TOP 10 best washing powders: which one to buy, reviews, pros and cons


Washing powder is an indispensable element of household chemicals in any household. Everyone, with rare exceptions, uses this tool, but most buyers do not know which powders are the best on the market. They wash well, are hypoallergenic, have a pleasant smell, are good value for money, do not harm the original color of things, and some are suitable even for children. Thanks to this top, you can choose the best washing powder, study the detailed description, pros and cons, prices, reviews for each product.

How to choose washing powder?

There are several main factors that experts recommend paying attention to when choosing a powder:

  • Compound. The priority is to buy environmentally friendly and safe for health products that do not contain phosphates, chlorine, harmful surfactants, dyes, etc. It is worth giving preference to powders with organic components (soda, zeolites, etc.). This is especially important when buying children’s products.
  • Packing quality. Damaged or unreliable packages are best avoided, most likely they have not been stored properly.
  • Smell. It is better to choose powders with a mild aroma or no smell at all. Compositions with too aggressive odors should be avoided, because they can cause allergies. Chlorine bleaches are often masked in this way.
  • Wash type. There are powders for the machine, hand wash and universal. It is better to choose based on the tasks.
  • Manufacturer. Time-tested brands tend to produce more natural and safer products.
  • Reviews. Typically, users recommend buying a particular product for specific tasks, but are discouraged from buying in other conditions. It is enough to weigh the pros and cons, and it will immediately become clear whether it is worth taking this powder or not.

The best washing powders

Ariel Touch of Lenor Fresh

One of the most popular products in the world. The range includes powder for washing machine and for hand washing. It is distinguished by the high quality of washing, the presence of a product for colored and white linen, as well as gentle care for cotton and synthetics. The composition is able to remove even stubborn stains, which is facilitated by deep penetration into the fabric structure. The powder provides protection against further contamination, preventing them from fixing in the fabric. Ariel is highly effective against unpleasant odors, leaving only a delicate fragrance and radiant cleanliness.

Characteristic Meaning
surfactant 15% surfactants, 5% surfactants
Purpose Universal
Packing volume 450-4500 g


  • removes dirt at a minimum temperature of 30 ° C;
  • removes even difficult stains after one wash;
  • quickly dissolves in water, leaving no white streaks on clothes;
  • nice smell;
  • effective against old stains;
  • does not allow dirt to eat into matter;
  • suitable for washing wool and silk.


  • allergy sufferers will not like the pronounced aroma;
  • the price has risen significantly in recent years.

Review: “The powder is good, completely washes difficult stains. The smell is moderate, pleasant to me.

Persil Color

It is a powder with a moderate concentration of surfactants, phosphonates and fragrance. These components help to wash clothes with high quality even where other means do not help. However, it is not suitable for washing children’s clothes. Almost all surfactants are washed out without harming human skin (confirmed by research by Roskontrol). The tool is able to remove old wine stains, greasy spots, dirt from grass, blood, ketchup, etc. Despite the strong smell, most buyers like it.

Characteristic Meaning
surfactant 15% surfactants, 5% surfactants
Purpose For colored items in hand and machine wash
Packing volume 1500-9000 g


  • does not harm the color of clothes;
  • things stay fresh for a long time;
  • special additives reduce clothing wear;
  • it is profitable to buy a large pack;
  • does not leave white streaks.


  • high price;
  • not everyone will like the pungent smell;
  • To remove difficult stains, you need to soak them in advance.

Review: “I have been using this powder for over a year now. I like the smell, it is associated with cleanliness.”

Nordland Laundry Powder ECO

Highly effective natural powder without phosphates, fragrances, dyes and enzymes. The presence of only natural ingredients in the formula allows it to be used even for washing things for babies and allergy sufferers. The substances in the composition are 90% biodegradable, so the product is safe even for the environment. It can be used for washing at temperatures from 30 to 90°C. Soft impact allows you to use the composition for any clothing and intimate underwear. The product dissolves quickly and is easily rinsed out without leaving a characteristic plaque.

Characteristic Meaning
surfactant 15% surfactants, 5% surfactants
Purpose Universal
Packing volume 1800-4500 g


  • removes the dullness of light things;
  • suitable for any fabrics;
  • environmentally friendly formula;
  • suitable for children’s things;
  • simply rinsed out without additional action;
  • makes white clothes really white.


  • high price;
  • bad packaging.

Testimonial: «Powder ideally washes ordinary soiling of children’s clothes, while it is easily rinsed out and has a neutral smell.»

Frosh Color Aloe Vera

It is a concentrated biodegradable powder with economical consumption. A small dose washes a standard laundry basket well. It still contains zeolites, surfactants and enzymes, but there are no more harmful substances: phosphates, chlorine, silicates, etc. Hypoallergenic powder can preserve the original color of materials. The manufacturer allows it to be used for washing underwear, children’s clothes and other clothes. True, all this affected the cost, the tool is quite expensive.

Characteristic Meaning
surfactant 15% nonionic surfactants
Purpose For colored clothes in hand and machine wash
Packing volume 1350 g


  • packaging is enough for a long time;
  • not completely natural, but still quite safe composition;
  • can be used for any type of washing;
  • no strong chemical odor;
  • applicable to all types of fabrics.


  • high price;
  • contains surfactants and zeolites.

Review: “Overall, a normal powder. I just used Korean ones before, after which you don’t need to look through underwear. After washing, you need to inspect them, some spots or white bloom may remain. In fact, everything is fine for the most part.”

BabyLine Baby Sensitive

An excellent inexpensive powder for baby clothes, which is suitable for both colored and white things. It can be used for hand washing and machine use. The formula is based on natural soap, so there are no zeolites, phosphates and other potentially harmful components in the composition. The tool has confirmed its safety during dermatological control, so you can use it with confidence for washing children’s things from the first day of life. The soft natural fragrance is washed out almost completely, leaving things clean and odorless.

Characteristic Meaning
surfactant Not
Purpose For kids
Packing volume 1000-2500 g


  • well washed even in warm water 30 ° C;
  • suitable for any fabrics;
  • enough for a long time;
  • Comes with a handy measuring spoon
  • dissolves completely, without white coating.


  • cannot remove difficult pollution;
  • relatively high price.

Review: No strong smell! There is still a slight aroma, but it is not nasty. Washes well.»

Burti Baby Compact

Before us is a besforfetny highly concentrated powder intended for babies and older children. It is also recommended for adults with skin prone to allergies. It is absolutely safe for the child, as it does not contain phosphates, preservatives, aggressive chemicals, allergens and other things. German quality on the face. Natural soap is based on a natural surfactant, and phosphates are replaced by zeolite (a natural component for softening water and increasing washing efficiency). The presence of enzymes contributes to the preservation of the original color of things.

Characteristic Meaning
surfactant 15% surfactants, 5% surfactants
Purpose For colored baby clothes
Packing volume 900 g


  • clothes look new for a long time;
  • protection against tissue damage;
  • anionic tensides are responsible for cleaning difficult stains after the first wash;
  • no perfume, dyes;
  • just rinses out.


  • inconvenient packaging;
  • Doesn’t wash baby feces well.

Feedback: “The powder is practically odorless, a light pleasant aroma is completely washed out. Although it is aimed at children, it is suitable for the whole family, because it copes well with any stains.

BioMio BIO COLOR with cotton extract

The unique powder with the addition of cotton extract has an absolutely ecological composition. Among the active ingredients are zeolites (up to 15%), surfactants (up to 5%), the remaining ingredients are soap and enzymes. There are no allergens, including fragrances and dyes, so it can be successfully used by people with allergy-prone skin. Suitable for washing children’s clothes. The recommended use temperature is 30-60°C. Cotton extract prevents drying of the skin of the hands, providing a mild effect on the epidermis.

Characteristic Meaning
surfactant 5% surfactant
Purpose For colored linen
Packing volume 1500 g


  • completely rinsed out, leaving no smell or unwanted substances on clothes;
  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • one wash takes about 50 g;
  • quality packaging;
  • without smell;
  • Comes with a measuring spoon.


  • does not wash especially difficult stains;
  • slightly stiff laundry after washing.

Feedback: “We were satisfied with the powder. I use it for washing children’s things, it really does not cause allergies and completely copes with the removal of stains, with the exception of stubborn dirt. Then I use an additional stain remover.

SARMA Active Mountain freshness

Powder of an inexpensive class, which is equally effective for washing white and colored fabrics. It prevents the appearance and removes yellowness from light-colored clothes, and also does not cause a gray coating. The product retains the original color of the linen, and also prevents molting of things. A pleasant smell of freshness is felt only on wet clothes immediately after washing, then the aroma disappears. This is an almost universal composition that can wash most fabrics with the exception of silk and wool. The main disadvantage of the powder is the presence of undesirable components in the composition.

Characteristic Meaning
surfactant 15% surfactants, 5% surfactants
Purpose Universal
Packing volume 400-9000 g


  • low price;
  • almost completely washed out;
  • most users like the smell;
  • completely removes fresh stains;
  • economically spent.


  • not suitable for people with a tendency to allergies;
  • due to the presence of phosphates, surfactants, enzymes, it is better to use with an additional rinse.

Review: “I switched to it on the recommendation of a friend and did not regret it. It does not foam, washes well, does not remain on clothes and does not cause allergies.

Tide Color Automatic

One of the most popular powders, which is valued due to the optimal balance of price and quality. It is sold both in small cardboard boxes and in packages of 9, 12, 15 kg. The tool washes only dirt, without affecting the paint in the things themselves. It is suitable for daily use and effectively removes almost all recent stains. If you need to remove old pollution, you will have to use a stain remover.

Characteristic Meaning
surfactant 15% surfactants, 5% surfactants
Purpose For colored things
Packing volume 450-15000 g


  • reasonable price;
  • suitable for washing at any temperature;
  • many packaging options;
  • can be found in any store;
  • not overbearing scent.


  • in some regions the price is too high;
  • Do not use for washing silk and woolen items.

Feedback: “I have been using it for a long time, it always helps out and washes well. After washing, the clothes smell good. For the price, it’s the perfect solution.»

Meine Liebe Universal

Concentrated powder for universal use, which is suitable for both white and colored laundry. The biodegradable formula does not contain chlorine, formaldehyde and phosphates, so the product is safe for humans and the environment. The proportion of zeolites is less than 10%, and surfactants — up to 5%. Such indicators suggest that the powder is safe to wash the clothes of allergy sufferers and children. The basis uses active oxygen, which bleaches white fabrics, removes yellowness, gray deposits and improves the brightness of colored clothes.

Characteristic Meaning
surfactant 5% surfactants, 5% surfactants
Purpose Universal
Packing volume 3500 g


  • enzymes eliminate rather difficult stains;
  • does not harm clothing fibers;
  • as part of an additive against corrosion and scale in a washing machine;
  • practically odorless;
  • cleans things well;
  • completely rinsed out.


  • relatively high price;
  • not for silk and wool.

Review: “Washes decently. Smells a little. The smell is associated with morning freshness. All powders would smell like this. For now, our permanent powder.»

This review contains the best washing powders with the highest ratings from buyers, safe formulations and effective formulas against various contaminants. Combined with selection tips, each reader will be able to pick up a personal favorite.

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