TOP 6 best home wraps: rating, effectiveness, which one to buy, comparison with analogues


The body wrap came to us from Ancient Egypt and allows not only to get rid of orange peel, improve body contour, but also to get positive emotions, take a break from everyday life. If there is no time and opportunity to visit beauty salons, then you can buy a home wrap product in the store.

Many manufacturers of cosmetic products produce lines to get rid of cellulite and excess volume. In the rating you will get acquainted with popular products in the form of creams and gels with hot and cold effects. You will also learn how to prepare an effective home wrap yourself.

Rating of home wraps

Fitness Model Express Slimming

Hot wrap based on red pepper, black clay and alpha-lipoic acid. Thanks to the components, blood flow to the upper layers of the skin increases, metabolic processes, lymphatic drainage, removal of toxins and excess moisture increase. The composition contains tea tree oil, which moisturizes, nourishes and disinfects the skin. According to the manufacturer, one procedure replaces 50 minutes of active sports. In fact, a home remedy is effective only in combination with diet and exercise.

Fitness Model hot body wrap
Type of hotter
Active substances red pepper, L-carnitine
Exposure time (min.) twenty
Peculiarities for all skin types
  • low price;
  • pleasant sweetish aroma;
  • nourishes the skin and makes it matte.
  • one jar is enough for only 5 procedures;
  • some clients complain of a strong burning sensation.

I bought this product for a hot wrap. Its price is attractive, so the choice fell on the Fitness Model. The consistency is similar to thick clay. The composition contains benzyl alcohol, which confused me a little. But there are tea tree oil and cardamom extract. It burns very strongly, so the first time I could not stand it for 10 minutes. Feelings are not pleasant. I went through the entire course of 10 procedures, but there was no result of losing weight.

If pepper is present in the composition, then first the product must be removed with napkins, and only then rinsed with water. Otherwise, the burning will intensify.

Compliment Body Rituals coffee and orange

Drainage hot wrap for home use. The consistency is thick with a bright smell of spices. The active ingredients of coffee, cinnamon, orange essential oil have antioxidant properties, accelerate blood circulation and eliminate toxins. This effect contributes to the breakdown of subcutaneous fat and the reduction of cellulite. It also removes excess moisture. Thus, the contour and condition of the skin is improved. Customers note a beneficial effect on the skin and the results of losing weight after the course.

Compliment body wrap body rituals coffee and orange
Type of hotter
Active substances caffeine, orange oil
Exposure time (min.) twenty
Peculiarities tones up
  • pleasant aroma of spices;
  • thick consistency;
  • elasticity and volume reduction;
  • large bank size.

This is not the first time I buy this wrap and have been using it periodically for more than a year. Liked it from the first use. It bakes under the film, but within the tolerable limits and in terms of its effect it resembles a warming ointment. The smell of spices is pleasant. After using it, my skin became smoother and firmer. Together with fitness, volumes go faster.

Beauty Style bandage

This remedy for home use is an impregnated bandage. They must be applied to the problem area. Winding should be done strictly while standing and not pulling too hard. Exposure to cold narrows and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improving microcirculation. Perfect for women suffering from varicose veins and edema. The main components of the impregnating composition: peppermint and antioxidants. Helps with sagging skin, cellulite and edema.

Beauty Style bandage wrap
Type of cold
Active substances mint extract
Exposure time (min.) twenty
Peculiarities bandages
  • the bandage is very well impregnated;
  • cold tolerant;
  • tangible effect.
  • one bandage is enough for one leg;
  • single use;
  • expensive for the course.

I bought bandages of this company for hot and cold wrapping. The first one could not stand it and it was just hell. But I liked the second cold one, especially if you do it in a hot summer. It cools within normal limits and is tolerable, even pleasant. The bandages are soaked very strongly and this is a plus for the manufacturer, but they are short. I only had one leg. After that, I reused the bandage for the second leg. The result is felt from the first time, as fatigue disappears and swelling subsides.

Cold wrap is contraindicated for those who have problems with the liver and kidneys, since the elimination of toxins occurs through feces and urine.

Vitex Dead Sea thermoactive mud

Many of us have heard about the beneficial and healing properties of salt and mud from the Dead Sea. Thalassotherapy can now be carried out at home. The Belarusian manufacturer offers to use a wrap with mud and Dead Sea salt. The ingredients will help remove swelling, improve blood microcirculation, make the skin more elastic and smooth. Additional substances are caffeine, green coffee extract and ginger. They have an anti-cellulite effect and remove toxins. The hot effect is achieved due to the presence of pepper.

Vitex body wrap Dead Sea thermoactive mud
Type of hotter
Active substances Dead Sea mud, caffeine, sea salt
Exposure time (min.) thirty
Peculiarities anti-cellulite
  • composition rich in micro- and macroelements;
  • economical consumption;
  • low cost;
  • results from the first treatment.
  • some clients noted a strong burning sensation.

This is not the first time I buy a body wrap from Vitex. Bakes after application in 5-7 minutes, but within reason. I apply not too thickly and wrap it tightly with a film. It is better not to wash off in the shower, as it will burn very much. From the first time, it took 1 cm from the volume, and the skin became smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Do not perform this procedure if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, there are wounds and rashes on your body, as well as if you have oncology, cardiovascular diseases.

ARAVIA Laboratories Seaweed Shaping with clay and seaweed

Spa care for home use with the main components: white clay (kaolin), kelp, cocoa. The tool belongs to the professional, but it can be easily used at home. Despite the cost, the expense is low. Removal of excess moisture and toxins thanks to clay and algae. And the presence of shea butter and almonds saturate the skin, making it supple and smooth, and also provide deep hydration. You need to apply 1-2 times a week with a course of 10-12 times.

ARAVIA Laboratories Seaweed Shaping with clay and seaweed
Type of cold
Active substances clay, algae extract
Exposure time (min.) 40
Peculiarities professional
  • pleasant aroma;
  • tangible results from the first days of application;
  • moisturizing, tightening and getting rid of cellulite;
  • economical consumption.
  • it is inconvenient to wind the film, as it slips.

I use it for the third time. From the first procedures, the skin became more elastic and toned. The orange peel gradually disappears, although it was not very pronounced for me. Feels hydrated and nourished. The thermal effect is weak, but the result is strong.

Valentina Kostina lymphatic drainage

Cold home wrap mask. The jar contains 500 ml, which is quite enough for a full course. main components: white clay, white tea extract and ginger, and also present in sufficient quantities of menthol, mint, camphor, algae and oils. All components of the mask are natural. The ingredients activate the lymph flow, helping to naturally eliminate toxins through the kidneys and liver. This tool helps to moisturize the skin, reduce the visibility of stretch marks, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and removes swelling. May cause allergies, so test first.

Valentina Kostina lymphatic drainage wrap
Type of cold
Active substances menthol, caffeine, seaweed
Exposure time (min.) thirty
Peculiarities stretch marks correction, rich hydration
  • the mask saturates with micro-, macroelements and vitamins;
  • cools slightly, therefore suitable for sensitive women;
  • well removes excess moisture;
  • gives turgor, reduces the development of stretch marks and makes the walls of blood vessels stronger.
  • some women have an allergic reaction to the components.

The first procedure was successful. I really liked it, as it felt hydrated and improved body contours. The cold is not strong and quite pleasant, which is also important for me. The composition is completely natural. That is what bought it. But the next day, pimples poured out in the places of wrapping. It appears to be an allergic reaction to some component.

Effective home wrap for weight loss

Properly selected components for wrapping and following the rules of the procedure will allow you to remove excess moisture from the body, improve contours, get rid of cellulite and enrich the skin with micro and macro elements. Therefore, I want to introduce you to effective recipes that can be easily prepared at home.

Clay is a natural pantry of micro and macro elements, which has nutritional properties, as well as relieves inflammation and improves blood circulation. Depending on the desired result, the type of skin and its condition, you need to choose the right component for wrapping. There are the following types of clay:

  1. White. Best of all improves blood microcirculation, raises the temperature and removes excess moisture. But it is contraindicated in varicose veins, oncological diseases and representatives with dry skin.
  2. Green. It dries well, slows down aging and has an effect similar to a scrub.
  3. blue. It has detox properties, fights cellulite (due to the silicon content) and inflammation. It contains the most nutrients.
  4. Black. Increases lymphatic drainage, fights cellulite, removes decay products.
  5. Red. Fights fat deposits and perfectly cleanses.

Buy clay powder for home use at a beauty supply store. Mix it in a cup of warm water until it becomes a thick paste so that there are no lumps. To enhance the effect, you can add a few drops of grapefruit, orange, juniper or ylang-ylang essential oil to the composition.

The second recipe is with clay and kelp powder. The mixtures are combined at the rate of 1:1 and diluted with warm water. Infuse for 15-20 minutes and after the expiration add 2-3 drops of essential oil.

Clay and honey are also able to moisturize and remove excess moisture. In this case, 100 gr. blue clay you need to take 50 gr. honey. Add warm water and stir until thick cream.

Apply the wrap in a thick layer on problem areas. Wrap with cling film in 3-4 layers and lie down under a warm blanket for 30-40 minutes. Rinse off the mixture in the shower, and then apply a moisturizer to the treated areas.

With natural honey, you can prepare another home wrap. In this case, mustard will serve as the second component. We take mustard powder 1 part and 4 parts of honey. Mix thoroughly until smooth. Distribute on problem areas and rub for 5 minutes. Wrap yourself in foil and wrap yourself under the covers for 40 minutes.

Mustard warms up our body, increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and opens pores. And honey has more than 400 useful substances that enter the body and start the processes of fat burning and boosting immunity.

Valuable substances of natural coffee increase blood microcirculation, and beneficial substances nourish the skin. Spent coffee grounds are applied liberally to problem areas and then wrapped in cling film. Leave on for 30-40 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Cinnamon contains antioxidants, tannins and esters. It is often used in professional wrapping. Mix 7 gr. cinnamon powder with 50 ml. olive oil. Stir until smooth and apply to problem areas. This mask is kept for 60 minutes.

Wraps are carried out twice a week in a course of 10-12 procedures. Only in this case you will be able not only to feel a positive result, but also to keep it.

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