Rating of the best furminators for cats and dogs


To care for the hair of animals during the molting period, it is worth purchasing a furminator. This tool allows you to safely comb out the cover and reduces the period of hair loss. At home, easy-to-use furminators are most often used, which are a trimmer comb with very frequent teeth. But since their choice in pet stores is quite large, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best models.

The best furminators for dogs


FURminator furminator for dogs

A well-known brand of pet products produces the best furminators for dogs, taking into account the size of the breed and the length of the coat. Their tools are simple, but surprisingly convenient and effective. The durable comb blade is made of high quality stainless steel. The successful design ensures quick and painless removal of dead undercoat, significantly reducing the severity of shedding. To comb out up to 90% of dead hairs, no more than 4-5 procedures will be required. For easy cleaning of the furminator from wool, a special FURejector button is provided, and a rubberized handle eliminates the possibility of slipping during operation.

Users consider the furminators of this company to be the best. They like the ease of combing out the undercoat, the ability to choose the best option for a long-haired or short-haired dog of any breed. She does not pull the coat, so the dogs react quite calmly to the combing procedure.


HELLO PET 42344L furminator for dogs

The curved trimmer comb from Taiwan is equipped with a 44-tooth steel blade on a plastic holder. The rubber handle with a protector on the inside and outside ensures a secure fit in the hand when grooming. The product helps to remove dead undercoat, prevents tangles, reduces the shedding period by 90%. At the same time, the device does not damage the outer hair and skin. Wool acquires a healthy sheen. Suitable for long and short haired pets.

According to users, the animals do not experience discomfort during the combing procedure, there are no complaints about the safety of the furminator. The protective cap for the blade will help keep the teeth clean and protect them from mechanical damage. A minor disadvantage of the model is the need for manual cleaning, since it does not provide for an ejector. The quality of workmanship and efficiency of the device was approved by 100% of respondents.

Trixie 24173

Trixie 24173 furminator for dogs

If the condition of your pet’s coat leaves much to be desired, it is tangled and covered with tangles, this is the best option among all models available for sale. The Furminator combs out dead hairs of the undercoat very easily and cuts tangles. True, due to the small size of the instrument, it is more suitable for medium or small long-haired dogs. For large breeds, it is worth looking for a larger model.

The Furminator is very light, weighing only 120 grams, it fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the rubberized handle. Thanks to the built-in mechanism, changing the nozzle will take just a few seconds. The Furminator works gently and gently — even the most capricious and sensitive dogs do not mind combing. Already after the first use, the pet’s coat looks much better, and after a few procedures it becomes well-groomed and beautiful.


FOOLEE ONE XL 13CM furminator for dogs

This furminator was developed by a French company for the care of giant breed dogs with long or short hair. The model is produced in 10 colors. It is more curved in shape than the previous nominee. The inside of the handle is rubberized, equipped with a protector, which prevents it from slipping during grooming. The stainless steel blade is equipped with a large number of tightly fitting teeth, the quality of which excludes injury to the pet’s skin.

The manufacturer claims that in 2-3 sessions, the device helps to remove up to 92% of dead hairs, so molting is less noticeable, and the risk of intestinal blockage in a dog when swallowing hairballs is reduced. There were no negative reviews about the product, users have no complaints about the quality of its performance.


MARKETHOT Z00144 furminator for dogs

It copes with its task as well as expensive models — the wool does not cut, does not pull, the undercoat combs out well. Due to the rather long teeth, it is more suitable for dogs with medium or long hair. If you want to purchase an inexpensive, but high-quality and safe tool, then this is the best solution.

Dog owners have no complaints about the effectiveness of the furminator, but they are a little upset by the excessive weight of the product — 500 grams. This is about twice as much compared to expensive models from well-known manufacturers. But the increased weight still gives advantages — the tool is made very soundly and will last for many years. The handle is comfortable, and the quality of combing is excellent.

The best furminators for cats

Furminator Cat Small for cats with 2 combs 4.5 cm

Furminator Cat Small for cats with 2 combs 4.5 cm furminator for cats

The Cat Small Furminator is distinguished not only by its bright original design, but also by the presence of two composite combs in the kit. Black is suitable for intensive removal of excess hair, and white gently cares for the cover. The device is suitable for cats with short and long hair. During the molting period, it replaces the brush, comb and slicker.

Judging by the reviews, the device does not damage smooth guard hairs and skin. The Furminator is equipped with the Easee system, which allows you to adjust the combing depth and then remove the hair from the blades.

Furminator Deluxe Medium

Furminator Deluxe Medium furminator for cats

The model from the most famous manufacturer of furminators is designed for medium-sized shorthair cats. Unlike the classic line of the same brand, the furminator has an ergonomic, rubberized handle that provides comfort even during prolonged use (if you have several cats). And the button for cleaning the tool from wool simplifies and speeds up the procedure. The special design of the teeth eliminates the occurrence of discomfort in short-haired cats. They do not injure the skin, do not pull healthy hairs.

Although the Furminator is recommended specifically for shorthaired cats, many owners use it for furry pets as well. Only two or three procedures help to get rid of most of the dead undercoat and bring the cat’s coat to perfect condition.

Foolee One Medium

Foolee One Medium furminator for cats

This is a universal model that can be used for large cats or small indoor dogs of long-haired and short-haired breeds. The brand is well-known due to the high quality of materials, a simple but at the same time successful design that allows you to comb out up to 92% of the dead undercoat in just a few sessions. The comb is made of durable stainless steel, and its structure replaces several tools at once — a comb, brush and slicker.

Ergonomic rubberized handle provides a comfortable grip and prevents slipping. Furminator is indispensable during the molting period, the rest of the time its periodic use prevents the formation of tangles and the formation of hairballs in the stomach. The minimum weight of the product (150 grams) makes the procedure pleasant for the owner, and gentle combing is painless for the pet.


BEEZTEES SMALL furminator for cats

A good model that provides gentle and effective combing of the undercoat in cats. Some owners use them for small breed dogs. The big advantage of this model is that if the blade becomes dull or becomes unusable, it can be replaced. Although the comb is made of high quality steel, and taking into account the fact that the furminator is not used daily, it lasts for several years.

Pet owners are pleased with a very comfortable plastic, rubber-coated handle. It does not slip in the hand, the fingers do not get tired of it. Pets endure combing calmly, because it does not give them any discomfort. The width of the knife is 6 cm, which is considered optimal for cats of any breed. Some mistrust among buyers causes Chinese production, but those who have already used this tool definitely recommend it for purchase.


MY RULES SIZE M furminator for cats

The Chinese brand Furminator is based on the prototype of the original device, so their appearance is identical. The manufacturer positions the product as a tool for combing hair from cats and dogs of medium breeds, as evidenced by size M. The blade is made of stainless steel and has a length of 6.8 cm. The design is equipped with a button that automatically discards combed undercoat hairs from the teeth. At the same time, users note that the quality of self-cleaning depends on the type of pet’s coat. The voluminous anatomical handle with a rubber coating provides a secure grip and comfort during the procedure.

Cat owners confirm that the animals do not experience discomfort when combing, the product itself does not slip out of the hands. The advantages include high efficiency, since more than 90% of the dead undercoat is eliminated in several sessions, price / quality ratio. 95% of respondents recommend purchasing the model.

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