14 best electric kettles


The first devices for boiling water powered by electricity were created at the end of the 19th century. Over the years, they have improved, and now the best electric kettles are simple, convenient and safe devices, without which humanity cannot imagine its life. Based on consumer demand, our ranking includes models from various brands. The top will allow you to get acquainted with their characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and not make a mistake when buying the right household equipment.

What to look for when choosing an electric kettle?

With the advent of the electric kettle in the kitchen, the concept of «electric breakfast» arose. The main advantage of the device is that it completely relieved people of the need to constantly monitor the process of heating water. The problem of boiling, soot, and burning dishes disappeared. Gradually, the kettle has evolved to smart gadgets that not only turn on and off remotely, but also have many functions. Which model to choose depends on the set of parameters you need:

  1. Heating element type — open spiral and more modern — closed heater. The second option is preferable due to easy cleaning and longer service life.
  2. Power consumption – small kettles have low power consumption. For home and office, it is best to purchase a model up to 3 kW, eliminating unnecessary load.
  3. Optimal capacity – displacement depends on the number of users. You can calculate it using the formula: multiply the volume of your favorite mug by the number of household members.
  4. Housing material — plastic ones are distinguished by an inexpensive price, a wide color range, ease of maintenance, and light weight. Glass ones will have to be washed more often, but they do not give off odors and retain heat longer. Ceramic technique is less noisy, it practically does not form scale, but it is fragile and quite heavy. Metal equipment is the most durable, but it gets very hot on the outside.
  5. Additional options — rotation on the base, a special button for smoothly lifting the lid, heating and maintaining the temperature at the set values, thermostat, protection against switching on, on timer, removable internal filter.

Absolutely all electric kettles have a short power cord, and this cannot be considered a disadvantage. Thus, manufacturers take care of the safety of users. Too long a wire is easy to hurt, you can step on it by turning the device with boiling water over.

All models of electric kettles are equipped with an auto-off function when boiling. However, the developers went further by inventing a remote control. Such gadgets are considered smart and are not cheap. They have several heating modes, scheduling, dancing lights, setting the intensity of boiling, and even a built-in recipe book.

The best inexpensive plastic electric kettles

four Scarlett SC-EK18P49

White classics will never go out of style, especially if they are complemented by creative designs. The model with a corrugated body will fit perfectly into any modern interior. Scarlett SC-EK18P49 with a volume of 1.7 liters is well suited for a family of 4-5 people. The device is equipped with a closed heating element, a level control scale, an automatic lid opening system. When boiling, the device turns off on its own, and in the absence of liquid it does not enter into operation, which significantly increases the level of its safety. Removable nylon filter keeps out scale, debris and other foreign particles. Fine-mesh mesh can be removed and cleaned at any time.


  • Low noise
  • The smell disappears after the first use
  • Heats up quickly
  • The filter is removable and easy to clean
  • Non-marking body of the device
  • Compact cord storage
  • Non-slip handle
  • Acceptable cost


  • Cons not found

3 Bosch TTA 2009/2010/2201

The electric kettle, made on the principle of an electric samovar, was created for tea lovers and connoisseurs of aesthetics. The manufacturer presented a tea maker with automatic switching to the heating mode, consisting of a teapot and a boiling container, which can be used together or separately. The brewing element, placed above the device, allows you to constantly keep the brewing hot. The bottom with a hidden heating element is made of stainless steel. The base of the device rotates 360 degrees, so the gadget can be installed in any position. The volume of the main tank of Bosch TTA 2009/2010/2201 is 2 liters, the teapot is 0.7 liters.


  • Interesting translucent body design
  • Nice circular indicator light
  • The teapot is made of durable glass
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • There is a scale filter, level scale
  • Cord wraps compactly around the plinth


  • No switch-on lock when the tank is empty

2 Braun WK 300

Braun appliances are designed to last for many years of daily use. The model boasts the fastest boiling, reliability and ergonomic design. The spout of the Braun WK 300 is designed in such a way that it minimizes the risk of spilling boiling water on the user. In addition, it is equipped with an improved filter that is easy to wash. The buttons on the body of the device are conveniently located for turning on and opening the lid. A special indicator will notify you about the stages of heating. One of the main features of the device is increased security. It automatically turns off when removed from the base, empty container or boiling with the lid open. The volume of the kettle is 1.7 liters, the type of heating element is hidden, made of stainless steel.


  • The teapot has a two-level indicator
  • Easy to use for both right-handers and left-handers
  • There is an indication of inclusion
  • The smell of plastic and unpleasant aftertaste of water is not detected


one Tefal KO 120 Travel’City

The best inexpensive electric kettle is Tefal KO 120 Travel’City. It is difficult to do without this device on a trip or a trip to the country. The mini model with a volume of only 0.5 liters is equipped with a hidden heating element. The package includes two tea cups and two spoons — everything you need for a cozy tea party with a friend or loved one. Tefal KO 120 Travel’City has a level indicator, a two-position switch, and a cord storage compartment.


  • There is no smell and taste of plastic even at the first application
  • Durable power cable
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Quality build
  • There is a filter that prevents scale from getting into the tea.


  • Long boil time
  • There is no separate base, so when pouring, the cord will reach for the device

The best metal electric kettles

four REDMOND SkyKettle M170S

This 1.7 liter model will allow you to enjoy tea in an exquisite form. With the smart REDMOND SkyKettle M170S, you won’t have to get out of bed to make your morning coffee. The device can be controlled remotely via a mobile phone. To do this, just install a special application with settings and preferences. 5 temperature modes, saving the set parameters for 12 hours, an alarm clock function, convenient manual control — these are not all the advantages of the gadget.

No less pleased with its stylish design. The teapot is made in black color and original form, an unusual pattern is applied to the body. The device is made of high-quality steel, completely safe for kitchen appliances. She is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, mechanical damage and acid-base effects.


  • Intuitive app
  • In the presence of the auto-off function when boiling, empty flask, removing from the base
  • The device rotates 360 degrees on the stand


  • Cons not found

3 Philips HD9358

The main advantages of the model are strength and durability. The device is placed on the base with circular rotation. It is equipped with boil-dry protection, flat heating element, LED display, non-slip feet. The volume of Philips HD9358 is 1.7 liters. Filling is carried out in two ways: through the spout or the top opening. Turning on is indicated by a blue backlight. The device has two water level indicators.


  • The kettle is made of high quality stainless steel.
  • There is nothing superfluous in stylish design
  • Closed heating element
  • boils quickly


  • A little noisy when boiling

2 De’Longhi KBO 2001

Italian-style design always delights, doubly pleased when it is combined with high functionality and quality. These characteristics certainly apply to the De’Longhi KBO 2001 on a rotating base. The kettle is equipped with a reusable descaling filter, a water level indicator is located on the rear wall of the body, the capacity is 1.7 liters. Production material — Stainless steel — chrome stainless steel.


  • Beautiful high gloss finish
  • Silent operation
  • Fast boil
  • There is a power indicator light


one Bosch TWK 1201N

The best metal electric kettle for the home is the Bosch TWK 1201N. If your goal is to purchase a kettle for quick and safe boiling, this model will definitely appeal to you. The body of the Bosch TWK 1201N is all-metal, the base is made of plastic. The device is designed in such a way as to prevent user burns on a metal surface. Its distinctive feature is that when turned on, the lever must be raised up, and not lowered, as in other devices. The standard volume is 1.7 liters. Base with center contact rotates 360 degrees. The level indicator is located in the inside of the gadget. Additional functionality: shutdown when opening the lid, protection against overheating when the container is empty, auto-off when removed from the stand.


  • Simple, reliable design
  • The heating element is completely hidden
  • Detailed and clear user manual


  • Fixed cover

The best glass electric kettles

3 Scarlett IS-500

The model is produced from heat-resistant glass. When boiling, the kettle lights up in blue. The ergonomic handle of the device is made of thermally insulated plastic, which completely eliminates heating. The device automatically turns off from the network at the time of boiling, when removed from the base and underfilling. Capacity Scarlett IS-500 — 1.7 liters.


  • The model is equipped with protection against ingress of foreign particles and scale into the water.
  • Disc heating element
  • Fast, silent operation


  • No thermostat

2 Bosch TWK 7090

A small teapot with a volume of one and a half liters is made of German Schott DURAN glass and corrosion-resistant steel. Schott DURAN has high heat resistance, the maximum temperature of its use is 500 degrees Celsius. It perfectly tolerates temperature changes and does not react to acidic environments. Bosch TWK 7090 is equipped with three security levels. It provides for automatic shutdown when boiling and removing from the base, protection against overheating, lack of water. The wide diameter of the filling hole simplifies the maintenance of the product.


  • No plastic smell
  • The electric kettle does not wobble on the base
  • Virtually silent operation


  • Water stagnates in the spout
  • It is inconvenient to pour water through the spout due to its unsuccessful shape.

one Midea MK-8004

The best glass electric kettle according to reviews is Midea MK-8004. The model in silver is perfect for those who do not like to languish in anticipation of making delicious tea or coffee. Thanks to the hidden stainless steel heating element, additional impurities will never get into the drink. The 1.7 liter combined body of the device combines alloy steel and heat-resistant glass. The device is equipped with a scale and level indication.


  • High heating rate
  • Stylish appearance
  • Affordable cost


  • Lid only opens half way
  • Does not turn off by itself if you remove it from the base turned on

The best ceramic electric kettles

3 Ladomir 141

The original ornament in oriental style, which adorns the case of the model, will impress connoisseurs of beauty. Due to its unique design, Ladomir 141 will decorate any feast. The device automatically turns off when boiling, has a volume of 1.5 liters, is equipped with a backlit power button. The flat heating disc is made of corrosion-resistant steel.


  • Very quiet
  • high power
  • Strong body
  • Long term work
  • Able to be the highlight of any kitchen


  • You can’t see the water level until you open the lid
  • Hold the lid while pouring

2 Polaris PWK 1287CC

You will always know if the kettle is on because the appliance is equipped with a special indicator. The classic Polaris PWK 1287CC boils water quickly with an unusual fruity design. With its appearance, it resembles teapots of the 80s of the last century. The device is equipped with a closed heating element. Its capacity is 1.2 liters. The device is connected through a stand, it has a compartment for storing the cord. Silent operation technology ensures low noise level.


  • Fits perfectly into the kitchen interior
  • The handle stays cold during the heating process
  • No foreign odors
  • Low power consumption due to small size
  • Long-term preservation of the temperature of the heated liquid
  • Powerful heating element


  • No water volume gauge
  • Strange smell on first use

one Kelli KL-1339

The body of the electric kettle is a flask with a heating element completely hidden under the bottom. With the Kelli KL-1339, you don’t have to check the correct installation, because the base of the device rotates 360 degrees. The capacity of the device is 1.7 liters. In the absence of water, the model turns off automatically. It is equipped with a power indicator light. The gadget retains heat for a long time, does not reduce the taste of water. The smooth surface of the inside of the case prevents scale from accumulating, making it easy to clean.


  • Beautiful floral ornament
  • unusual shape
  • Functioning without interruption
  • Quality build
  • Comfortable spout shape


  • Heavy enough not to be given to a child
  • Virtually no extra features

Which electric kettle is better to buy?

Looking at the abundance of shapes, colors, materials of electric kettles, we can say that manufacturers are competing for the interest of buyers. In order not to get lost in the variety of products, it is necessary from the very beginning to formulate a list of tasks that the device will need to solve.

When buying a device for a large family, office team, opt for a roomy model. For travel and summer holidays, an electric kettle of small volume and compact size is quite suitable. Connoisseurs of innovation will enjoy smart gadgets with an extended list of additional features.

The equipment must be equipped with an automatic shutdown function. This mode makes it possible to save energy and not boil water for too long, destroying its beneficial properties. Experts recommend heating one portion only once, so as not to increase the concentration of salts. The ideal option is to choose a model with a blocking lock that protects against unexpected opening of the lid.

When purchasing equipment, you need to remember the rules for caring for it. The heating element of the device must always be hidden under water, scale should be removed regularly, the outer part of the body should be wiped with a damp cloth dipped in water. Under no circumstances should powder or gel cleaners be used for this. Don’t forget the filter either. From time to time it is necessary to remove scale particles from it and rinse it under running water. Compliance with the operating conditions will extend the life of the electric kettle by 2-3 times.

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