Top 10 Best Waterproof Watches


Wristwatches have long ceased to perform only one function in the form of measuring time and have become a classic accessory. Unfortunately, not every option is equipped with full protection from environmental influences. Today we are going to take a look at the top 10 best waterproof watches that you should definitely pay attention to.

ten Casio GST-B100-1A

Wrist watch type. The mechanism is quartz. The manufacturer highly rated the product (upper price category), as it is intended for the most demanding users. Small size is the main plus. The case is waterproof. Includes stainless steel and plastic elements. Can be worn with any type of clothing.

9 Casio GA-800-4A

Wrist watch type. The mechanism is quartz. The dial is arrow-digital (combined). The main feature is the appearance (bright red case). Belongs to the middle price segment. An option has been developed for the most active people (tourists, athletes). The case is not only waterproof, but also shockproof.

eight Orient EU07007F

Wrist watch type. The mechanism is quartz. This model has an automatic winding. The design of the watch includes 21 stones, which in a special way highlights the appearance. There is a calendar function and luminescent coating (glow in the dark).

7 Casio GA-100-1A2

Another shockproof model (not only waterproof). Orientation — use in extreme conditions (tourists, athletes). The watch will work perfectly even in high humidity, it is fully suitable for water tourism.


A very popular model among lovers of sports style. It must be admitted that the option is suitable for any clothing. The level of water resistance is high (10 atm). Withstands both snowfall and downpour. Can be easily used while swimming. Leather strap makes the model more sophisticated and original.

5 Q&Q Q916J502Y

An ideal solution for lovers of classic models. Powerful waterproof option: not afraid of rain, snowfall, or immersion in water. The body includes special plastic rivets. With their help, moisture will not be able to penetrate 100% inside.

four ROYAL LONDON 40008-03

Classic type of wrist watch. The main feature is the white dial (numbers and indexes are visible very well). The silver color of the steel case interacts well with the white color of the dial. The model is not original, but more elegant.


Another classic pattern. Includes a metal case, brown leather strap and bright blue dial. The combination is unusual, but in general the model looks original. The level of protection against water is 5 atm. With this watch, you can safely get caught in the rain and even wash your hands with ease, forgetting about future problems with the operation of the mechanism.


Very interesting everyday wear. Designed from a polymer body. Made in the shape of a rectangle. The strap is also made of polymer. The model is very light and small (it is almost inaudible on the hand). The level of protection against water is 10 atm. It is simply impossible to damage the mechanism with moisture with such protection.


Model for sports fans. The case is made of polymer (same with the strap). Degree of protection — 3 atm. The watch is clearly not afraid of raindrops, but, of course, it is not worth dipping it into water once again. In the ranking, the model took first place for a reason. Here there is not only the function of measuring time, but also the date, calendar, air temperature. The model is original in appearance and quite functional.

There are enough waterproof watches on the market today. There are many models, and the above are far from the latest. We noted a functional range of quality watches, which you should definitely pay attention to.


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