Top 10 Famous Spanish Shoe Brands


Shoes are the most sought after of all clothing. If a T-shirt and shorts can be worn to holes, this does not happen with shoes. Often people have to change their shoes, and given that in the CIS countries there are very cheap stores with Chinese options, the demand for this product has increased many times over. What about quality shoes? Some have long stopped buying cheap Chinese options. In pursuit of the brand and quality, some choose Italian or English production, but the Spaniards also know how to sew beautifully and, most importantly, with high quality! Let’s note the top 10 famous Spanish shoe brands that buyers should pay attention to.


A little-known brand even in Spain. This manufacturer is from Almansa. It is very popular in just a few cities, but the company’s owners believe that they have a great future. Why? They have a wide range of designs: shoes can be worn by both young people and older people. At the same time, ANIMAS CODE thinks about high quality, which allows it to attract new satisfied customers.


Another little-known company that was launched in 1960. The owners started out small, manufacturing shoes, but today they are also developing/tailoring accessories. The main material for the development of shoes is calfskin. A. LEYVA has a very high quality, every buyer appreciates it.


If anyone knows this company, only in some cities (Valencia, Seville, Alicante, Cadiz and Zaragoza). In principle, the list is very impressive. BERWICK is a satellite company of Milan Classic SA Its originality lies in the fact that it develops shoes based on classic English design. The price/quality ratio remains at a very high level. The company’s shoes are divided into 2 lines: regular (for each customer) and Premium Grade (here the price segment is much higher).


Very interesting Spanish brand. Produces informal men’s/women’s shoes. The models are really original (you won’t find such models even in the Spanish market). In Spain, the demand for shoes from THE ART is growing. The price corresponds to the developed quality.

6 bow tie

A very young Spanish company that focuses on the development of indoor shoes, however, over the past few years, buyers have seen several full-fledged collections of outdoor shoes (boots, shoes, and so on). The owner of Bow-Tie was inspired by the shoe options of the British aristocracy, so he is trying to draw attention to this particular format.


Another brand from Almansa. Started working back in 1959. He has a lot of types of models, while the design is both classic and modern. The company has a small assortment. Shoes are sewn in small batches, then everything goes on sale. Collections are released every 2-3 months.


The brand appeared back in 1913. They named the company after their first owner/founder. ANDRES SENDRA received the status of «family brand». There are a lot of strict classic models and more discreet shoes here. Buyers are satisfied with the design and high quality of the shoes.

3 BARRATS 1890

Very high quality shoes can be found on the island of Mallorca (Spain). If you look at the name, the year 1890 is indicated in it. In fact, BARRATS 1890 was fully operational only in 1999. The brand was developed by a simple Spanish family, which today is found in virtually every store on the island.


If we compare the company with the rest of the above, it is in the greatest demand. Date of appearance — 1975 (Majorca). A certain Lorenzo Flux decided to develop, manufacture and sell his own shoes, which his whole family is now doing. Shoes from CAMPER are of very high quality, but it is also worth noting a rather high price bar.


A brand specializing in men’s/women’s shoes with a classic design. A huge number of youth models distinguishes the company, because the emphasis is on the classics. In Spain it is in great demand.

We talked about the top 10 famous Spanish shoe brands. Looking for quality shoes in Europe? Then the rating will definitely help.


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