TOP 5 best thermostatic yogurts: rating, benefits, which one to choose, reviews


Thermostatic dairy products are produced according to a special fermentation technology in individual containers. This technological process allows to achieve a dense and uniform texture and a delicate, almost homemade taste of the product. Thermostatic yogurt can be used as a base for salad dressing or as an addition to breakfast if you add muesli and fresh berries to it.

In this review, 5 popular manufacturers of classic thermostatic yoghurt without filler participate. We will check their quality characteristics and tell you what are the features of this type of product and what you need to pay attention to when buying.

Rating of thermostatic yoghurts without sugar


Natural low-fat yogurt in a plastic jar with an airtight foil lid. The fermented milk product is made according to the traditional fermentation technology right in the container. It has a dense and homogeneous texture, a neutral creamy taste with a natural sourness. Can be a good base for sauces and desserts.

Made from powdered and skimmed milk and sourdough. Does not contain preservatives, sugar and flavors. Shelf life is 35 days, after opening it is not recommended to store.

Fat content, % 1.5
Weight, g 250
Calorie content, kcal 47
Compound standardized milk (skimmed milk, cream, skimmed milk powder), yogurt starter
  • low calorie;
  • delicious;
  • delicate texture;
  • natural composition

Delicious and healthy fitness yogurt with low fat content and creamy taste. It has a good composition and convenient packaging. If you add herbs, garlic and spices, you get an excellent salad dressing.


Classic medium-fat yogurt without filler in a plastic jar with a cap-shaped sticker. The product is enriched with bifidobacteria, which have a beneficial effect on the digestion process and contribute to the removal of toxic substances from the body. The consistency is moderately thick and airy.

The product does not contain additives and preservatives, it is made according to the manufacturer’s specifications from normalized milk. The maximum storage period is 30 days.

Fat content, % 3.5
Weight, g 170
Calorie content, kcal 64
Compound normalized milk, yogurt starter, ActiRegularis bifidobacteria
  • natural taste;
  • convenient portion packaging;
  • affordable price;
  • saturates well;
  • not detected.

Delighted with this yogurt — what you need for proper nutrition! Delicious and healthy, reminiscent of homemade Bulgarian. The taste is light and richly creamy, slightly sour and without sugar. Saturates perfectly, I recommend.

«House in the village»

Classic thermostatic sugar-free yogurt in a plastic foil jar. Special aseptic packaging allows you to extend the shelf life of the product without adding preservatives. It consists of only two components — natural milk and sourdough. The taste of the product is delicate and creamy, somewhat reminiscent of kefir, only thick. It has a velvety texture without lumps.

The product is valid for one month from the production date. After opening, it is recommended to use immediately. A small amount of serum may naturally be released on the surface.

Fat content, % 3.7
Weight, g 150
Calorie content, kcal 67
Compound normalized milk, sourdough
  • basis for many recipes;
  • thick;
  • useful

This yogurt will appeal to those who love the natural taste without any additives. It’s nice to eat alone or in combination with granola, jam.


A fermented milk product from a Belarusian manufacturer with a low fat content in a plastic cup. Made from environmentally friendly cow’s milk and sourdough without thickeners and additives. It has a neutral creamy taste and smell without sourness. The consistency is airy and homogeneous, the color is closer to light cream.

The product is suitable for baby food. Portion packaging is suitable for a one-time snack. The expiration date is 30 days.

Fat content, % 1.5
Weight, g 125
Calorie content, kcal 48.7
Compound normalized milk, skimmed milk powder, starter culture of lactic acid microorganisms
  • low price;
  • dense texture;
  • does not sour
  • environmentally friendly packaging.

Delicious and healthy yogurt at a low price cheaper than competitors! Ideal for a healthy snack: low-calorie, but at the same time quite satiating. I like that it is not sour, unlike analogues.

The packaging marked “PS” is made of polystyrene. This type of plastic is not recommended for use more than once: when heated and interacting with certain products, it releases a toxic substance that adversely affects the liver, kidneys, blood vessels, and the nervous system.

“Cow from Korenovka”

Natural yoghurt based on whole and skimmed milk in a plastic cup with foil and a plastic lid. Thick and dense in consistency, the product has a pronounced milky taste with a barely noticeable sourness. The taste is reminiscent of curdled milk. Can be used as a salad dressing or base for light desserts.

The product is good for 21 days from the date of manufacture, after opening, store no more than 12 hours in the refrigerator. A slight exfoliation of whey, characteristic of natural dairy products, is allowed.

Fat content, % four
Weight, g 350
Calorie content, kcal 67
Compound whole milk, skimmed milk, stabilizer: food complex additive «Geleon 106C» (milk protein, thickener pectin, gelatin), using starter based on lactic acid microorganisms
  • optimal consistency;
  • useful composition;
  • large volume;
  • nutritious

Good yogurt, very thick and pleases with its composition. I use instead of sour cream for salad dressing, and also for breakfast with nuts and jam. Didn’t find any cons. I buy regularly The quality has never failed!

Complex food additive «Geleon 106C» is a safe replacement for artificial stabilizers and starch. Its addition allows you to achieve optimal consistency without compromising organoleptic properties. It contains only natural ingredients — milk protein, pectin and gelatin.

List of the best products

All five participants in today’s review can be safely recommended for purchase. The almost perfect composition of each of them allows us to talk about the maximum benefit for the body. Differences between them can only be found in the degree of fat content, price, serving size and organoleptic properties. Taste is an individual matter, so you should rely only on your own experience or rely on customer reviews. The following products have become leaders in three categories — and here’s why.

«Sarafanovo» — the most budget

Yogurt, which is lost among the big names of competitors — which is very unfair. A high-quality thermostatic product from a Belarusian manufacturer in a convenient portion package has an excellent composition and good organoleptic properties. High-protein yogurt is suitable for children and diet food as a healthy daily snack. The price for a thermostatic product is more than democratic — from 20 rubles per glass. Consumers note its delicate creamy taste and natural composition. It is great for those who do not like the sourness characteristic of fermented milk products: here it is practically absent.

Danone is the best fitness yogurt

Concern «Danone» is a truly legendary manufacturer of dairy products, the Russian division of which is located in the Oryol region. Thermostatic brand yogurt is in the greatest demand among buyers due to its reference organoleptic qualities, good composition, high brand confidence and reasonable price. The product has a low fat content, high protein content and probiotics — everything that is necessary for adherents of an active lifestyle and just those who care about their health.

«Korovka from Korovka» — from whole milk

The only yogurt in today’s review, in which the first place is not normalized, but whole milk. It’s not that we should demonize the technology of normalization: it differs in that excess fat has been removed from the milk or vice versa, it has been added to the required norm. Whole milk retains the same percentage of fat as in fresh milk. Therefore, Korovka, the most nutritious yogurt on the list, has a particularly dense and thick texture. In terms of taste properties, yogurt is close to yogurt — and this must be taken into account when choosing.

Features of thermostatic dairy products

  • There are two main methods for the production of fermented milk products — traditional tank and thermostatic. In the first case, the fermentation process takes place in a common tank, after which the mass is poured into consumer containers and sent for packaging. The thermostatic technology provides for the bottling of raw materials in jars, which then send them to a special chamber, where further fermentation takes place.
  • With the tank method, the consistency of the finished product is more liquid due to the violation of the integrity of the milk clot, but this method is more economical for manufacturers. With the thermostatic method, the clot remains intact, due to which the consistency of the product is thicker and denser. This technique is more complicated, and therefore more expensive, which affects the final pricing.
  • The technology of thermostatic production does not allow for quality control of each jar, unlike the reservoir method. Checking is carried out selectively, which is why the requirements for the quality of raw materials are extremely high. For thermostatic products, only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are selected to minimize the risk of disruption during the manufacturing process.
  • The benefits of dairy products that have been prepared in two different ways are the same. The same raw materials and starter cultures are used, but the nutritional value, the degree of digestibility and composition are no different, the difference lies only in the consistency and taste properties.

Tips for choosing thermostatic yogurt

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of high-quality and fresh thermostatic yogurt in the store, it is enough to follow simple recommendations:

  • The composition of natural yogurt without fruit filler should ideally include milk and sourdough. The presence of preservatives, starch and fat of non-dairy origin is out of the question — otherwise, you have a fake.
  • The label must contain information about the presence of lactic acid living microorganisms (“CFU” — colony forming units).
  • The appearance and integrity of the container is no less important when choosing fermented milk products. Carefully inspect the jar for dents and cracks, the surface must be dry and clean. The foil should fit as tightly as possible to the neck — this gives certain guarantees of safety from a microbiological point of view.
  • To check the tightness, there is a life hack: gently press the side wall of the plastic cup — the foil should rise from the inflation and not let air through.
  • After opening, carefully inspect the texture of the yogurt. Transparent packaging will allow you to do this without violating the integrity of the packaging right in the store. The product should have a characteristic white or light cream colour. The surface of high-quality yogurt is smooth, without cracks. A small amount of foam is allowed on the surface. A slight delamination is not a sign of spoilage: it is enough to mix the mass and it will become homogeneous. If, after mixing, it, on the contrary, increased, this is a clear sign of a violation of the manufacturing technology.
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