Top 10 Famous Spanish Cosmetics Brands


Russian women are actively trying to find high-quality cosmetics that will not gradually destroy their skin and add extra shine, significantly rejuvenating their face. Cosmetics from Spain are in great demand throughout Europe, but they did not reach Russia. Too bad, because local brands actively use cosmetics not only for everyday care, but also in professional beauty salons. The most important thing is that there are quality options for any price segment (not only premium cosmetics, but budget ones). Let’s note the top 10 famous Spanish brands of cosmetics, which should be paid special attention to modern fashionistas.

ten Deliplus

The main plus is the price. These are inexpensive Spanish cosmetics that can be bought in almost every supermarket. She is very fond of the Spaniards, is quite in great demand among tourists. The brand produces not only cosmetics, but also hair care products.

9 Babaria

The most popular Spanish brand, which can be found in almost every pharmacy and supermarket. Babaria cosmetics are often sold in branded stores. Babaria is in great demand in Spain. The company is also very well represented in Portugal. The owners are actively working on new formulas and offer a quality product.

eight Matarrania

The main feature is environmentally friendly cosmetics (marked 100% Bio). In Europe, this sign plays a big role (it is considered a high achievement). Almost 70% of the range is developed on the basis of organic olive oil. If you have ever been to Spain, be sure to take a few tubes of Matarrania with you. This is indeed a useful product.

7 Sesderma

At the moment it is medical cosmetics. Sesderma has been producing quality products for over 30 years. The owners took care of having their own laboratory, which allows you to create new samples of cosmetics all year round. Sesderma employs professional pharmacists who have been studying rejuvenation formulas for years.

6 Repavar

Medical cosmetics is a special pool. There is never a lot of high-quality medical cosmetics. Repavar is one of the companies that has been delighting its customers with a wide range of medicinal products for many years in a row. Repavar cosmetics are the best option for dealing with numerous dermatological skin problems.

5 Natura Bisse

Another type of Spanish cosmetics, but Natura Bisse produces exclusively «luxury» options. Cosmetics can be found not only in Spain, but throughout Europe. Numerous celebrities choose this particular cosmetics, advertising it on their social networks.

four Amapola

A company that produces only organic cosmetics. Today, the owners have reached a high level. They have received a lot of quality certificates, which significantly increases customer loyalty. Amapola also monitors the maintenance of ecology, so all products are developed without harm to the environment.

3 Salerm

The brand does not produce simple cosmetics, but specializes only in products for the care of the scalp and hair. Any hair dye from Salerm is produced exclusively by professionals. Naturalness is its main component, which allows maintaining the high quality of the product.

2 Martiderm

The Spanish market is well acquainted with the manufacturer Martiderm. The company is very well known throughout Europe. The emphasis is on the development of medical cosmetics, which allows you to eliminate numerous skin problems. Martiderm is released throughout Europe, and is also actively sold in America.

one La Chinata

Legendary Spanish brand! There are a lot of different types of cosmetics developed on the basis of olive. Despite the high quality, the price level allows even ordinary people to buy La Chinata cosmetics. The price segment very rarely reaches the middle bar.

We have listed the top 10 famous Spanish cosmetics brands that every buyer should definitely pay attention to.


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