We choose the best dumbbells for home workouts from the most popular manufacturers


To keep their body in shape, most people go to gyms, but there are those who do physical activity at home. The first equipment for such exercises are dumbbells. They are used to work out most small muscle groups. There are two types of dumbbells: type-setting and solid-cast. Set-up models are the best option for home workouts, because you can independently adjust the weight and load, and they do not take up much space. As for solid-cast dumbbells, these dumbbells are more suitable for training in the gym. They have a specific weight step, for example, 2 kg, and for full-fledged classes they need a large number. Accordingly, it is not practical for practicing at home. In order for home workouts to be effective, you need to choose the best dumbbells for home. This will help the rating of popular models from well-known companies.

The best solid dumbbells for home

Lite Weights 2951NP 1.5 kg

The first model in the review has a bright and comfortable design. It differs from other dumbbells in its light weight and is more suitable for fitness and aerobics. By doing simple exercises with such an accessory, you can strengthen the muscles of the chest, forearm, arms, back, etc. They are covered with non-slip neoprene material that repels moisture. With it, you can hold the dumbbell in your hand easily and securely. Due to their small size and weight, these dumbbells are convenient to take with you in a sports bag or store at home without taking up much space.

Characteristic Meaning
Brand Lite Weights
Type of solid dumbbell
Dimensions, mm 190 x 60 x 60


  • affordable price;
  • beautiful coloring;
  • ease of use;
  • lie pleasantly in the hand;
  • have optimal weight;
  • do not slip.


  • have a smell in the first days of use;
  • there is no way to add weight.

Iron Body 4766DP 3 kg

The following dumbbells are ideal for beginners for home strength training. They provide a sufficient load on the muscles and help to give the body a sporty relief. This model has a vinyl surface, thanks to which it is securely fixed in the hand. It is convenient to do exercises with them in dynamics, while they do not slip in the hand and do not cause noise when in contact with the surface. There are slices on the disks, due to which the dumbbell will not roll on the floor and does not require additional stands.

Characteristic Meaning
Brand Iron Body
Type of solid dumbbell
Dimensions, mm 195 x 10 x 10


  • optimal size and weight;
  • suitable for beginners;
  • the presence of different colors;
  • high-quality coverage;
  • no bad odors.


  • color may differ from the advertising picture;
  • price.

ICAN IDB-10 1.5 kg

These neoprene coated dumbbells are perfect for home workouts. During classes, they do not cause noise from contact with the surface, do not scratch it, and due to their design, they do not roll on the floor. They have an attractive appearance, and due to their small size they do not take up much space. Dumbbells, used as additional weights, make it possible to quickly develop muscles and achieve the desired result. The outer coating partially absorbs moisture, which ensures a secure fit and prevents slipping in the hand.

Characteristic Meaning
Brand ICAN
Type of solid dumbbell
Dimensions, mm 215×100×100


  • pleasant material;
  • convenient form;
  • can be used as push-ups;
  • safe in operation;
  • the manufacturer gives a guarantee.


  • In the first days of use, there is a smell.
  • there is a slight marriage of coverage.

REEBOK RAWT-11055BK 5 kg

With the help of such modern sports equipment, you can quickly and effectively work out the muscles of the biceps and triceps, strengthen the muscles of the back and shoulders, and also use them as weights for doing abdominal exercises. Light weight accessories designed for warm-up, fitness and aerobics. Ideal for beginners for home workouts. The dumbbells have a vinyl coating that prevents calluses, slippage in the hand and damage to the floor in the event of a fall.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer Reebok
Type of solid dumbbell
Dimensions, mm 210×80×80


  • classic design;
  • high quality materials;
  • long service life;
  • sufficient load on the muscles;
  • does not slip and does not roll on the floor;
  • the coating qualitatively absorbs moisture;


  • in the first days of use it stinks of plastic;
  • high price.

TITAN 10 kg

The simplest and most effective sports equipment is a kettlebell. With its use in training, you can develop physical fitness and strength endurance. This version of solid dumbbells is actively used for training at home and in the gym for training in many sports. The professional cast weight is made of cast iron, so it is durable, strong and resistant to corrosion. Due to its small size, this model is convenient to store at home, it does not take up much space, and a special stand is provided for it.

Characteristic Meaning Meaning
Manufacturer Titan
Type of solid dumbbell
Dimensions, mm 210×180×100


  • great for warm-up;
  • optimal weight;
  • comfortable handle;
  • durable;
  • fast results after application.


  • noise during an accidental fall;
  • may damage the surface;

The best collapsible dumbbells

Starfit DB-702 3 kg

This folding dumbbell is one of the most convenient options for exercising at home, its weight can be easily changed, taking into account physical fitness. Such a projectile is suitable for fitness, gym classes and home workouts. The design consists of a steel neck and rubberized discs of different weights. The rubber coating on the pancakes extends the life and minimizes the noise from the activity. A plastic surface is provided at the place of the neck grip, which does not slip in the hand and increases the safety of training.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer starfit
Type of dumbbell collapsible
Dimensions, mm 250×115×135


  • light weight, easy to change;
  • suitable for beginners;
  • compact size;
  • convenient design;
  • discs are secure.


  • round discs;
  • coating wears out over time.

Lite Weights 3103CD 10 kg

Another inexpensive and practical sports equipment for daily training, which entered the top of the best. The discs have a plastic coating, which makes them silent when in contact with the floor and does not damage it in the event of a fall. Dumbbells are ideal for keeping fit, can be used in the gym and at home. With their help, you can effectively work out the muscles of the arms, torso and shoulder girdle, develop the heart muscle, and improve the respiratory system. The discs are easily replaced with screw retainers. Thanks to the selection of weight, they are suitable for both men and women, and they do not take up much space when stored.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer Lite Weights
Type of dumbbell collapsible
Dimensions, mm 460×254


  • multifunctional;
  • universal load;
  • anti-slip notch on the fingerboard;
  • long service life;
  • protection against damage to the floor.


  • rolls on the floor surface;
  • if mechanical damage occurs, the cement that is inside will spill out.

The best dumbbell sets


These dumbbells are a great addition to arm and upper body workouts. The light-to-medium weight makes them ideal not only for beginners, but also for more experienced athletes (for example, as an addition to jogging). The dumbbell grips are covered with foam rubber, while they fit comfortably in the hand and there is no chance of injury. A distinctive feature are adjustable Velcro. They provide security and do not fall out of the hand during vigorous workouts.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer start up
The weight 2×0.75 kg
Dimensions 18×8×4


  • a large selection of colors;
  • functionality;
  • convenient to use;
  • soft handle;
  • reliable fixation;
  • without smell.


  • crumpled look of foam rubber after use.
  • price.

Euro classic EK-212

These dumbbells have a unique design and allow you to diversify sports training. With their help, they develop muscles, strengthen muscle tissue and increase the endurance of the body, they are used during jogging for weighting. Thanks to the anti-slip vinyl coating, they guarantee comfort during training. Dumbbells are of high quality and durability, made of plastic, inside of which there is a composite mixture.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer Euro classic
The weight 2×5 kg
Dimensions 20×9×18


  • good price;
  • performance quality;
  • various color options;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • optimal weight.


  • uncomfortable shape;
  • massive and wide;
  • round discs roll on the floor.


Dumbbell sets are used for productive workouts at home and in the gym. With regular training, the muscles of the shoulder girdle and back are strengthened, the figure is tightened. This set of accessories is vinyl coated for a secure and comfortable grip. Dumbbells are pleasant to the touch, do not leave blisters, in case of an accidental fall, the risk of scratching the floor is minimal. Due to the optimal weight and size, they are convenient for storage and transportation.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer ATEMI
The weight 2 × 4 kg
Dimensions, cm 20×9.5


  • convenient form;
  • great quality;
  • affordable price;
  • can be used as stops;
  • have no foreign smell.


  • there is no way to change the weight;
  • design.

Dumbbells for home workouts are excellent equipment for maintaining physical fitness. When choosing, you need to understand what results you want to achieve from classes with a new accessory. At home, it is better to use collapsible and cast models of small volume. Dumbbell rows are professional equipment for gyms. In any case, it is important that such shells are of high quality, safe and comfortable to use. The models listed above just correspond to this description.

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