15 Best Summer Tires — 2020 Ranking


Already with the advent of spring, winter studded tires become unusable. But how do you choose the perfect summer tires for your car? You can study their technical characteristics for a long time, analyze the history of the best manufacturers. But it’s easier to get acquainted with the ready-made rating of the best summer tires.

What to look for when choosing summer tires

Summer tires are divided into all-weather, that is, suitable for other periods, sports and road. Sports models are used for high-speed driving, and road models are suitable for those who drive on public roads. Whatever type you choose, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Optimum diameter determined individually for each vehicle;
  • Tread pattern it can be symmetrical and asymmetric, directional and non-directional;
  • Wide profile suitable for those who drive at high speeds, narrow — for fans of calm movement;
  • Speed ​​index you need to choose according to the brand and model, it indicates the maximum safe speed;
  • Load indexthat is, the permissible continuous load on the tire depends on the model of the car;
  • The lower noise level inside the cabin, the more comfortable the ride will be and the lower the chances of driver error.

The best summer tire manufacturers

In order not to be disappointed in the quality of the purchased summer tires, you need to trust only certified manufacturers. They create their products in official factories and use quality materials. The ranking of the most trustworthy includes:

  • Bridgestone — a famous Japanese tire manufacturer, which appeared in 1931;
  • GOODYEAR is an American company that has been supplying rubber worldwide since 1898;
  • Continental — a well-known German manufacturer of accessories for cars, founded in 1871;
  • Nokian — a Finnish company that creates tires for difficult climatic conditions;
  • Pirelli is an Italian brand that ranks fifth in the world among international tire manufacturers.

Best Inexpensive Summer Tires

Bridgestone Ecopia EP150

Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 tires are designed to make driving as easy as possible on both high-quality modern road surfaces and unpaved roads. According to the manufacturer’s description, such tires save about 7.1% of fuel. This is due to Nano-Pro Technology, which provides minimal resistance to vehicle movement. In addition, Bridgestone rubber has increased wear resistance, so replacement will only be needed after a few seasons of use. And this is provided that its mass has decreased compared to previous models.


  • Good road grip;
  • Aspheric design blocking out noise;
  • Adequate price even when purchasing summer tires in real stores;
  • Supplied with many vehicles as a set;
  • High impact resistance of summer tires;
  • Increased block rigidity.


  • It gets dirty quickly and is poorly cleaned due to the peculiarities of the tread pattern;
  • It is difficult to find summer tires outside of online stores;
  • Not very reliable sidewall, which often has to be replaced.

Nokian Tires Nordman SX2

Nokian Tires Nordman SX2 summer tires provide excellent grip in all climates and speeds. They belong to a new line that combines quality and modern trends. You can notice them by the relief pattern on the tires, which allows you to get good grip and drive with less fuel. Internal grooves, forming an unusual pattern, also prevent hydroplaning and protect the wheels from mechanical damage. This is what guarantees the high wear resistance of Nokian tires, which is mentioned in literally every review.


  • Tires provide a quiet ride;
  • Optimum tread height;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • High-quality rubber in the composition;
  • Can be found in almost all stores in the central part of the country;
  • Good level of control.


  • Tires are not adapted for off-road;
  • Poor directional stability on a track;
  • Weak grip on wet surfaces.

Toyo Proxes CF2

Toyo Proxes CF2 are good quality summer tires suitable for medium to high horsepower vehicles. They provide a high level of safety of movement: a special terrain increases the grip of the road and the wheels, while it helps to gain additional speed. This significantly saves fuel costs and helps to successfully accelerate both for long and short driving times. By the way, the advantages of these tires were officially recognized in the world of cars: Gute Fahrt magazine gave the model a Good rating, which proves that for such a price, the technical characteristics of rubber are almost perfect.


  • Heavy-duty filler cord;
  • High-quality polymers in the composition of rubber;
  • Lightweight design and low resistance;
  • Good braking even on wet roads;
  • Optimized tread stiffness;
  • Stability at all temperatures.


  • Great weight;
  • Handling even during extreme driving;
  • Hard to handle off-road.

The best summer tires price-quality


Summer tires GOODYEAR Eagle Sport TZ have a reduced weight, which ensures comfortable movement of the car even at high speeds. They are resistant to mechanical stress and rarely deform. Therefore, according to reviews, one set is enough for several warm seasons. A nice plus is the asymmetric tread pattern, which provides perfect grip on asphalt roads. True, its power may not be enough to pass difficult routes. So it’s not worth installing tires of this model on SUVs or large vehicles.


  • Ideal composition of the rubber compound;
  • Durability and resistance to damage;
  • Good running even with tread wear;
  • Protective edge Flat Protection;
  • Tires are standard on many car models;
  • Medium hardness, optimal for the Russian climate.


  • Increased noise;
  • Weak sidewall;
  • Tires are not suitable for lovers of sharp maneuvers.

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

Summer tires Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 have a high quality of handling. They significantly shorten the stopping distance of the car: good grip in any condition and maneuverability make them optimal for those who live in the rhythm of the city. They have a comfortable and soft ride, and high-quality rubber easily copes with driving on dry and wet surfaces. So Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is ideally adapted to the changeable Russian weather. But the main advantage of such tires is their adequate cost. For a model that has passed the main tests in Europe and received the highest marks, this is amazing.


  • Tires tested by automobile clubs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria;
  • SSR emergency system;
  • ContiSeal technology providing sealing;
  • It is almost impossible to get a puncture due to the high density of the rubber;
  • High ergonomics;
  • Perfect handling.


  • Rarely found in domestic stores;
  • High price in contrast to older Continental models;
  • Soft side.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP200

Summer tires Bridgestone Ecopia EP200 saves about 12.3% fuel. It has good traction and a smooth ride that is fully controlled by the driver. This allows the driver to accelerate without wasting excess gasoline. There are many praises about the grip that is provided by the unique relief of the model. Users say that the Bridgestone Ecopia EP200 is suitable for both dry and wet roads. And these tires are resistant to mechanical stress and rarely punctured. The fact is that they consist of durable rubber, which is not damaged even by sharp objects.


  • Quiet running;
  • High stability;
  • High-quality rubber in the composition;
  • Strong sides, not prone to quick breakage;
  • Significant savings in gasoline;
  • You can use summer tires for several seasons.


  • Pretty high price;
  • Difficult to find outside of large salons;
  • Almost never comes with the car.

The best summer tires for cars

Bridgestone Turanza T001

Tires Bridgestone Turanza T001 are designed for the warm season. They have almost perfect specifications. Rubber features allow the model to grip the road well, while it retains controllability even on wet surfaces. Reduced rolling resistance allows the driver to save quite a lot of money on fuel: the car simply moves by itself due to the acceleration already available. Those who buy the model not for the first time note high wear resistance and suitability for use even after several months on the go, in the new season. It is because of this that Turanza T001 tires are considered optimal for travelers.


  • Tires are suitable for driving long distances;
  • Harmony between comfort and handling;
  • Optimized frame shape;
  • NanoPro-Tech technology for improved wet driving performance;
  • High permeability;
  • Beautiful design.


  • High price;
  • Not very strong sidewall;
  • Increased noise.

Nokian Tires Nordman SZ

Summer tires called Nokian Tires Nordman SZ were produced in Finland back in 2017. But the popularity of this model does not subside, as its high quality and successful technical characteristics allow it to compete with new ones. These summer tires are well suited for all climatic conditions. And the rubber compound and unusual tread relief allow you to control the slightest maneuvers of the car even at high speeds or in off-road conditions. The final plus of these tires is that they run quietly, which is surprising for representatives of this price segment.


  • One year extended manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Stable and accurate work;
  • Durability, allowing the use of rubber for several seasons;
  • High-quality relief, which is slowly clogged with dirt;
  • Reliable rubber compound in the composition;
  • Wide size range.


  • Rarely found in Russia;
  • Tires are quite expensive;
  • Strong resistance in contact with water.

Continental Premium Contact 6

Summer tires Continental PremiumContact 6 is another high-profile novelty in 2017, which is firmly entrenched in the market. Such summer tires have a strong grip, which makes the car more maneuverable and manageable. And they slowly get dirty, rarely collect pebbles and other small debris from the roads: the rubber tread has a specific ornament that warns against this. The advantage of this ornament is that it is slowly erased. So you can use summer tires for several warm seasons, which reduces the cost of maintaining a passenger vehicle.


  • Tires hold track very well;
  • Good balance;
  • Easily cope with wet roads and puddles;
  • Moderate hardness;
  • Nice design;
  • Rubber is often found both online and in real stores.


  • Tires are poorly balanced;
  • Not designed for mud riding
  • Average noise.

The best summer tires for crossovers and SUVs

Pirelli P Zero SUV

Car summer tires Pirelli P Zero SUV are ideal for large vehicles in the spirit of SUVs and crossovers. They belong to the Ultra High-Performance segment, that is, they are designed for large cars passing both in the city and in the wilderness or off-road. Some cars already come with these tires. This is achieved through close cooperation between the manufacturer and leading automotive brands. And, of course, thanks to the versatility of tires and their high compatibility with almost every car. Summer tire reviews note the PIRELLI NOISE CANCELING SYSTEM technology used. It almost completely eliminates the noise that appears during movement.


  • Relatively quiet running;
  • Summer tires hold the road well;
  • Multiple seasons can be used;
  • Durable sidewall;
  • High quality rubber in the composition;
  • Great rear wheel drive.


  • They are too expensive;
  • During heavy rains, the effect of aquaplaning appears;
  • Hard to find outside of online stores.

Cordiant Comfort 2 SUV

Summer tires for cars and trucks Cordiant Comfort 2 SUV provide a decent level of safety on the road. Cordiant COR technology makes grip reliable and of high quality. And the unique characteristics of these tires allow you to save fuel, as they do not slow down the accelerated car. By the way, you can ride on such tires both on dry and wet roads. No wonder they are positioned as the best option for SUVs and crossovers. The manufacturer achieves this effect through the use of high-quality rubber and giving the tread a complex pattern.


  • Moderate tire durability;
  • Adequate price for such quality;
  • Soft running, regardless of the quality of the path;
  • No aquaplaning;
  • Good grip;
  • Rubber does not break through when crossing obstacles.


  • After 450,000 kilometers traveled, balancing problems begin;
  • On the driving wheels, rubber wears out in a short time;
  • Tires don’t handle potholes well.

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

Tires Yokohama Geolandar A / T G015 are positioned as all-weather. But practice shows that it is better to take them for riding in the summer. They have good traction, which ensures high maneuverability and braking safety. Such a model copes well with driving through puddles or during rain. It’s all about a fairly detailed tread pattern, which allows you not to collect excess dirt while driving, and not to lose contact with the road. One of the main advantages of Yokohama products is their quietness. The fact that the wheels are spinning will be almost inaudible in the cabin, which makes the trip on such a car even more comfortable.


  • Suitable for driving on mud;
  • The correct level of rubber hardness;
  • road stability;
  • Aesthetic appearance and unusual tread pattern;
  • Tires are not afraid of hydroplaning;
  • Good wear resistance, allowing you to use several seasons.


  • Poor patency with a high level of dirt;
  • A small tread, which leads to fairly rapid abrasion;
  • Small pebbles easily get stuck in the tread pattern.

The best silent summer tires

MICHELIN CrossClimate+

MICHELIN CrossClimate+ summer tires are certified by the Customs Union. This proves that their quality is recognized everywhere. This rubber provides a stable ride on dry and wet surfaces. At the same time, high adhesion properties do not disappear even at temperatures of -5 degrees Celsius. This makes the summer tire model ideal for Russian conditions. Reviews often praise the directional tread pattern, which reduces the risk of hydroplaning. In general, an increased number of tread sectors allow it to grip even with snow. But it’s still not worth doing this: the tires are not in vain positioned as summer tires.


  • Improved tire handling on all types of roads;
  • Increased wear resistance;
  • Fuel efficiency;
  • High-quality rubber in the composition;
  • Warranty period of five years;
  • Laconic ornament on the tread.


  • On bare ice, rubber slides;
  • At speeds above 110 kilometers per hour, it does not cope well with turns;
  • Soft and weak sidewall.

Hankook Tire Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117

Hankook Tire Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 summer tires are a worthy solution for those who want to buy a product of good quality at an affordable price. These tires are pretty durable. At the same time, they can function successfully even in harsh conditions: during heavy rains, off-road or with high levels of mud. The advantage of this model is the Alignment Indicator. This Hankook development makes it possible to recognize incorrect wheel alignment even before something happens to the machine. According to the reviews, this summer tire has a good coating that does not wear off completely even after a season of intense driving. This suggests that it is worth buying Tire Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 silent tires.


  • Good road grip;
  • Quiet, almost silent for the driver and passengers move;
  • Nice pattern design on the tread;
  • Efficient and fast braking and sensitivity to steering;
  • The composition of high-quality rubber, which contains silicon-containing components of the latest generation;
  • Adequate cost even when buying in a real store.


  • Tendency to hydroplaning;
  • Punctures are easily formed even with careful driving;
  • The manufacturer underestimates the actual weight of the tires.

Pirelli Cinturato P1

Pirelli Cinturato P1 summer car tires are the premium choice for urban environments. Due to the unique pattern on the tread, this rubber moves easily on the road in any weather. When creating tires, modern rubber compounds were used, which makes it absolutely silent for those who are in the car. Smooth running and good turns make Pirelli Cinturato P1 summer tires optimal for novice drivers, as well as for those who value their comfort and time. A wide range of diameters allows you to install such tires on any cars and SUVs. After all, the model was developed specifically for high-class urban vehicles.


  • Good handling and maneuverability;
  • Quiet running, especially on the highway or on paved roads;
  • Moderate hardness;
  • High stability when driving at high speeds;
  • Excellent level of aquaplaning;
  • Safety ensured by excellent track following.


  • A car with such tires is hard to go over rough terrain;
  • Pretty high price for this quality;
  • Not suitable for off-road or poorly paved roads.

Which summer tires are better to choose

When choosing the best summer tires, determine your budget. So you can choose the best model without spending too much money. But if you are willing to pay more than average, consider the model of the car you are buying tires for. Tires are divided into models for crossovers and for passenger cars. You can also choose universal silent tires. They are much more expensive, however, if you value the quality and comfort of the ride, you can spend money. It is best to order tires online. This will allow you to get additional discounts or simply buy tires at a lower price than in a car dealership.

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