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Few people imagine their house or apartment without a comfortable, cozy sofa. It is this upholstered furniture that accounts for most of the load during daily operation. When buying an interior item, the consumer focuses not only on beauty, functionality, but also on durability. There are many manufacturers in the furniture market: from small individual entrepreneurs to large companies. About the brands offering the best models of modern sofas, read our article.

What should you pay attention to when buying a sofa?

The choice of sofa design directly depends on its purpose. Before going to the store, you should decide on the purpose of the furniture. It can serve as a sleeping place, used for evening rest with family or loneliness. Be sure to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. seams — Firmware upholstery will say a lot. Uneven seams with protruding threads — a reason to doubt the quality of the internal content.
  2. frame material — the construction of small wood shavings is the most unreliable. Stronger characteristics at the metal and plywood base.
  3. filler type — spring block with additional floor layers or polyurethane foam. The second option with furniture foam rubber on a movable base is more modern, characterized by high orthopedic properties. A combined version is also possible: spring block + PPU.
  4. Layout type — among the most popular transformation mechanisms are «dolphin», «eurobook», «clamshell», «click-clack», «accordion».

The right sofa is furniture that boasts such advantages as durability, functionality and ease of use. The level of convenience is increased by built-in mini-bars, removable armrests, shelves and tables, sets of decorative pillows, recliners, and audio systems. It should be borne in mind that additional options will affect the price of the product in the direction of its increase.

The best sofa manufacturers

ten Bassett Furniture Direct

The rating of the best manufacturers of sofas is opened by the American company Bassett Furniture, which manufactures products for the elite segment. The manufacturer offers sofa designs for home and office interiors. Leather and fabric models are tastefully made, they are comfortable and reliable. Bassett offers a wide product line. Buyers can choose a truly comfortable sofa that will not only last a long time, but also become a decoration of their home.

To create furniture, polyester fiber, thick laminated wood, elite textiles, and genuine leather are used. The collections include options for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, as well as for offices. The site has all the conditions for a convenient online purchase. It is possible to sort the desired product by type, material, seat height and armrests.


  • The manufacturer produces products of various styles
  • It is possible to choose a sofa not only for large, but also for small rooms
  • Original design and usability
  • Order for an individual project


  • Relatively high cost

9 Liberty Furniture

The Italian factory specializes in the production of home furniture. In a huge assortment are offered hallways, beds, showcases, bedrooms, living rooms, libraries, radius, corner and classic sofas. The main advantages of Liberty sofa designs are environmental friendliness, reliability, high quality, and attractive appearance. A distinctive feature of the models is the restraint of tones.

The shades are presented in a wide variety, so it is not difficult for buyers to choose exactly the color that is most suitable for their home interior. White, black and beige sofas are very popular. It is these solutions that contribute to the construction of a relaxing atmosphere in the interior. Additional aesthetics and beauty are given by such elements as cords, fringe, rhinestones, leather decor.


  • Upholstered in luxurious fabric
  • Various dimensions
  • Only environmentally friendly materials are used in production
  • Robust and functional designs


  • High price
  • You need to wait at least 30 days for your order.

eight Shatura Furniture

Several hundred retail outlets of the Russian furniture company operate in the country. In addition to offline sales, the manufacturer sells products through online stores, offering consumers about 4,000 different models of sofas. Among them are kitchen, modular, straight and corner sofa designs. The highlight of Shatura Furniture is a wide variety of colors. Upholstered furniture is presented in beige, white, blue, turquoise, brown, red, black, purple, gray and blue. Depending on the type of interior, you can choose a monophonic design or a pattern. Polyurethane, spring snake is used as a filler. The upholstery is made of eco-leather, velor, matting, micro-velveteen.


  • No complaints about build quality and delivery
  • Large selection of furniture for different tastes and colors
  • Conscientious and honest attitude towards customers
  • There are discounts when buying online


7 Hooker

An American factory with almost a century of development history produces cabinet and upholstered furniture for the premium segment. The highlight of the models is an individual approach to the development of each detail. Hooker Furniture designer sofas are well known not only in the USA, but also in Europe. The manufacturer offers consumers a wide variety of colors, sizes and configurations. To create furniture structures, natural wood and leather, durable fabrics, polyurethane foam, and metal are used. Aesthetic harmony is achieved through the use of chic handmade decor, such as fine carvings, lacquering, aged effect, unusually shaped furniture studs and creative stitching.


  • Sturdy and beautiful designs
  • Design art work
  • A wide range of


  • Too expensive

6 Andersen

The domestic factory specializes in the creation of home, country and office upholstered furniture. The brand’s products are characterized by reliable transformation mechanisms, practical upholstery, durable covers, consisting of three layers. The fabrics that cover the sofa structures do not react to moisture, dust and dirt. They are easier to care for and easy to clean. The assortment includes collections represented by such types of designs as «click-clack», «eurobook», «new roller», «junior», «sesame», «accordion». Sofas «Anderssen» for sleeping are laid out in a flat area without cracks and gaps, providing an ideal orthopedic effect. Assembly can be done at home without the help of a master, because the modern design involves simple installation.


  • Large assortment — from classic to minimalist
  • A variety of bright and calm colors, strict or geometric patterns, floral prints
  • Delivery in strong and high quality packaging
  • Nothing breaks, does not creak, does not fail after several years of operation
  • Possibility of ordering products according to individual parameters


5 selecta

If you decide to purchase a reliable, functional, beautiful modular sofa, the Russian brand «Celesta» is ready to make you an advantageous offer. Furniture designs include various blocks that can be combined as you like. Thanks to a modern solution, you can update your home interior at any time without buying new furniture. Selecta transforming sofas are interchangeable mobile systems of the factory’s own design with narrow or wide back-armrests.

As additional options, the furniture is equipped with bars, linen boxes in poufs. The berth does not depend on the rest of the structure. It is detachable, so it can be used as a separate element. The frame is made of wood species such as plane tree, birch, ash. Wood is reinforced with metal elements. Filler — elastic polyurethane foam. Upholstery materials — velveteen, jacquard, microvelveteen, chenille, gunny.


  • Plenty of color and shade options
  • Minimum service life — 10 years
  • With the help of modules it is easy to compose the desired composition


  • Buying branded furniture will cost a considerable amount

four Furniture Holding

The factory creates straight, corner, children’s, kitchen sofas, as well as modular systems. For manufacturing, only high-quality materials and accessories are taken. The berth consists of spring blocks: «bonnel» and independent on fibertex and spunbond. Mattress made of latex, polyurethane foam with a density level of 25 or 35. Additional equipment with pillows with sintepuh, synthetic ball, molded polyurethane and PU foam. Upholstery in fabric or leatherette. The manufacturer pays special attention to models for children. They are developed taking into account all the characteristics of childhood. Convenience and bright colors of products for small consumers will impress the most strict buyer.


  • Coordinated and accurate work in the process of delivery and assembly
  • Similar professional advice on the selection of the type and materials of the product
  • It is possible to individually order equipment with independent springs
  • Comfortable and functional sofas-transformers



An international home furnishing company that supplies fabric and leather sofas, modular sofas, and sofa beds to the market at an affordable price. The latter option is especially convenient for small rooms in which several pieces of bedroom furniture cannot be installed at the same time. IKEA models are equipped with large practical storage compartments for linen. They quickly fold out into a double bed. Seat cushions in the top layer contain polyurethane foam with a memory effect, which allows them to «remember» the contours of the body of a sleeping person and quickly restore their original shape. Non-woven polypropylene, pine, plywood, felt, chipboard and fiberboard, polyester wadding are used for manufacturing.


  • Stylish, comfortable furniture
  • Easy care and cleaning
  • Large selection of colors and types
  • Delivery in assembled form
  • Affordable cost


  • The back wall of some models is open, lamellas are visible
  • Sofas with the lower part to the floor are uncomfortable, when getting up, the legs touch the barrier element
  • Not very long service life

2 Askona

The largest European furniture company headquartered in Sweden is part of the Hilding Anders holding. Askona specializes in the production of licensed mattresses, which are known all over the world. It is with them that the manufacturer equips sofas of his own design. Direct sofa designs are characterized by compactness. Corner rooms are more spacious. They are recommended to buy for sleep. Popular «books» do not take up much space, they have spacious compartments for storing linen.

Among the disadvantages of such models: a small space for a good night’s rest, the inability to move close to the wall. The click-clack has a laundry box and another significant plus: the ability to adjust the angle between the seat and back. Eurosof is ideal for daily use, it is simple and reliable, moves up to the wall or is installed in the middle of the room.


  • Modern look
  • Solid design
  • Quality factor of execution
  • Durable metal frames with anatomical armor
  • Comfortable cotton covers with zippers
  • Availability of internal tanks in many models


  • Not detected

one angstrom

The list of the best manufacturers of sofas according to reviews is headed by Angstrem. The Russian holding is engaged in the production and sale of a full range of home furniture. Sofas «Angstrem» are sold in offline and online stores. The manufacturer offers convenient forms of payment, including installments, provides delivery and assembly according to customer orders, as well as manufacturing products according to individual sketches. Execution materials — velor, microvelour, flock, matting, artificial leather, chenille, suede. The range is represented by classics and transformers equipped with linen drawers. Models will ideally fit modern, Scandinavian, English and classic interiors, they will harmoniously look in such styles as hi-tech, Provence, loft, country, art deco.


  • Many models are suitable for zoning space
  • German fittings
  • Practical storage compartments
  • Reliable and practical products


Which sofa manufacturer is better to choose?

The choice of manufacturer depends only on personal preferences and the available budget. Exclusive models created by artists of furniture factories according to individual design projects will cost more. The low and mid-price segments have a huge range of products that won’t hurt your wallet. Depending on the purpose of operation, we advise you to pay attention to the types of sofas:

  1. «Book» — quickly and easily unfolds, but she needs space behind the back;
  2. «Eurobook» — moves closer to the wall, but it is better not to put it on the carpet surface, as the wheels can leave marks after frequent use;
  3. «Accordion» — before purchasing, you should evaluate the installation area, because a lot of space will be required in front;
  4. «Click Clack» — boasts a variety of positions, but is not suitable for daily use;
  5. «Dolphin» — one of the most reliable options, easy to unfold and has virtually no flaws;
  6. «Cot» — perfectly withstand daily loads, its mechanism has an impressive margin of safety;
  7. «roll-out» — transforms in seconds, but the low sleeping surface does not suit everyone;
  8. «Scissors» — equipped with horizontal and vertical swivel devices, ideal for spacious living rooms.

When buying a sofa design for a bedroom, the main criterion is the transformation mechanism. For the kitchen, it is best to choose an option that is only suitable for sitting. In furniture for the living room, where a large family gathers in the evenings and friends are often received, the main parameter is durability. Decide on the functional purpose and type, read real customer reviews — this will help you not to make a mistake when choosing the best manufacturer of sofas and the model itself. We hope that the best sofa manufacturers in Russia will help you make the right choice.

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