12 best welding machines


A semi-automatic welding machine is a practical choice for owners of houses and summer cottages, as well as car owners who do their own car maintenance. The main advantage of the semiautomatic device is ease of use and high-quality seam. There are different devices on sale, so it’s easy to get confused. We present to your attention the best semi-automatic welding machines.

What to look for when choosing a semi-automatic welding machine

The main performance characteristics of the semi-automatic welding machine can be found in the description, instructions. They must be taken into account in full, since each item is equally important. Options to consider when choosing:

Maximum current – in combination with the permanent inclusion factor. It determines the scope of the semiautomatic device, as well as the so-called margin of safety. With welding current, there are also bewilderments. There is simply no such adjustment on semiautomatic devices — only adjustment of the burner voltage is available. The lower the permanent inclusion factor, the more often you will have to pause during operation.

Power and operating voltage range — are important when it is planned to power the semi-automatic device from a weak electrical network in the private sector or in a garage array. The lower the power consumed by the device, the less voltage drops during operation. Accordingly, the lower the threshold of the voltage range, the higher the drawdown the semiautomatic device will keep without failures.

Possibility for polarity reversal — an important point during welding flux-cored (cored) wire. From this moment depends on the functionality of the device, the list of works that can be performed.

Availability of additional modes — they expand the functionality of the installations, although they increase the price. Usually semi-automatic machines come with MMA mode — manual arc welding.

Before making a purchase, decide on the thickness, types of materials to be welded, the dimensions of the objects to be welded, the length of the seams. The intensity of the use of a semi-automatic device is also important, as are the possibilities of the electrical network (home, country).

The best manufacturers of semi-automatic welding machines

The best inexpensive semi-automatic welding machines


Semi-automatic welding machine from RESANTA is well suited for welding using wire in a gas environment and working with piece electrode elements. When processing non-ferrous metals, inert gases are used — helium, argon. If you plan to work with alloyed, low-alloyed steels, pay attention to active gas.

The device for welding allows you to adjust the current automatically, change the wire feed speed. The optimal diameter of the working part is 0.6-0.8 mm, the broach mechanism is suitable for placing a coil within 5 kg.

To transfer the semi-automatic welding machine to the MMA welding mode, turn on the switch on the panel, then connect the cable with an electric holder (it comes with the kit). The presence of reliable protection guarantees the absence of sheer drops of rain, the ingress of large particles on the body. Overheating excluded.


  • unpretentiousness in service;
  • stable power parameters;
  • the possibility of using MMA welding;
  • polarity settings;
  • compactness;
  • place for installing the coil;
  • low price.


  • modest functionality.

Wester MIG 140i (MIG/MAG, MMA)

Welding semi-automatic device of inverter type for welding and welding of metal using electrode consumable wire. Shielding gases or flux wire are used as working media. The semiautomatic device allows to carry out electric arc welding.

The adjustments are smooth, the settings are flexible, which makes the operation of the device as comfortable as possible. This will allow you to solve problems of any complexity. The current at maximum voltage reaches 60%, which is enough for solving professional problems and calmly implementing complex projects. The dimensions are compact, the weight is small, the efficiency is high — due to the use of IGBT inverter technology. Built-in thermal protection will keep the inverter working in case of exceeding the maximum allowable temperature values. There are convenient light indicators, for protection against external factors there are pads on the case. Transportation is simple, largely due to the comfortable handle.


  • optimal equipment;
  • reliable protection;
  • presence of light indicators;
  • carrying handle;
  • the possibility of professional use.

Wert MIG 160 (MIG/MAG, MMA)

The Wert semi-automatic welding machine is well suited for beginners, simple tasks. A good choice for do-it-yourself car maintenance. One of the most affordable solutions in its category. It is possible to install coils up to 5 kg, which is generally the norm for the group in question.

The quality of the manufacturer’s equipment is high, the price is adequate. Wire feed is adjustable with current. Seizures are minimal, usually begin if the hose is bent. In general, the operation of the installation is problem-free. Soft self-protection is suitable for welding. There are no restrictions on the size of parts. With poor power supply, dead wiring, the ignition of the arc may be weak — it is better to use wire. A worthy solution for your money.


  • good functionality;
  • good reliability;
  • availability;
  • coils for 5 kg.


  • there is no wire feed adjustment separate from the current.


High-quality welding inverter, cooks everything and without problems. Suitable for use at home, in the country, in the garage. The ideal alternative to conventional arc welding. You can work on thin metal, with wire. Semi-automatic will appeal to beginners and those who are looking for a high quality tool at a good price.

Wire feeding is simple and clear, you will understand it the first time. Read the manual carefully, it describes all the features of the operation of the device. The wires are copper, although in some respects they are more similar to copper-plated ones. There are no restrictions on operating conditions, the solution is suitable for any environment.


  • price quality;
  • good reliability;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • thoughtful functionality;
  • compactness;
  • wide range of functions.


  • short wires.

The best semiautomatic welding machines price-quality

Aurora OVERMAN 200 (MIG/MAG)

Welding inverters OVERMAN 200 are used for semi-automatic welding. The working medium is MIG-MAG shielding gas, you can use a semi-automatic wire. Due to the positive operating mode with maximum currents, the device is well suited for solving household, professional tasks. It proves to be a reliable assistant, effective for working with aluminum.

You can use the model for semi-professional, household metal welding. Management is simple, thought out to the smallest detail. Settings are available from the front of the panel. Large voltage drops are acceptable. There are adjustments for voltage, welding current, inductance, the function of confident welding. Detailed speed settings for wire pulling are provided. Arc burning is consistently high.


  • maximum possibilities;
  • universality;
  • good reliability;
  • high current;
  • comprehensive protection.


  • you have to fiddle with the settings.

Svarog REAL MIG 200 (N24002N) BLACK (MIG/MAG, MMA)

The REAL MIG 200 semi-automatic welding machine from the Svarog company has an expanded package compared to its predecessors, an improved design. The grille on the front panel is made of plastic; an induction adjuster is additionally provided. The regulator is comfortable, rubberized. With a mains voltage of 160 volts, the operation is stable. Welding with the use of flux-cored wire is available, it is possible to work with aluminum.

Runs are idle, you can do afterburning of the welding wire. There is an MMA mode. For convenient wire feeding, a durable metal feed mechanism is provided. The model is reliable, ergonomic, has an average price. It is taken for domestic tasks, but you can use the equipment for professional purposes.


  • high reliability;
  • good functionality;
  • wide range of settings;
  • versatility.


  • need work breaks.

Aurora OVERMAN 160 (MIG/MAG)

The welding machine OVERMAN 160 belongs to semi-automatic devices, the working areas are represented by gaseous media. It is well suited for self-shielded flux-cored wire. It is possible to solve a wide range of tasks with virtually no restrictions. Use the semiautomatic device in production, in the garage, car service. Optimum results will be when processing aluminum. The semi-automatic welding machine is well suited for household, semi-professional areas.

Management is clear, understandable and simple. Reliable protection systems are integrated, even a novice master will perform settings without any problems. The service life of the units is impressive. The cost is above average, but it pays off during operation.


  • a wide range of adjustments;
  • settings for penetration depth, bead shape, arc stiffness;
  • confident metal welding;
  • connection of inductor heating;
  • fast, slow wire feed at operator’s choice.


  • the price is above average.


Inverter welding semi-automatic model for working with wire, electrode elements, well suited for non-consumable tungsten parts. Based on IGBT transistor elements. The semi-automatic device has no restrictions in terms of operating conditions. The control panel is intuitive. A transparent plastic cover is used for protection. The Antistick function reduces the welding current in case of electrode sticking. There is protection against overheating.

A socket is provided for connecting a heated gearbox. The connectors are enlarged, designed for a current of 315 V. They increase the service life of the cable-device connection in comparison with standard conditions. Semi-automatic is well suited for short and long seams. Microprocessor control.


  • price quality;
  • durability;
  • versatility of settings;
  • reliability, regardless of operating conditions;
  • microprocessor.

The best professional welding semiautomatic devices


Professional three-phase model for welding by a wire (steel) semiautomatic type. Working medium — MIG-MAG active or inert shielding gas, MMA stick electrode technology is suitable. The welding machine is used in production and professional services. The control interface is convenient, the semi-automatic setting is available to solve a wide range of tasks. IGBT technology guarantees reliability for many years of operation.

The inductance is adjustable to set the optimum melting depth, arc stiffness and bead shape. Burning stability is excellent, spatter is minimal. The wire spool can be installed up to D300. The giving mechanism of open type. All accessories necessary for operation are included. The power block is designed on the basis of IGBT.


  • user-friendly interface;
  • attractive design;
  • maximum performance;
  • high durability.


  • the price is above average.

BLUEWELD Starmig 215 Dual Synergic (TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA)

The professional machine is suitable for all types of welding. It is used in small industries and car services. The maximum quality of seams is guaranteed. It is possible to work with any materials, the most accurate integration of a set of 17 synergistic programs is guaranteed.

The model is in demand in the field of body repair. Functionality, reliability, the ability to obtain high-quality and beautiful welds are important. The display is liquid crystal, large. There is a Euro connector for connecting burners. After changing the polarity, you can work with flux-type or solid wires.


  • wide settings;
  • the ability to solve problems of increased complexity;
  • high durability;
  • overheat protection.


Productive inverters that belong to the professional category. The type of device execution is the so-called decompact. There is a take-out mechanism and a set of 4 rollers. In the standard delivery there is a package with cables up to the feeder — that is, 5 in length. As a result, the working area of ​​welding is expanded.

The control panel is extremely simple in terms of settings, it has a full set of necessary functions. Crater filling and gas purge are available. The operating mode of the burner element is four-stroke. There is a switch for changing poles. IGBT guarantees maximum durability of the solution.


  • stable long-term work;
  • convenient settings panel;
  • the presence of a pair of digital displays;
  • effective air cooling;
  • advanced modular control.

Svarog PRO MIG 200 (N229) (TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA)

Professional unit with a wide range of settings. It allows you to adjust the welding parameters, quickly perform all the basic settings. It is enough to select one parameter, and the rest will be set automatically.

There is a function of fast ignition of the arc, protection against sticking is provided. The manufacturer has integrated the option of uniform penetration into the device. You can use the device in unstable networks, with voltage drops. Preparation for work is extremely simple, it is recommended to do a blank run before starting work. There is a built-in test purge. The level of security is high.


  • good performance;
  • 100% protection;
  • 5 years warranty;
  • visual control;
  • light indicators;
  • shock resistance.


  • the cost is above average.

Which semi-automatic welding machine is better to choose

There is a huge selection of welding equipment for sale. You can choose the solution that suits you in terms of price, quality, and feature set. When compiling the rating, cost, consumer properties, and prevalence of models were taken into account. There are options for domestic, professional and universal use.

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