you correct such an injustice in a maximum of half an hour.

Nowadays, various procedures have appeared, such as tattooing or permanent coloring, which help to eliminate all problems. But they are performed in salons and are quite expensive. At home, you can use either paint or henna. If you have thick eyebrows and just need to give them a certain shade, then a coloring agent will help. If the hairs grow unevenly, the eyebrow line is broken, there are bald patches, then it is better to use henna. It also stains the skin, creating volume and shape, as with a tattoo.

The best budget henna for eyebrows


Fitocosmetics henna

The most popular Iranian henna from Fitocosmetics is produced ready-made, so it does not require dilution. Suitable for eyebrow tinting at home. The main feature is a low price combined with good quality. The tool has a powerful strengthening effect due to the high content of nutrients. There are 4 beautiful colors to choose from.

The staining process takes about 20 minutes, and the effect lasts for 2 weeks. Two sachets in the set are enough for several applications. The advantages of the product include the natural appearance of the eyebrows after the procedure, a lasting effect, a beautiful range of shades, and convenient use. Disadvantages: coarse grinding of henna, which can affect the result of staining, an unpleasant odor.

Rio Profi

Rio Profi henna

The natural composition without additives guarantees safety and hypoallergenicity. Depending on the intensity, the pigment will stay on the skin for up to 2 weeks, on the hairs — up to 1.5 months. Brown henna will create a noble natural shade, improve the condition of the eyebrows. By adding a different amount of water, you can adjust the saturation and brightness of the tone. Convenient use will not raise questions even for beginners without coloring skills. The instructions are clear and understandable. According to reviews, henna evenly stains the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin, even hairless. The result is voluminous eyebrows like after a tattoo procedure. For many, an inexpensive remedy has replaced expensive salon treatments. The unanimous rating of users is «five».


Nila henna

The Spanish manufacturing company Nila presents budget henna for eyebrows, which does not harm the skin and hairs. It is available in the form of a sachet with powder weighing 10 g. It is enough for several staining procedures. Henna gives the eyebrows a beautiful natural shade, is easy to apply and moisturizes the skin. The beautiful shine of the hairs after using Nila will be a nice bonus.

The product should be applied for 15-20 minutes, after washing off, the result appears after a while. Henna lasts almost a month on the eyebrows, a little less on the skin. It consists of safe careful components. Advantages: excellent price, good feedback from craftsmen and customers, high durability, economical consumption. Cons: No instructions included.

Innovator Cosmetics Sexy

Innovator Cosmetics Sexy henna

The Russian brand took care of its customers by creating a product for home use, similar to salon care. The kit includes everything you need to create perfect eyebrows in the desired color. These are capsules with 4 different shades: black, dark brown, brown and light brown. By experimenting and mixing them together, you can achieve a tone as close as possible to the hair color. In the kit there is a mineral solution for connecting with the powder, which replaces ordinary water.

With the help of microbrushes, it is convenient to apply the pigment and distribute it over the skin. The set also includes a measuring cup for mixing the ingredients. Many buyers rated this kit as the best convenient inexpensive product that will help you create beautiful defined eyebrows on your own.

The best professional henna for eyebrows

Lash&Brow Henna Henna

Lash&Brow Henna Henna henna

Professional eyebrow artists in most cases choose Lash&Brow henna for work. It is available in two forms — ready-made paste and dry powder for the preparation of the mixture, both types do not involve the use of peroxide and oxidizing agents. Henna in a bottle is ready for dyeing right away, besides, it already has a convenient applicator for application, it is used by both masters and women at home. The volume of the tube is enough for an average of 100 procedures.

The advantage of Lash&Brow is perfect color reproduction, it creates a light tattoo effect for 1-2 weeks, and it stays on the hairs throughout the entire cycle of their life — up to 6 weeks. The manufacturer took care of the color palette — in the line of 11 shades for all skin tones and hair.

Godefroy Eyebrow Tint Natural

Godefroy Eyebrow Tint Natural henna

The most popular American henna manufacturer is Godefroy. Eyebrow Tint Natural eyebrow tint has already proven itself among girls around the world. It is ideal for salon use. Special components of the composition provide the highest resistance — up to 1.5 months. The kit includes capsules and an oxidant that must be mixed before use.

The procedure takes only a few minutes, henna does not spread and quickly stains the eyebrows. One package is enough for up to 8 applications. The set already includes a special container and a brush. There are two shades to choose from: black and dark brown. Main advantages: everything you need is already included, better durability, high quality, good reviews from craftsmen, reliable manufacturer. The disadvantages include a limited selection of colors and a high price.

Bio Henna Premium

Bio Henna Premium henna

Bio Henna Premium offers shades for girls with any natural hair color. I am pleased with the hypoallergenic composition, allowed for pregnant and lactating women. The formula pigments both hairs and skin, the effect is close to tattooing. The user himself regulates the intensity of staining, the color varies from barely noticeable to very graphic. The base tone is mixed with 7 additional shades in the proportion you like. The color lays down evenly, stains even gray hairs. The manufacturer calls the composition caring. Buyers say that the hairs become thicker, grow faster. The formula comes off evenly, while the color does not change.

Henna is popular, with examples of all colors and blending options available online. Many note a rare shade for blondes. I am glad that the palette does not have a pronounced temperature and suits any skin. Only a few colors have cool or warm undertones. The product lasts up to 7 days on the skin and twice as long on the hairs. However, it does not respond well to many cosmetics, washing off with them with bald spots.

The best Indian henna for eyebrows



When it comes to Indian henna, SEXY BROW HENNA immediately comes to mind. It has gained great popularity all over the world due to the highest quality, perfect grinding and excellent composition. According to the masters, this henna is convenient and easy to use, quickly colors the eyebrows and gives them a natural natural shade. The kit includes 30 capsules, which are enough for more than 60 applications, as well as a solution and brushes.

Special capsules retain the original properties of the product for a long time. Henna is evenly applied and gently affects the hairs. With its help, it is quite easy to paint eyebrows and give them the perfect shape and color. Main features: high popularity, reliable manufacturer, beautiful shades, good reviews from masters. Disadvantage: not completely natural composition.

Luca’s cosmetics CC Brow

Luca’s cosmetics CC Brow henna

Another popular product for safe eyebrow coloring is CC Brow henna from the Indian company Luca`s cosmetics. The main feature of the product is an innovative care technology. It stays on the skin for up to two weeks, and on the hairs even longer. With this henna, it is easy to create the perfect contour. One pack of 5 g is enough for many applications.

Another feature is that warm water is needed to dilute the powder, and not a special oxidizing agent. This tool is very easy to dye the hairs without gluing them. The result of the procedure is amazing — perfect bright eyebrows with a natural shade. Advantages: excellent reviews of the masters, impeccable result, paints over the contour well, stays on the skin for a long time. Disadvantage: high price.



Eyebrow henna from LADY HENNA has a unique composition. It includes only two components: the world-famous henna from Rajasthan, as well as a safe dye of plant origin. This combination provides very high resistance, which is the main advantage of the product. The components make the hairs thicker and thicker, and also activate their growth.

Available in 10 g powder form, which is enough for a large number of applications. There are several standard shades to choose from (brown, black). The set includes a special brush and a container for stirring. Main advantages: good quality, effective composition, excellent results, long lasting on the skin, low price. No deficiencies found.

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