TOP 10 best verticutter aerators: which one to choose, reviews


Many dream of a beautiful, green, dense lawn next to the house. It is not enough just to sow grass, the lawn requires constant careful care: watering, mowing, aeration, verticulation. This review is dedicated to one of the garden helpers, the verticutter aerator.

How to choose a verticutter aerator?

Verticulation is the thinning of the soil, the cleaning of last year’s compacted foliage, moss. Aeration — ventilation of the top layer of the lawn, allowing the soil to breathe. Such procedures are carried out with the aim of thinning the soil, strengthening the grass cover, which improves the root system of the grass, saturates it with oxygen and nutrients. As a result, the lawn looks well-groomed, dense, rich green. A verticutter aerator is a necessary device for every gardener, the choice of which must be approached responsibly.

Particular attention should be paid to the following criteria:

  • Lawn working area and surface type. This includes: the nature of the soil, moisture, type of herbal mixture.
  • The body material of the device must be durable and resistant to mechanical damage (metal, high-quality plastic).
  • The material of the knives is the best quality steel, which remains sharp for a long time and does not corrode.
  • Engine power — for professional devices, power starts from 1 kW.
  • The warranty period is at least two years from the manufacturer, seller.
  • Price-quality ratio.

The best verticutter aerators

Hammer AS2000

The AS2000 electric aerator is a powerful (2.72 hp motor) functional mechanism for regularly loosening the soil, breaking up dense turf, removing old moss, rotted roots. The kit comes with two nozzles: for aeration and scarification. During scarification, the soil is cut to a predetermined depth (four levels -3, -6, -9, -12 mm) for better access of moisture and air to the roots. Also, with the help of spring legs (knives), the lawn is cleared of a caked layer of grass. The 45-litre grass container will last for a long time, so you won’t have to interrupt your work often.

Characteristic Meaning
Power 2000 W
Processing width 38 cm
Guarantee period 5 years


  • convenient handle for transportation on the case;
  • grass collector made of moisture-resistant fabric;
  • compact size for easy storage;
  • quick change of nozzles;
  • the area of ​​the working area is 600 m².


  • incorrect angle of the waste basket;
  • very noisy — you need ear protection to work.

Review: “Inexpensive, easy to use machine, very convenient roller change. Scarifies any soil, even hard. Aerates only after good watering»


A reliable electric verticutter aerator from a specialized brand is intended for non-professional use, safety is guaranteed if the recommendations are followed. Ideal for lawn care and cleaning on a small garden or summer cottage. This device does not emit exhaust gases, the working depth is regulated by the central lever — there are four positions up to 12 mm. Lightweight fabric grass collector has a volume of 35 liters, the aerator body is made of plastic, which makes the model lighter and more convenient to use.

Characteristic Meaning
Power 1500 W
Processing width 32 cm
Guarantee period 1 year


  • maneuverable large wheels;
  • all control levers are located on the handle;
  • central lever adjustment;
  • capacious grass catcher;
  • service centers are located throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.


  • the engine is not protected from dust;
  • small volume of waste collector.

Review: “Surprisingly, it turned out to be very convenient to use, I am satisfied with it. There is a separate lever for height adjustment.

Daewoo Power Products DSC 2000E

Universal powerful scarifier with Daewoo electric motor works in three modes: as aerator, scarifier and grass catcher. The needle shaft is used to saturate the soil with oxygen, and the shaft with 16 strong steel knives is used for cleaning leaves, debris, combing out moss. Sufficiently capacious 55-liter grass collector has a rigid base, is easy to assemble and disassemble, and allows you to stop working less often. The working depth of tillage is selected by the adjusting wheel and depends on the task.

Characteristic Meaning
Power 2000 W
Processing width 38 cm
Guarantee period 3 years


  • impact-resistant body made of ABS plastic;
  • does not need frequent maintenance;
  • motor with overheating protection;
  • reduced noise level;
  • five levels of processing depth.


  • the shaft is changed with a tool;
  • For comfortable work, an extension cord is most often required.

Review: “Despite its small size and some “toylike”, the unit is very good in terms of work, even despite all the shortcomings of working with a wire, to some extent this is a plus. It really cuts through the lawn with absolute quality and collects everything in the grass catcher perfectly.”


A lawn verticutter with a roller roller is designed to improve grass coverage up to 500 m². An economical and quiet electric motor easily removes a stale layer of dry grass and moss. The spring bars of the aeration roller comb the vegetation stalks on the surface without cutting the turf or damaging the plant structure. The sharp knives of the scarifier make incisions, facilitating the penetration of air and moisture to the root system. Thanks to its light weight and good wheels, the aerator moves across the lawn without much effort. Durable high-quality polymer body is impact resistant and does not crack.

Characteristic Meaning
Power 1500 W
Processing width 34 cm
Guarantee period 24 months


  • effective knife mechanism;
  • wheels with double bearings for longer service life;
  • built-in power cable holder;
  • housing resistant to high temperatures and sunlight;
  • six levels of processing depth.


  • grass catcher without hard base;
  • stepless depth adjustment.

Review: “I bought a STIHL RLE 240 aerator and have never regretted it. I recommend. Pleased with two nozzles in the kit. A must have for any decent lawn.»

AL-KO Comfort 36.8 E Combi Care

Lightweight and handy German-made lawn care machine features quiet operation and minimal emissions. It effectively loosens, pierces the soil, providing good air exchange and moisture access to the roots. Plus — removes unnecessary moss, straw and other debris. An electric motor with a power of 1.5 kW is enough to care for a lawn with an area of ​​​​up to five acres. The large grass collector (volume 55 l) is easily cleaned from the collected debris. The aeration shaft comes with 24 spring steel spokes, the penetration depth of which is adjustable in 5 positions.

Characteristic Meaning
Power 1400 W
Processing width 36 cm
Guarantee period 36 months


  • Functional shaft with 44 spokes for aeration;
  • Made in Germany;
  • Easily drives under benches, bushes, in narrow places;
  • Good grip on the ground, grass — even wet;
  • The rubberized coating of the handle does not slip in the hands.


  • Small working width — only 36 cm;
  • Non-self-propelled — you need to push.

Feedback: “I am very pleased with the work of the scarifier, for two seasons there have been no breakdowns, no malfunctions. It works from the mains, the cord is long, it reaches all corners of the garden.

Husqvarna S 138i

The lightweight cordless 2 in 1 scarifier from the Swedish manufacturer of garden equipment is characterized by functionality, easy operation and maintenance. The mechanism is equipped with two lithium-ion batteries for longer continuous operation. The compact design and folding handles ensure easy transport and storage. The height of tillage from -8 to +5 is set by one central lever on all wheels, which greatly facilitates the cleaning of dry, packed grass. Two modes of operation that can be selected at your discretion (maximum performance or continuous operation).

Characteristic Meaning
Power 1200 W
Processing width 38 cm
Guarantee period 2 years


  • Handle folds easily for even less storage space
  • Dust bag for waste collection;
  • Ergonomic control handle angle — hands get tired less;
  • Easy replacement of knives;
  • Composite body — metal and durable plastic.


  • High price;
  • The battery and charger are not included.

MTD Optima 38VO

A petrol aerator with a four-stroke engine capacity of 179 cm³ is more than enough to process a spacious lawn (up to 1500 m²). Comfortable handles are designed to reduce pressure on the hands. The metal case of the device, although heavy, is more durable and resistant to deformation. Lawn aeration is recommended at least twice a year to maintain a healthy grass surface. The rollers are replaced without the use of tools. Fixed blades clear debris from the lawn, while spring tines loosen the soil.

Characteristic Meaning
Power 3000 W
Processing width 38 cm
Guarantee period 24 months


  • Durable steel body;
  • Capacious grass catcher;
  • Powerful productive engine;
  • Reliable wheels;
  • High mobility — not tied to a power outlet.


  • Big weight — 39 kg;
  • Emissions polluting the environment.

Review: “What I like about MTD is its fair price. For large areas, it is simply not enough to do without it. It is a pity that you can not lay out the site before and after its use. This is heaven and earth, as they say.

Makita UV3200

The garden electric aerator is designed for loosening and scarifying the soil in gardens by a Japanese manufacturer of professional tools. The standard equipment includes a cutter for soil scarification, the working depth is adjustable from -10 to +10 depending on the state of the lawn with a five-stage central switch. This model is recommended for the maintenance of small sports or ornamental lawns. Low noise electric motor (78 dB) does not produce toxic smoky exhaust. The soft cloth waste bag is easy to remove and clean.

Characteristic Meaning
Power 1300 W
Processing width 32 cm
Guarantee period 3 years


  • Automatic motor overload protection;
  • Features a cord clip to prevent accidental cutting of the cable
  • The light weight of the aerator (10 kg) can be moved without much effort;
  • Work speed;
  • Reliable motor and double insulated wiring.


  • The aeration nozzle must be purchased separately;
  • Do not work on wet grass.

Review: “The scarifier is very good for the money. The grass catcher is a very good thing, but it clogs up instantly. It’s easier, faster and easier to walk the lawn without it and then rake it all up.»

Cub Cadet XC1 B35

The Hungarian gasoline verticutter performs two functions — aeration and verticutting, that is, it is responsible for a well-groomed and healthy lawn. This model is equipped with 15 double articulated steel blades and 14 double springs. For aeration, the manufacturer recommends using the top position, where the springs and blades lightly touch the soil. When verticutting, a deep position is set for a more intense impact on the turf. The steel body with high-strength plastic inserts guarantees a long service life.

Characteristic Meaning
Power 2300 W
Processing width 35 cm
Guarantee period 3 years


  • Processes 800 m² per hour;
  • Double ball bearings in the wheels provide a smooth ride;
  • 60-liter waste collector;
  • Anti-vibration system on the handles;
  • Signature powerful 3.5 hp engine.


  • The grass catcher must be purchased separately, as it is not included in the kit;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is only 1.7 liters.

Review: “I really like this vertikuter. Bought last year. And indeed, they walked a couple of times in the spring and the lawn pleased the eye all summer. There were no bald spots like the year before last, the grass grew evenly.”

ZUBR ZSE-32-1000

Electric aerator «Master» from the ZUBR company was created specifically for lawn care: cleaning foliage, thinning grass, piercing the turf. The complex of such actions provides access of moisture, air and nutrients to grass roots. This model is characterized by functionality, ease of operation and maintenance, as well as modern design (high-quality plastic housing and foldable handle). The controls are located on the angle-adjustable handle for greater convenience and safety. Powerful motor reduces operating time, optimal shaft width reduces the load on the main components to increase the service life.

Characteristic Meaning
Power 1000 W
Processing width 32 cm
Guarantee period 5 years


  • Replaceable shaft aluminum supports withstand heavy loads;
  • Spot treatment of grass cover;
  • Automatic stop of the device at loss of control;
  • Lightweight wheels of large diameter;
  • Step adjustment of depth of processing of the soil.


  • There is no soil mulching function;
  • Narrow working width.

Review: “I bought it because of the two-in-one design. Well, it seems to work well… Let’s see how long it lasts.”

comparison table

Product Name Power Processing width Guarantee period
Hammer AS2000 2000 W 38 cm 5 years
CHAMPION ESC1532 1500 W 32 cm 1 year
Daewoo Power Products DSC 2000E 2000 W 38 cm 3 years
STIHL RLE 240 1500 W 34 cm 24 months
AL-KO Comfort 36.8 E Combi Care 1400 W 36 cm 36 months
Husqvarna S 138i 1200 W 38 cm 2 years
MTD Optima 38VO 3000 W 38 cm 24 months
Makita UV3200 1300 W 32 cm 3 years
Cub Cadet XC1 B35 2300 W 35 cm 3 years
ZUBR ZSE-32-1000 1000 W 32 cm 5 years

Before buying a home lawn verticutter aerator, it is worth considering the working surface area, available power sources (electrical connection or availability of fuel), required tillage depth and shaft width (all models have their own values). And this rating-review will help you choose the best aerator-verticutter, including the pros and cons of machines, reviews from customers and specialists.

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