12 best hoverboards — Ranking 2020


Even 5 years ago, the choice of a hoverboard did not raise any questions — only one model was presented on the market. A simple variant with 6.5-inch wheels suggested that buyers decide only on the color: black, blue, red or green. But with the development of the industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a choice of a modern means of transportation. Devices are endowed with fashionable, but sometimes useless features, and the price of some models is 5-10 times higher than the cost of others. We figure out whether it makes sense to overpay, which parameters are really important and which brands to pay attention to.

What to look for when choosing a hoverboard

To find a suitable hoverboard model, select several options you like and compare by 5 parameters.

Wheel diameter. The criterion affects the comfort of movement: the larger the diameter, the weaker the bumps on the road are felt. Most hoverboards have 6.5-10 inch wheels. Tubeless 6.5 inches is a suitable option for teenagers and fragile girls. It is convenient to move around in squares, parks with 6.5-inch wheels, and the weight of the hoverboard remains low. For rough road riding and larger adults, look out for the 10″ diameter and the presence of cushioning tubes. The vehicle will be harder to carry around, but the air inside the wheel will smooth out the rocky and bumpy terrain.

Maximum speed. If this is your first hoverboard or if the device is intended for a child, pay attention to models with speeds up to 10-15 km/h. Children’s options should have built-in restraints for safe movement. More powerful models are capable of accelerating up to 20 km / h.

Maximum load. When choosing, be guided by the weight of all riders. The maximum possible load should be 10-15% more than the body weight of the heaviest family member. If you buy a gift for a child, look at the minimum indicator — the hoverboard may not respond to a light “driver”.

Battery capacity. The higher the indicator, the longer the hoverboard works without recharging. Focus on your own needs, but remember that high-capacity batteries make the device heavier.

Weight and dimensions. Comfortable dimensions depend on the rider. If you are going to ride a hoverboard on business and occasionally carry the vehicle in your hands, look for lightweight models. If you use the scooter solely for entertainment and lift it only to take it outside, you can also purchase a twenty-kilogram version.

Additional parameters do not affect the quality of movement, but simplify the process of using the model. The ability to connect the scooter to a smartphone allows you to configure the device even from the next room. Built-in speakers make it possible to turn on music without headphones and reduce the risk of accidents due to poor hearing.

The best inexpensive hoverboards

Smart Balance Pro 6.5

Smart Balance Pro 6.5 is configurable via a smartphone app, allowing you to limit your speed for a safer ride, detect cornering agility, and monitor performance as you drive. The hoverboard is responsive, with a balancing module, which allows beginners to understand the principle of operation in a couple of minutes. The design is shockproof, made of high-quality plastic and aluminum alloy. The model weighs 11 kg, but can withstand people weighing up to 100 kg.

On Smart Balance Pro 6.5, you can accelerate to 12 km / h. The battery capacity is enough for a distance of 15 km. The path in the dark can be illuminated with LED lights, and in the rain you can not be afraid of puddles — important elements are protected from moisture.


  • reliable, high-quality assembly;
  • works autonomously for more than 2 hours;
  • works great at low cost;
  • Connects with smart phone, easy to set up;
  • Beautiful design.


  • every pebble is felt, suitable only for smooth asphalt.

IconBIT Smart Scooter SD-2014

The IconBIT Smart Scooter SD-2014 hoverboard can withstand loads up to 100 kg. The minimum weight of a person who can operate the device is 25 kg. The model is designed for movement on a relatively flat surface with a slope angle not exceeding 15 °.

The maximum speed of Smart Scooter SD-2014 is 15 km/h. Learning to «driving» is quick and easy — auto-balance will help you not to fall at the first attempt to ride.


  • accelerates to 15 km / h;
  • withstands loads up to 100 kg;
  • small, convenient to carry;
  • good for baby.


  • small wheels without depreciation, shakes when driving on uneven surfaces;
  • no case included.

Smart Balance Wheel 6.5 APP

The small model with 6.5 inch wheels is well suited for moving on relatively flat surfaces. You can ride in the park, on the sidewalks or in shopping centers — wherever the slope angle does not exceed 15 °. In order not to be bored, speakers are built into the case. Music is turned on through a mobile application, a smartphone and a hoverboard are connected via Bluetooth.

Adults and children can ride the Smart Balance Wheel 6.5 APP – the frame can withstand loads up to 120 kg. The maximum speed of the hoverboard is 15 km/h. The maximum distance that can be covered on a single battery charge is 20 km.


  • able to withstand a person weighing up to 120 kg;
  • maximum speed — 15 km / h;
  • charges in a couple of hours;
  • travels up to 20 km on a single charge;
  • Equipped with Bluetooth speakers.


  • the diameter of the wheels is small, it will be inconvenient for an adult.

The best hoverboards price-quality


The advanced model comes with a 3 year warranty. A high class of hydroprotection, high-quality materials and a well-thought-out design allow you to use the hoverboard for several years without problems and breakdowns. You can ride on small pits, stones, surfaces with a slope of up to 30 ° and even puddles — the product can withstand immersion under water to a depth of up to a meter.

Suitable model for adults and children. The minimum perceived weight of the device is 10 kg, the maximum possible load is 110 kg. Comes complete with charger and durable carrying case.


  • good maneuverability and controllability;
  • quality assembly;
  • big wheels;
  • built-in speakers;
  • fast charging;
  • well protected from moisture;
  • case included.


  • the maximum possible load is overestimated, it is better for a large adult not to get up on a hoverboard;
  • With music on, the battery won’t last even an hour.

GT Smart Wheel Aqua 10.5

A highly passable model with a self-balancing module will help beginners master the nuances of control in a couple of minutes. You can set up the scooter directly from your smartphone by connecting via bluetooth. The application adjusts the sensitivity and maneuverability, monitors the battery charge, sets alerts and passwords that will not allow outsiders to use the hoverboard without a code.

On a single charge, the GT Smart Wheel Aqua 10.5 travels up to 30 km. Fully charged in 3 hours. The hoverboard accelerates to 18 km / h and can withstand up to 120 kg of load with a structure weight of 13 kg.


  • low price for excellent functionality and assembly;
  • good water protection;
  • high throughput due to wheels with a diameter of 10.5 inches;
  • can be controlled from a smartphone, block the use of a hoverboard with a password;
  • travels up to 30 km on a single charge;
  • maximum speed — 18 km / h.


  • heavy, you get tired of carrying 13 kg with you.

Smart Balance PRO 10.5

The hoverboard is equipped with a bluetooth module and speakers so as not to get bored while riding. The music is turned on using the phone, through it the parameters of the gyro scooter are configured. The battery capacity is sufficient for 30-120 minutes of driving, depending on the conditions. The device accelerates to 16 km / h and can withstand «drivers» weighing up to 100 kg.


  • travels up to 15 km on a single battery charge;
  • there are built-in speakers;
  • controlled through the brand’s mobile application, compatible only with original devices;
  • withstands up to 100 kg load;
  • moves smoothly, without shaking.

The best hoverboards for children 7-8 years old

Smart Balance Transformer 8

The product represents a line of lightweight yet powerful devices. Transformer 8 is ideal for the city — you can carry it with you, ride on sidewalks, paths in the park or squares. The maximum speed of Smart Balance Transformer 8 is 18 km/h. The Samsung battery promises a long battery life — up to 2 hours on a single charge. For entertainment while riding, you can listen to music through the built-in speakers or monitor the performance parameters in the smartphone application.


  • built-in speakers with good sound;
  • travels up to 20 km on a single charge;
  • well assembled, looks reliable;
  • accelerates to 18 km / h.


  • heavy to carry.

Smart Balance Premium 6.5″

Original devices are assembled from wear-resistant polymer. Together with a well-thought-out design and a Samsung battery, high-quality material increases the service life of the hoverboard and allows you to ride for several years. Self-balancing helps to learn «driving» in a couple of minutes. The model moves smoothly, does not fall over and does not get stuck in small pits due to the high suspension.

You can ride Smart Balance Premium 6.5 in any weather, time of day and in almost any season. For a comfortable night ride, the hoverboard is equipped with a backlight, in case of rain — protection from moisture. Withstands temperatures from -10 to +40°C, but the manufacturer recommends using the device in the warm season.

The hoverboard accelerates to 20 km/h. Charges in 2-3 hours, travels 20-25 km on one charge. When listening to music and using the backlight, the battery life will be shortened.


  • one charge is enough for a couple of hours of riding;
  • there are built-in speakers;
  • withstands loads up to 120 kg;
  • smooth ride and maneuverability.


  • takes a long time to charge.

Mizar 6.5″ (MZ6)

The Mizar hoverboard is suitable for people weighing from 20 to 120 kg. The body is made of high-quality plastic, the foot platforms are grooved and rubberized for stability. The maximum travel speed on the Mizar 6.5″ (MZ6) is 10 km/h. In combination with the self-balance solution, the solution increases the safety of the ride, does not allow the child to fall during braking and an unsuccessful start.

According to the manufacturer, the battery charges up to 180 minutes. Autonomous device travels up to 12 km. As additional «chips» in the design used LED-backlight and speakers.


  • small, weighs 8 kg;
  • accelerates to 10 km / h safe for the child;
  • low price for build quality and «stuffing»;
  • smoothly slows down, it is difficult to fall;
  • built-in loudspeakers.


  • the battery drains quickly, the charge is enough for a couple of short trips or one long one.

The best hoverboards for children 10 years old

Smart Balance PRO PREMIUM 10.5 V2

Available in 9 colors suitable for children and adults. It has a built-in backlight, bluetooth for connecting to a smartphone and a self-balancing function. It can move at speeds up to 20 km / h, but promises the most comfortable ride, without jerks, at 12 km / h. The charge is enough to travel a distance of up to 20 km, after which you will have to connect the model to the network for 2 hours.

The hoverboard weighs 13.5 kg. For convenience of transportation it is delivered with a cover. The gyro scooter is protected from moisture, it can even withstand riding on wet asphalt.


  • self-balancing and maneuverable, you can learn to stand and ride in 5 minutes;
  • accelerates to 20 km / h;
  • overcomes small stones and pits without problems, does not shake due to wide inflatable wheels;
  • built-in Bluetooth speakers;
  • very sensitive to movements, easy to control.


  • at high speed allows you to drive only on smooth asphalt, it is dangerous to accelerate on bumps;
  • not protected from water.

SmartONE AQUA Premium 10.5

The product comes with a charging cable, instructions and a carrying case. The hoverboard is equipped with an auto-balancing function for smooth movements, rolls without jerks. Waterproofing is installed on the battery, wheels and boards, you can use the device even in rainy weather.

The model accelerates to 16 km / h. On a single charge, it can travel 15 km, the battery is charged in 2-3 hours. It has built-in speakers, lights and connects to the phone app for convenience. The maximum possible load of 110 kg allows you to ride not only for children, but also for adults.


  • built-in speakers;
  • accelerates to 16 km / h;
  • travels up to 15 km on a single battery charge;
  • well built, looks solid.


  • heavy for a child.


The ZX-10 Lite gyro scooter is designed to work in extreme conditions. Withstands immersion under water — you can ride in puddles. Equipped with sensitive sensors that allow the device to respond to weights from 15 kg. The option is ideal for children, but also suitable for adults — a reinforced frame can withstand a load of up to 110 kg. For convenient transportation in the city, the device is equipped with a handle-holder, and for long trips, a branded case is included.


  • moves smoothly, without jerks and shaking;
  • accelerates to 15 km / h;
  • reinforced frame will withstand even an adult;
  • easy to manage;
  • connects to a smartphone.


  • takes a long time to charge;
  • the battery drains quickly.

Which scooter is better to choose

Before you decide on the option, decide for what purposes the gyro scooter is purchased. What surfaces do you plan to drive on, how long the device should work without recharging, and whether you will carry the vehicle in your hands. The answers to these questions will help determine the type and diameter of wheels, battery capacity and weight of the product.

Try to focus on build quality, do not look at low prices and big discounts. Assembled in a handicraft way and from low-grade components, models quickly fail, and sometimes ignite or explode during charging or riding.

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